16 Things Women Do That Turns Men Off

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As we all know, dating and relationships can be tricky. It’s essential to understand what behaviors to avoid if you want to maintain a healthy relationship. Thanks to social media, we can access a wealth of information on the subject thanks to social media.

In one thread, men were asked ‘what women do that turns them off’. Their responses were honest, eye-opening, and sometimes surprising.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some things women do that turn men off, as per social media.

#1 Compare Them To Exes

The first irritating thing that men say turns them off is when women compare them to their exes. Guys do not appreciate being compared to someone from the past. Even if it’s just a simple comment about something the ex did differently, it can make a man feel inadequate or like he’s not measuring up.

This may make men appear insecure, but most commenters agreed that it is quite a turn-off. Appreciating your partner for who they are and not constantly comparing them to someone else is important.

#2 Excessive Phone Use and Gossiping

Nothing kills the mood more than trying to spend time with someone who is constantly on the phone. It sends the message that the person in front of you is unimportant.

In addition, if the conversations are full of gossiping and negative talk, men agree that it is not an attractive trait. Many commented that it made the person appear unkind.

So, put the phone down and focus on the present moment. Avoid negative talk and spread positivity.

#3 Lack of Confidence

Many posters agree that intelligence and confidence are attractive qualities in a woman. The posts indicate that men are completely fine with knowledgeable women, and most said that they would rather never ‘man-splain’ anything.

The message was clear. Go ahead, ladies, and talk about your hobbies, interests, and accomplishments. It only makes you seem confident and comfortable in your skin.

#4 Criticizing Their Appearance

While it’s natural to want to feel confident and attractive, women who constantly criticize their own appearance can make a man uncomfortable. Men often interpret this as being insecure or even needy.

Instead, men agree that they like when women focus on what makes them unique and interesting.

#5 Lack of Meaningful Conversations

Contrary to popular belief, men defined one of their biggest turn-offs as shallow conversations. Many posters said that without engaging in thoughtful and interesting dialogue, it can be hard for a man to connect with women on a deeper level. They are willing to share thoughts, ask questions, keep an open mind, and want the same in return.

#6 Showing Off on Social Media

It is a fact that social media is an integral part of our lives. However, constantly living every moment through a phone screen can be a turn-off for men.

When on a date or spending time with their partner, men said they would like women to be more present and in the moment. Most agreed that they do not want to share each waking moment of their lives on social media.

#7 Being Mean or Rude

No one likes a mean person, and it’s an instant turn-off for men. Whether it’s being rude to a waiter or talking down to someone, being mean is a clear sign of a lack of empathy and compassion for men. It is important to treat others with kindness and respect, regardless of their position or status, men agree.

#8 Hypocrisy and Drama

Men want a partner who is honest, upfront, and drama-free. Hypocrisy and drama can be major turn-offs, as per a majority of posters. Men said they would prefer genuine women who do what they say and are true to their values.

Men said they would purposefully try to avoid being involved in unnecessary drama and relationship conflicts.

Communication is key, and being upfront with partners can save a lot of unnecessary drama and heartache. Many posters said that they are attracted to authenticity and transparency.

#9 Excessive Smoking

Social media is divided on this one. While smoking may not be a deal breaker for some men, doing it excessively can be a turn-off. Many men find the smell of smoke unattractive, which can also be a health concern for non-smokers.

#10 Confessing To Cheating

It’s no secret that cheating is one of the ultimate deal-breakers in a relationship. But what’s worse than the act itself? Confessing to it. When a woman admits to cheating, it’s a huge turn-off and a massive red flag for men.

Even if the confession comes from a place of remorse, the damage is already done. Men want to be with someone they can trust, and a cheating confession destroys that trust. If their partner has cheated in the past, most men agreed that it’s best to keep it to themselves and focus on being faithful moving forward.

#11 Being Dishonest

This may seem contrary to the point above, but while oversharing can be a turn-off, honesty is still critical in any relationship. Men want to be with someone they can trust, which means being upfront about their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Being honest also means being able to communicate effectively and healthily resolve conflicts. When a woman is honest and straightforward, it creates a strong foundation of trust and respect that can carry a relationship forward.

#12 Overplucking Eyebrows; Just Leave Them Be

While most men appreciate when women put effort into their appearance, many singled out over-plucked or painted-on eyebrows as being a turn-off.

#13 Saying Something Extremely Religious

Religion is a personal belief, and discussing it on a first date can be a turn-off for many men. Women should avoid bringing up religious beliefs unless the conversation naturally leads to it. Men prefer getting to know a person’s character and values before discussing religion. Keep the conversation light and fun, and avoid any controversial topics.

#14 Being Too Sensitive

Another thing that can turn men off is when women are overly sensitive. While being in touch with your emotions is essential, constantly taking things personally and becoming upset over small things can be draining for men. Men said this behavior could make them feel like they must walk on eggshells around women and avoid certain topics altogether.

#15 Not Taking a Compliment

Compliments are meant to make someone feel good about themselves, so when a woman refuses or dismisses a compliment, it can be rude and unappreciative. Most men agree that it’s important to accept compliments and say thank you graciously.

#16 Chewing With Mouth Open

Finally, the turn-off that men agreed on is someone chewing with their mouth open. This is a pet peeve for many people, not just men. Chewing with your mouth open is not only unattractive but also impolite. Practicing good table manners and keeping your mouth closed while eating is important.


It’s important to remember that everyone is different, and what turns one person off may not bother another.

These are just opinions of a small subset of men on social media but may represent insights into the male psyche overall. Take it with a grain of salt or adopt it wholeheartedly. We wish you luck in attracting and maintaining a healthy relationship.

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