14 Things That Immediately Tell You A Person Wasn’t Raised Right 

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In the grand tapestry of life, it’s often said that our upbringing shapes who we become as adults. From the etiquette we learn at the family dinner table to the values instilled within the walls of our homes, our early years play a significant role in molding our character. But what happens when the lessons of childhood seem to have missed the mark?

A recent social media thread sparked a lively discussion on the unmistakable signs that can tell you if someone wasn’t raised right. Many users chimed in with their observations, and their insights are both amusing and enlightening. So, let’s delve into this intriguing list as we explore the behaviors and habits that can make you wonder, “Did they miss some vital life lessons along the way?”

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#1 The Trash-Tossing Offenders

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“They throw trash out a car window.”

When it comes to spotting signs that someone may not have been raised right, many users agree that littering is a clear indicator. People who toss trash on the street demonstrate a disregard for the environment and a lack of basic manners.

#2 The Grocery Store Abandoners

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“People who dump refrigerated grocery products on random aisles.”

Some users suggested that the way a person handles groceries can reveal a lot about their upbringing. Those who abandon refrigerated items in random store aisles not only contribute to food waste but also display a lack of responsibility and consideration for others.

#3 The Accountability Avoiders

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“Lack of personal accountability. They can never admit wrongdoing on their part. it’s always someone else’s fault.”

Another unmistakable sign, according to some users, is the inability to take responsibility for one’s actions. When someone consistently shifts blame and refuses to admit wrongdoing, it’s a clear indicator that they may not have been taught the value of personal accountability. It’s as if they have a “blame it on others” default setting.

#4 The Backstabbers

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“When they talk badly about someone who hasn’t done anything wrong behind their back.”

Talking negatively about someone who hasn’t done anything wrong is a behavior that raises eyebrows for many users. It reflects a lack of empathy and a penchant for gossip. It’s like they missed the lesson on “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

#5 The Excuse Makers

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“When a person is supposed to apologize but makes excuses instead.”

Some users pointed out that the way a person handles apologies can be revealing. When someone is supposed to apologize but instead offers a litany of excuses, it suggests an unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions. It’s like they’re fluent in the language of “Sorry, but…”

#6 The Relentless Persuaders

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“When they can’t take no for an answer.”

Many users agree that an inability to accept “no” as an answer is a red flag. Whether it’s persistently pushing their own agenda or disregarding others’ boundaries, it indicates a lack of respect for consent and personal boundaries.

#7 The Neglectful Parents

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“Having kids only to neglect or abandon them.”

Neglecting or abandoning one’s own children is an unmistakable sign that something went awry in their upbringing. It’s a heartbreaking situation that leaves a lasting impact on the children involved. Parenting is a blessing that comes with responsibilities that need to be lived up to.

#8 The Milk Carton Miscreants

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“When they put the empty milk carton back in the fridge like they just birthed it.”

Leaving an empty milk carton in the fridge without replacing it is a classic sign of inconsideration. Some users couldn’t help but chuckle at this one, likening it to treating the fridge as a magical source of replenishment. It’s as if they’re auditioning for the role of “Fridge Magician.”

#9 The Self-Centered Souls

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“Lack of self awareness, making everything about them, talking over others, dismissing other people’s opinion, general lack of respect for shared spaces (putting their dishes away, hanging wet towel back on a rack)…”

Users had a lot to say about this multifaceted point. Lack of self-awareness, self-centeredness, and disrespect for shared spaces can all indicate a lack of proper upbringing. Whether it’s dominating conversations or leaving a trail of untidiness, these behaviors showcase a lack of consideration for others.

#10 The Judgmental Snobs

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“When someone looks down at others based on what they do. That just clearly shows that they’ve learned the same thing from their caregivers.”

Judging others based on their professions or socioeconomic status can be a telltale sign that someone learned such behavior at home. Some users emphasized that it’s essential to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their job title or income level. After all, we all start somewhere.

#11 The Customer Service Critics

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“When they’re rude to customer service workers.”

Being rude to customer service workers is a common behavior that many users noted as a sign of poor upbringing. It shows a lack of empathy and respect for those in service roles.

#12 The Volume Enthusiasts

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“No indoor voices. Those people who have to half-yell everything they say. People who talk loudly enough to annoy other people in public spaces.”

Some users couldn’t help but cringe at individuals who lack indoor voices. Whether they’re half-yelling everything they say or disturbing others with their loud conversations in public spaces, it’s considered a social faux pas. It’s as if they believe the world is their personal amphitheater.

#13 The Insensitive Laughers

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“Laughing at people that are suffering because poverty, illness is funny.”

Lastly, laughing at the misfortunes of others, especially those related to poverty or illness, is seen as a sign of insensitivity and a lack of compassion. Some users expressed dismay at such behavior, emphasizing the importance of empathy and kindness. It’s as if they never learned the golden rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

#14 The Complex Conundrum

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“Honestly, not much. I’ve seen great parents end up with garbage children, and great people spawned from garbage parents. I try not to ascribe blame nor credit when it can’t be reliably applied.”

Interestingly enough, one user offered a more nuanced perspective, suggesting that upbringing doesn’t always determine a person’s character. They pointed out that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes even the best or worst parenting may not be the sole factor influencing someone’s behavior. It’s a reminder that human nature can be complex and diverse.

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