What Are the Basic Manners That People Lack Nowadays?

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In a recent discovery on social media, we stumbled upon an intriguing discussion where individuals were asked about the manners and etiquettes that seem to have slipped through the cracks in today’s society.

We gathered responses from real people, each offering their unique perspective on the manners that have become all too rare in everyday interactions. These insights provide valuable lessons on how we can collectively improve our social conduct and revive some of these forgotten courtesies.

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#1: Saying ‘Good Morning’ Instead of “Morning”

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“A ‘Good Morning’ instead of ‘morning'”

Greeting someone with a full ‘Good Morning’ shows politeness and respect rather than a casual and curt “morning.”

#2: Responding With a Genuine ‘You’re Welcome’ Instead of “No Worries”

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“A ‘You’re welcome’ (with genuineness) instead of ‘no worries’ with downplaying your ‘Thank you'”

Acknowledging gratitude with a sincere, ‘You’re welcome’ is more courteous and appreciative than brushing it off with “no worries.”

#3: Using a Polite “Excuse Me”

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“A kind ‘excuse me’ instead of walking through the crowd with awkwardness & without respect for other peoples’ space”

Saying ‘excuse me’ when navigating through a crowd demonstrates consideration for others and maintains decorum.

#4: Expressing Genuine Gratitude

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“A genuine ‘Thank you’ after something of value is provided to them instead of taking for granted what just happened”

Showing appreciation with a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ is essential in recognizing and valuing others’ efforts.

#5: Providing Advance Notice

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“A notice in advance to cancel previous plans that sounds genuine with a follow-up that actually happens instead of ghosting”

Canceling plans respectfully and with proper communication is more considerate than leaving someone hanging.

#6: Phone Calls

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“A phone call instead of only texting to communicate”

Opting for a phone call for significant conversations demonstrates a willingness to engage more deeply and personally.

#7: Regard for Children

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“Don’t Do That… There’s A Kid Here…”

Being mindful of one’s behavior around children, and refraining from inappropriate actions or language, shows respect for their innocence.

#8: Considerate Driving

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“Courtesy behind the wheel.”

Maintaining courteous and safe driving habits, such as not honking unnecessarily and respecting traffic rules, contributes to road safety.

#9: Notifying Others

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“Notifying a person you’re meeting that you are running late.”

“Notifying a person you’re meeting that you are not coming at all.”

“Checking a person’s availability before calling them at random.”

Communicating punctuality or unavailability, and respecting others’ schedules, reflects responsibility and consideration.

#10: Eye Contact

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“Making eye contact while speaking with someone.”

Maintaining eye contact during conversations shows genuine engagement and respect for others.

#11: Respect for Public Spaces

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Leaving public spaces clean and picking up after oneself is a simple act of respect for the environment and others. Sadly, this basic courtesy often goes overlooked.

#12: Gym Etiquette

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At the gym, wiping down equipment after use and returning it to a neutral position should be common practice. Failing to do so is not only inconsiderate but unhygienic.

#13: Responsible Pet Ownership

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Cleaning up after one’s dog in public spaces is not just a rule; it’s a courtesy to others who share the same area. Unfortunately, some pet owners neglect this responsibility.

#14: Remembering Special Occasions

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While social media can help us remember birthdays, it’s always appreciated when people make the effort to remember important dates without relying solely on reminders. Making an effort to celebrate these occasions is a show of genuine thoughtfulness.

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