My Son Is Angry Because I Kicked My Daughter-In-Law Out Of My House. I Think She Deserved It.

Conflict between mum and daughter at home. Search many conflicting people in my portfolio. Mother. Argue. Fight.

The mother-in-law/daughter-in-law dynamic is one of the trickiest partnerships to handle, but if you want to coexist peacefully, you must learn to do so. However, it is not as straightforward as it may seem – as one user found out during a family dinner.

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The Family Dynamics

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The Original Poster (OP) is a 39-year-old mother-in-law who embraces a peaceful, community-oriented lifestyle. She considers herself fortunate to have been able to raise her children while her husband provided substantial financial support.

As her children grew older, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom, dedicating her time to her family and the neighborhood.

Change in Equations Post-Wedding Celebrations

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Sparking new connections and building the family tree is always exciting, and OP was no exception. When her 22-year-old son decided to tie the knot, everything seemed blissful until she actually met her daughter-in-law.

OP’s daughter-in-law appeared to be a business-oriented individual whose candor often left little room for pleasantries. They didn’t see eye to eye on everything, and their relationship was tense. Despite her reservations, OP made a conscious effort to maintain a pleasant rapport, all for the sake of her beloved son.

Rude Behavior

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The daughter-in-law’s strong disdain for her mother-in-law was evident through her actions on several occasions. The wedding gift episode was a prime example that left a sour aftertaste. OP had gifted the new bride a symbol of her and her husband’s generosity, but the daughter-in-law casually dismissed her contribution, implying it was solely her husband’s responsibility, insinuating that she lacked the necessary resources.

The daughter-in-law’s criticism of OP’s volunteer work as unworthy, because it didn’t result in a paycheck, was an unpleasant experience for OP. These seemingly innocent remarks had undertones of passive aggression, which OP also communicated to her son.

Recent Incidents Building Familial Turmoil

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The situation was on the brink of explosion during a recent family get-together. Delicious homemade food has a nostalgic charm in a world often dominated by fast food. As OP set the table for the family, her daughter-in-law complimented her cooking, but with a twist. She remarked that since OP had nothing else to do all day, she had successfully whipped up a home-cooked meal – to no one’s surprise.

The Breaking Point

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In her post, OP admitted that she lost her cool and snapped, warning her daughter-in-law to behave properly or leave her house immediately. The unforeseeable reaction shocked the daughter-in-law, leaving her in tears.

This bold move had consequences, as a heated confrontation ensued when her son approached her in response. The son didn’t hold back, hurling a hurtful name during their heated exchange. Ultimately, OP found herself conflicted and unsure of what to do, but she knew she needed an unbiased viewpoint to make sense of the confusion.

Assessing the Clash of Perspectives

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Moments like these create unnecessary chaos and strain, hindering intimacy and bonds between the two parties. Most commenters on the post agreed with OP’s actions and praised her for speaking up.

KronkLaSworda waded into the dilemma by highlighting the daughter-in-law’s unapologetic behavior towards OP. She stressed that “What you and your husband have works for the two of you AND you volunteer for the community. Whether it pays or not doesn’t take away from your commitment and responsibility you show to others.”.

More Opinions

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YearOutrageous2333 shed light on the prevailing outlook of today’s generation, which sometimes discriminates against women who willingly choose to be stay-at-home mothers.

Mentioning the DIL’s behavior, they quote, “She’s probably of the mindset that all of OPs children are now adults, or in school, and she no longer has to be a SAHM.”

The Son Is Called Out

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GroundBreakingTwo201 also recognized the son’s fault in this situation and stood by OP, saying, “How on earth could your son be justifying this behavior?”

Similarly, user Tastygluenails calls out the son for the cowardly act of demeaning the mother and supporting his wife in the critical situation. They quote, “He doesn’t want to deal with the fact his wife is rude AF, instead is making it your problem because to him that’s easier than addressing the real problem. Coward for letting somebody come treat his own mother like that and just watching it happen.”

The Final Verdict

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The dramatic and unpredictable story of the family dinner provides insight into the complexity of family dynamics. While the daughter-in-law intentionally indulged in disrespectful behavior towards OP, the son’s support for his wife was equally heart-wrenching.

Commenters also supported OP’s sudden and frustrated reaction to the repeated mocking from her daughter-in-law, suggesting a one-sided verdict in favor of OP. Ultimately, it all boils down to OP asserting her position as a senior family member. Empathy and accountability for one’s actions can instantly resolve familial feuds.

What do you think of OP’s final reaction? Do you believe she could have managed her emotions better and handled the situation more responsibly?

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