10 Things To Do When You Have No Money Left

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Some people dread checking their balance at the moment, and for a good reason: the cost of basic supplies has risen to the point where even eggs are now a luxury. 

So, the question now is, what do you do when your balance hits zero before the next pay comes in? This was a query seen in an online forum recently, and it unearthed a gold mine of suggestions. 

1. Join the Gig Economy

The gig economy has strong growth in the food delivery sector, and people will always order takeout. However, one must either have a car in suburbia or some kind of wheels in the city, like an e-scooter or bicycle. 

Several thread contributors said they have a food delivery account on standby for their end-of-month contingency. 

2. Try Intermittent Fasting

One idea was to hit the sack instead of eating supper, which comes with obvious financial benefits, but also may improve the heart, reduce inflammation, and burn fat. 

Sometimes, skipping a meal doesn’t hurt, though it makes sense to ensure the preceding dish was substantial. 

3. Get a Job at a National Park

The award for the best suggestion goes to this pearl of wisdom, which is achievable with the right knowledge. 

According to some online members, applying to help patrol your nearest wilderness is a viable option, as they have a shortage of on-site workers.

4. Get Some Credit Cards for Emergencies

This may not be a great idea for anyone with poor self-control but an interesting idea cropped up: get some credit cards as a safety net. 

One must be careful not to go this route if they already have any debt, but owning a card or two may be a help in some situations. 

5. Find a Side Hustle

Everybody has some kind of skill they can offer their local community: ironing, collecting, handyman work. If you live in a large urban area, finding customers in need of niche services can be lucrative.

If you play an instrument, offer lessons; if you have any work or gardening tools, offer maintenance services. 

6. Seek Community Support

One of the online users explained how their local Sikh temple would always help those who are falling on hard times; furthermore, food banks, clothing banks, and local non-profit organizations can help ease the weekly shopping costs. 

7. Apply for Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) came into being in 1939 at the outset of World War Two. Families or single people can qualify for up to $195 a month, though this must be spent on certain items only — no alcohol, for example. 

8. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is a viable choice for many people, paying up to $60 a session, two or three times a week. Some centers offer a better price for the initial first eight visits, and this industry now attracts people in droves.

9. Join a Temping Agency

Like the gig economy, employment agencies are out there too. There were dozens of suggestions from people who had found success temping for a while before finally securing a more stable job at the end. 

10. Sell Scrap Metal

The online community is rife with metal hawks. This idea makes perfect sense if you just view metal as a valuable commodity. In this world of finite resources, anything recyclable is always a potential revenue source. 

Someone suggested exploring industrial sites and alleyways for metal that the local recycling plant paid for. 

This content was brought to you by this thread. Don’t be scared to ask for help in hard times.

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