12 Popular Fashion Trends That Aren’t For Everyone

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Fashion trends come and go, and often, what’s in style for some may not quite tickle the fancy of others. In a world of ever-evolving fashion, we’ve gathered the opinions of these users who just can’t get on board with certain trends that seem perfectly normal to everyone else. From high-waisted jeans to fake pockets, let’s explore the fashion choices that leave some scratching their heads.

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#1 – High-Waisted and Baggy Jeans

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One woman, who has a distaste for high-waisted jeans and baggy styles, has found a unique solution by embracing men’s jeans. Men’s fashion, in her view, remains refreshingly consistent and comfortable.

It’s a choice that defies the traditional gender boundaries of clothing. But who can blame her when men’s jeans often come in a more relaxed fit, a straightforward button-fly, and, best of all, deep, functional pockets that can actually hold a smartphone without causing it to tumble out onto the pavement?

#2 – Crop Tops: Not for Everyone

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“Why can’t we just have a normal, full shirt?!”

Crop tops, a popular fashion choice, don’t sit well with everyone. This user, at the age of 60, laments the loss of longer tops that cover their midriff. In a world of midriff-baring fashion, they long for tops that reach their hips. In a world seemingly obsessed with showing off the belly button, it’s refreshing to have tops that offer a little more coverage and can be styled with a pair of high-waisted pants without revealing more than intended.

#3 – The Deceptive Duo: Fake Pockets and Zippers

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“Faux-ckets! I only have one hand, and nothing (ticks) me off more than the promise of pockets. Like, why not just cut off my other hand and render me totally useless, just like my pants.”

Few things are more frustrating in fashion than the illusion of functional pockets and zippers that serve no purpose. This trend leaves many users baffled and wishing for the practicality of real pockets. It’s like a cruel magic trick. You reach for your pocket to grab your phone, only to realize it’s just a seam. And don’t even get us started on those zippers that are sealed shut for eternity, as if they’re guarding some ancient treasure map that you’ll never get to see.

#4 – The Mystery of Beige Leggings

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“Or cocoa toned. Especially if they have lots of cellulite that shows through. It reinforces the bare skin illusion. Same for really well toned muscle. I don’t have a problem with leggings being worn as the sole means of bottom half coverage, but it does look really funny when someone appears nakie at a school sponsored event. In fact, it’s funnier there because little kids will share their thoughts freely.”

Beige leggings may be in vogue for some, but for others, they remain a perplexing fashion choice. The neutrality of beige seems at odds with the vibrant world of leggings. Many users admitted to doing a double take every time they see someone in skin colored leggings.

#5 – The Bra-Defying Summer Dress

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“Or the fact that 90% of them can’t be worn by anyone with big boobs in general.”

Summer dresses are all about comfort and style, but for some, a significant portion of them seems to defy the logic of wearing a bra. This user wonders about the practicality of dresses that require unconventional undergarments. Going braless isn’t always an option, and when you have a dress that insists on it, you find yourself contemplating the physics of fashion. Can we have the best of both worlds, a stylish summer dress that accommodates our undergarments and lets us enjoy the breeze?

#6 – Broccoli Haircuts: A Vegetarian’s Nightmare?

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“Yes what do we call those? Poodle cuts? They are like the mushroom cuts of the 90s..”

Broccoli, mushroom, or poodle cuts are all the rage. With busy parents struggling to make time for all the activities and school, placing an upside down bowl on the kids’ heads and just cutting around it, seems to be the new trend.

#7 – The Hypotenuse-Inspired Look

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The perfectly sharp and clean-cut beard/hair line look has its own set of fans, but for this user, it’s reminiscent of a math problem. The precise angles and lines that create the “hypotenuse look” might require a protractor and a geometry lesson. A bit too complex for many users.

#8 – Flying Away with Fake Eyelashes

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“….Or like they have tarantulas flailing on their eyelids.”

Fake eyelashes can enhance one’s look, but for some, they may border on the excessive. These luscious lashes, which almost look ready to take flight with a few blinks, might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

#9 – Eyebrows Defying Gravity

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“Flashback to when I was a kid and brushed mine upwards after my bath. Then we laughed and laughed..”

Eyebrows brushed upwards have a unique charm for some, but for this user, they fall into the category of strange-looking trends. The notion of eyebrows standing on end may take some getting used to. Perhaps it’s all about achieving that perpetual “surprised” look, or maybe it’s a secret signal for fellow fashion aficionados to recognize each other. Either way, it’s clear that brows have become a canvas for artistic expression.

#10 – Skintight Dilemmas

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“Never saw anyone wear these until I moved to Florida, and people wear them all the time down here. Onesie bodysuits that look like singlets. They give instant *****toe and don’t look good on any..”

Skintight body suits may be a staple for many, but not everyone finds them comfortable. The struggle of squeezing into such outfits raises the question of whether the discomfort is worth the fashion statement. You practically need a superhero’s strength to put on one of these skintight suits, and once you’re in, you realize that going to the bathroom becomes a mission akin to defusing a bomb. Is it a fashion choice or a test of agility and endurance?

#11 – Nails That Go the Extra Mile

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“I hate seeing those everywhere. How do you even function with two inches of clicky clacky plastic on your fingers?”

“Doesn’t it make everything you do a 100x harder? Eating a sandwich? Driving a car? Getting your phone out of your purse? Tying your shoes? Holding a spoon? Turning a doorknob? Sneezing?”

Long fake nails can be a striking fashion choice, but the impracticality of such nails leaves many questioning the trend’s appeal.

#12 – The Unpredictable Appeal of Denim Skirts

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“Those are ridiculously triggering for me, I grew up in a cult and that was one of the few things I was allowed to wear. I see someone wearing one now and I freeze up and think ‘they’re after me again’…..I spend a lot of time in therapy.”

Long denim skirts have made a comeback in the world of fashion, but not everyone is sold on their appeal. This user finds them less flattering and questions the reasons behind their current trendiness. Maybe the appeal lies in the versatility of denim skirts, as they pair well with just about anything. Or perhaps it’s the nostalgic nod to ’90s fashion. Whatever the reason, the denim skirt is back, and it’s here to stay, whether we fully understand its charm or not.

Source: Reddit.

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