9 Things That Gen-Z Does That Do Not Need To Be Normalized

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In the age of social media and evolving cultural norms, each generation brings its unique habits and behaviors to the forefront. However, not all trends deserve to become the new normal.

In this article, we’ll explore nine things that Gen-Z engages in, from oversharing on social media to cancel culture, shedding light on the need to critically examine and reconsider the normalization of these practices in our ever-changing society.

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#1. Recording Everything

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“Two random people arguing? Gotta record it.

Bad car wreck? Don’t help. record.

Natural disaster? Don’t run. Stay and document it until someone has to rescue you, then get the rescue for maximum likes.”

#2. Being Accessible All The Time

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“Just because I have a cell phone doesn’t mean I want to answer it at the supermarket or while cooking dinner. Or while driving. That’s cool that my boss checks emails in his Tesla driving 20 mins to work, but I would rather not. I need a break.”

#3. Canceling Plans Without Notice

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“Having the decency and manners to verbally cancel plans or say you’ll be late in a timely fashion that’s respectful of the other person’s time and effort, instead of ghosting people as some kind of cute personality quirk.”

#4. Bringing Phones Into Private Spaces

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“There’s a growing problem with people taking selfies and or live streaming themselves in locker rooms like they stare at themselves in the mirror and use their phones to capture it and don’t really care that somebody might get caught in the background. It’s insane.”

#5. Watching Videos Or Listening To Music Without Headphones

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“Can we re-normalize using headphones while listening to music or watching videos in public? Please? I should be able to study on campus without having to listen to someone else’s s***. I can’t even go to the campus library without someone blasting their s***.”

#6. Using The Speakerphone In Public

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“I asked my friend why he does that and he told me he was afraid of radiation. I said even if that’s possible, you’re f****d anyway. What difference does it make two inches from your mouth or two from your ear?”

#7. Staying Glued To The Phone

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“I get such weird looks when I’m sitting on a bench in the mall waiting for my wife to do whatever it is she does if I’m not looking at my phone.

If I’m just blankly staring into space, people think I’m doing weird s***, but if I’m pretending to look at my phone while taking pictures of everyone, no one bats an eye.”

#8. Never Stepping Foot Into A Library

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“We’re poor, and my stepmom reads a lot of books, so our library has book sales every couple of months, and you can get like a giant bag of books for 5 bucks, and you get to keep them.

Plus, we rent DVDs from them all the time because we don’t subscribe to a lot of streaming services. And if my house is crazy, I can go there and study and not have distractions. So I’m a young person and love the library, but you’re right…I have friends who probably don’t even know we have one.”

#9. Living Their Entire Life On Social Media

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“This isn’t even a social thing anymore. I met with a recruiting specialist for my bursary; she told me I needed to “step up” my personal Instagram if I wanted to get a job in a creative field. I told her that I had an art account for that reason, and she told me no one would take it seriously without a good personal one to back it up. I’m not sure how correct she was, but her assumption alone makes me afraid for the future.”

Source: Reddit.

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