10 Expensive Interests These People Spend Tons of Money On! Do You?

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We all have that one thing we’re willing to splurge on, even when it seems a bit extravagant. On a recent social media thread, users shared their passions that sometimes come with a hefty price tag. From the comforts of home to the thrill of live music, here are 10 interests that many users can’t resist, no matter the cost.

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#1: Food Delivery

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“For me it’s delivery. Restaurant food is good, but it’s way better in the privacy of my own home.”

For some, it’s all about the joy of delivery dining. Many users agree that the convenience and comfort of enjoying a gourmet meal in pajamas can be worth the extra expense. Plus, who needs a fancy tablecloth when you can have your favorite show on TV as the perfect dining companion? In return, many people are willing to sign up for the added cost of food, delivery charges, gratuity and service charges, etc.

#2: Gaming Gadgets on the Go

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“I spent over $3,000 on a gaming laptop so I could play my favorite video games while traveling.”

Whether it’s conquering virtual worlds or crushing candy on the commute, gaming enthusiasts know that gaming on the go can be worth every penny. This gamer’s investment in a high-end gaming laptop means that no matter where he roams, he can dive into his virtual adventures with the best graphics and performance. It’s not just a laptop; it’s a passport to immersive gaming experiences that turn mundane journeys into epic quests.

#3: Capturing Life Through Lenses

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“DSLR camera body and $15,000 in lenses.”

For photography enthusiasts, capturing life’s moments with precision and artistry is a passion worth the price, as many users suggested. These high-quality lenses allow for breathtaking detail and clarity, turning everyday scenes into stunning works of art that can be cherished for a lifetime. The investment in photography gear is not just about capturing moments; it’s about preserving memories in the most vivid and beautiful way possible.

#4: Following the Live Music Beat

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“Live music. I shudder to think how much I’ve spent between tickets, travel, hotels, food, drinks, and extracurriculars over 25 years.”

Live music lovers know the thrill of concerts, but it comes at a cost. The euphoria of a live performance is simply priceless. It’s a unique experience that not only connects people with their favorite artists but also creates unforgettable memories that make every expense worth it. Whether it’s the electric atmosphere, the shared excitement with fellow fans, or simply the magic of music, live concerts hold a special place in the hearts of those willing to splurge for the love of the show.

#5: Building a Bookish Haven

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“Books. People in my high school used to joke that I’d own a library by the time I turned 30. I’m 19 and I already have a “library” in my house. It’s really a spare bedroom that I put all my books and a couple comfy chairs in, but I call it a library.”

Books hold a special place in many hearts. The allure of having a cozy reading nook filled with countless stories is a dream come true for bookworms. With shelves brimming with literary treasures, this “library” is not just a room; it’s a sanctuary where imagination knows no bounds. For this bibliophile, each book is a portal to adventure, knowledge, and the joy of getting lost in a good story.

#6: Pampering Precious Pooches

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“Dogs. They have more toys and snacks in the house than I do.”

Dogs are more than just pets for some users; they’re beloved family members. In the eyes of these dog-loving individuals, spoiling their furry friends is a joyful responsibility. Whether it’s a wagging tail, a playful bark, or a warm cuddle, the love and happiness their dogs bring into their lives are priceless, making every toy and treat an investment in boundless canine joy.

#7: Strumming and Sound Systems

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“Guitars and hifi gear. It was all cheap if my wife asks.”

For music aficionados, top quality equipment is a must. The pursuit of the perfect sound and the joy of creating music are irresistible, even if it means a bit of financial improvisation. These music enthusiasts understand that creating the perfect harmony is an investment in their passion. So, when it comes to justifying the expense, they remind themselves that there’s no price tag on the joy that a beautifully strummed chord or crystal-clear sound can bring.

#8: Investing in Running Comfort

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“Running shoes. I’ve got about 8 retired pairs in my closet and 6 active pairs. I probably drop $1500/year on running shoes.”

Running enthusiasts have their eyes on the prize – comfortable shoes. With about 8 retired pairs and 6 active ones, one user drops approximately $1500 a year on running shoes. Because when it comes to chasing dreams, a good pair of shoes is essential. These running shoes aren’t just a purchase; they’re a commitment to health, wellness, and the pursuit of personal bests. With every step, this runner knows they’re not just investing in shoes; they’re investing in their own well-being and the exhilaration of the open road.

#9: Culinary Comforts

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“Home cooking. I have 15+ different Wüsthof knives, Le Creuset pans and dutch ovens, and a ton of other things like mixing bowls, cutting boards, etc, that are more premium brands because prepping and cooking helps with my anxiety and depression, and if I’m gonna splurge on something, it’s going to be on something(s) I use regularly.”

Cooking isn’t just a chore; it’s a therapeutic escape for some users. With premium kitchen equipment, they find solace in the culinary arts. Splurging on quality tools that bring joy and help with anxiety and depression is worth every penny.

#10: Tick-Tocking for Timepieces

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“I like watches. Like a lot. Like too much.”

Last but not least, there’s the obsession with watches. For some users, collecting timepieces is more than just a hobby; it’s a passion that can easily spiral out of control. Watches are more than just accessories; they’re statements of style and precision, and they come with a price tag that some users can’t resist. What’s the most expensive watch you own?

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