Debunked Delusions: 11 Top Conspiracy Theories That Just Won’t Quit

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In the age of information, it seems that some conspiracy theories just won’t die. Many users across social media platforms have been discussing their bewilderment at how certain theories persist, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We’re diving into some of these theories and providing facts that debunk them.

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#1 Big Globe: The Decorative Dilemma

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Flat-Earthers continue to circulate false theories that the fact that Earth is round is made up to encourage sales of decorative globes. This has been repeatedly debunked.

It may sound like big business, but selling decorative globes is nowhere near a 5.7 trillion-dollar industry as some people allege. In reality, the global market for decorative globes is a tiny fraction of that figure. This theory might be entertaining if it wasn’t for the fact that real industries, like technology and finance, overshadow it.

#2 Dinosaurs: Real, Not Reptilian

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“I have some Fundamentalist Christian relatives who believe dinosaur bones were placed in the Earth by Satan to confuse us. Because if they weren’t in the Bible, they didn’t exist.”

Believe it or not, some claim that dinosaurs never existed. Meanwhile, fossil record and scientific research overwhelmingly confirm the existence of these fascinating creatures. It’s not a hoax; it’s paleontology.

#3 Holocaust Denial: A Historical Misstep

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“This one is so frustrating to me as a historian, because the thing about the Holocaust even in comparison with other genocides is that there is a mountain of evidence that documents how and when it took place. If you’re going to pick a genocide to deny, why choose the one that is literally the most studied and documented one in all of human history.”

One of the most disturbing conspiracy theories suggests that the Holocaust was a hoax. However, the overwhelming evidence, including survivor testimonies, concentration camp records, and photographs, disproves this notion. Some users suggested visiting Holocaust museums to see the undeniable truth.

#4 JFK Jr.’s Hidden VP Dream

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A curious theory that JFK Jr. faked his own death to become Trump’s vice president is making the rounds. Some users wonder how this theory persists, given that there’s no concrete evidence to support it, and plenty to debunk it.

#5 Lunar Landing: Russia’s Perspective

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“The entity with the most at stake for the US successfully landing on the moon was the USSR, who also had the ability to track the spacecraft and refute that it landed. They never said a word.”

Claiming that the moon landing was a hoax is a common conspiracy, but even Russia, who was in a space race with the United States, has acknowledged the existence of NASA equipment on the moon. Some users pointed out that international space agencies’ data supports the moon landings.

#6 Microchips in COVID Vaccines

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Let’s tackle two birds with one stone here. The idea that COVID vaccines contain microchips for tracking individuals is a double misconception. Some users shared that these theories are based on misinformation and fear, and the reality is that COVID vaccines are safe and do not include tracking microchips.

#7 Earth’s Age: Older Than a History Book

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Suggesting the Earth is only five thousand years old is quite a stretch. Scientific evidence, including geological records and radiometric dating, places the Earth’s age at around 4.5 billion years. That’s a lot of candles for a birthday cake.

#8 Chem Trails: Contrails vs. Conspiracy

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“I met someone who was into chem trails thought everything was lithium poisoning and that the colors of the sunset was lithium in the atmosphere. Good hot dog stand though.”

The belief in chemtrails, or chemicals intentionally sprayed from planes, is another theory many users find puzzling. In reality, these are simply contrails, which consist of water vapor and exhaust from aircraft engines, not some nefarious plot.

#9 Jet Fuel and Compressed Air: A High-Flying Fantasy

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The claim that jet fuel is a hoax and airliners run on compressed air might sound like an ideal plot for a science fiction movie, but in reality, airliners do rely on jet fuel to fly. The principles of aerodynamics and thermodynamics support this, and some users suggested studying basic aviation to understand it better.

#10 Flat Earth: Defying Gravity

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“His “checkmate,” was that planes can only maintain a steady altitude over a flat surface.”

Lastly, the idea that the Earth is flat continues to baffle many. Some users have shared a humorous Facebook post suggesting that planes should lose altitude over long flights if the Earth were flat. In reality, gravity and the planet’s curvature allow planes to maintain a consistent altitude on their journeys.

#11 The Myth of the Hidden Cancer Cure

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The persistent belief that a cancer cure has been discovered but is concealed by big pharmaceutical companies for profit is one of the most bewildering conspiracy theories out there. Some users may find this theory enticing, but it contradicts the fundamental principles of science, ethics, and the global nature of cancer research. While cancer remains a formidable challenge, the tireless efforts of researchers and medical professionals continue to drive progress toward better treatments and, hopefully one day, a cure.

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