12 Unusual Turn-ons That Repel Most People

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In the world of attraction, the unique and unexpected often take center stage. When it comes to what turns us on, personal preferences can vary greatly. We’ve delved into a social media thread to find some intriguing insights. What’s fascinating is that many users agree on things that most people might consider a turn-off. So, if you’re ready to explore some unconventional turn-ons, let’s dive into this list!

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#1 Nerdy Obsessions

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Nerdy obsessions, like if someone’s really into things that are considered geeky, can be super cute as per many users. Maybe it’s the thought of snuggling up with a crossword puzzle or maybe it’s the Clark Kent glasses.

#2 Big Burger Bites

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“I would sit next to this girl in school who said “you take large bites of that burger.” She seemed a bit flirty and left a large paragraph in my year book of about how cool and awesome of a guy I was. I never had talked to her.”

For this guy, his big appetite won him an admirer. This goes to show that even the most basic of actions can attract people to you.

#3 Mechanic Mode

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“He even went so far as to ask his coworkers if their wives like them being dirty after work. Apparently their wives all demand that they shower before touching them. I didn’t think this was a weird kink, but I guess maybe it is a bit weird?”

Picture this: your husband comes home from work, still in his grimy, sweaty work uniform. Instead of a turn-off, some users find this a turn-on. The authenticity of the moment, when he’s all dirty and greasy, can be strangely appealing. Although the desire to delay his shower for a bit might seem like an unusual request, it’s a sign of affection from their perspective.

#4 Nervous and Inexperienced

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“Haven’t had many opportunities to “teach” someone else, but just the thought of it is really attractive.”

Inexperienced guys, when they get nervous and flash an awkward smile, seem to turn some folks into mush. Their nervousness and shyness bring out the protector and nurturer in their partners. While this was a turn-on for many, many others preferred a much more confident partner.

#5 Expanded Horizons

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Many people confessed to being turned on when they discovered that their partner is interested in exploring various toys and techniques. To them, it added an element of intrigue and excitement to their connection, making their relationship even more thrilling. It’s all about embracing the possibilities and enjoying the excitement it brings.

#6 Sweet Sounds

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“I guess most men would assume these noises to be too feminine, so they hold back. No. LET. THEM. OUT. Please, let us know we are doing a good job.”

Being more vocal in bed may be counter-intuitive for most men, but many women confessed to finding it incredibly attractive. It’s a sign of vulnerability and passion that can be incredibly alluring.

#7 Embracing Imperfections

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Not-so-perfect teeth might seem like a turn-off for many, but for some, it’s the imperfections that add to the charm. The smile, even with its unique quirks, becomes a symbol of authenticity and beauty.

#8 Sensitive Souls

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While some may prefer a macho man, many users would choose a sensitive, emotionally open partner any day. Being able to trust someone who shares their feelings and doesn’t keep secrets is a true turn-on.

#9 Normal Over Muscles

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Some people actually prefer someone with an average, normal body build instead of those who show off big muscles. They find it appealing because it often means the person is down-to-earth and not acting like a “hot shot.” It’s the modesty and humility that really draw them in. It’s like they value personality and character over physical appearance, which is pretty cool.

#10 Dirty Adventures

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“I’m not one of those guys, I want a tomboy.”

When your significant other doesn’t mind getting dusty, muddy, and dirty outdoors, it can be a major turn-on for many men. Breaking nails and getting cuts while hauling plywood in the yard becomes an appealing sign of adventurous spirit and solidarity.

#11 Specks of Grey

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Specks of grey hair on grown men might be a sign of aging for some, but for others, it’s a mark of maturity and attractiveness. It adds a sense of wisdom and character that’s irresistibly appealing.

#12 Cold and Mysterious

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“I would love a liquid evil woman – loyal, but dangerous to be around. Obsessive.”

While a warm and welcoming smile is a classic turn-on, there are those who find women with a cold, mysterious demeanor oddly captivating. Maybe they like peeling back the layers to reveal the hidden warmth beneath that icy exterior, or they just like danger.

Source: Reddit.

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