12 Things That Are Definitely Getting Out of Control

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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern life, there are certain trends and issues that seem to spiral out of control, leaving many to wonder where it will all end. In this article, we explore the concerns raised by users in a social media thread, shedding light on 11 things that appear to be going haywire. From the invasion of advertisements to the perplexing world of service dogs, we delve into these topics with a touch of humor and a dose of reality.

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#1 Advertisements Everywhere

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“Already out of hand and has been for a while but keeps getting worse: advertisements everywhere.”

Once upon a time, TV and radio ads were enough. But now, it seems like there’s no escaping ads, even in your dreams (well, almost). From pop-ups on websites to sponsored posts in your social media feed, it’s as if they’re stalking you. Many users agree that this advertising onslaught has become overwhelming, leaving us questioning if there’s any space left unbranded.

#2 The Experience Paradox

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“Jobs asking for 5+ years of experience being listed as entry-level.”

In a world where entry-level jobs demand years of experience, job seekers find themselves caught in a paradox. Some users suggest that this trend is making it increasingly difficult for fresh talent to break into the job market. No one should need a Ph.D. for a lemonade stand.

#3 Social Media Showdown

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“Comment sections on social media. They used to be pretty fun to scroll through and engage with. Now it’s mostly full of insufferable people who get off on arguing with strangers online, picking fights over literally anything.”

Once a place for lively discussions and friendly banter, social media comment sections have taken a turn for the worse. Many users lament the rise of trolls and keyboard warriors who seem to thrive on spreading negativity.

#4 Housing Headaches

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“Rent increases and mortgage rates.”

In the not-so-distant past, renting a cozy apartment or saving up for a down payment on a house felt like attainable goals. But in recent years, the cost of housing has skyrocketed, leaving many in a state of financial stress. Renters are hit hard by seemingly never-ending rent hikes, often struggling to keep up with their monthly payments. At the same time, mortgage rates are hitting once in a lifetime levels, putting homeowners under immense pressure.

#5 Subscription Overload

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“Monthly subscriptions. Not just streaming services. Software, games, and even vehicle features.”

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and the list goes on. But it’s not just streaming services—now, software, games, and even car features come with monthly fees. Some users joked that they’re drowning in a sea of subscription payments.

#6 Blinding Brightness

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“The level of brightness on new car lights.”

You used to drive comfortably at night, but now new car lights are so bright they might as well be mini-suns. Some users quipped that they’re considering investing in sunglasses specially designed for nighttime driving.

#7 App Invasion

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“Every business, website, service, you name it, has its own d*** app now. 3 Factor authorization also means that I have to download several apps on my personal phone just to be able to access sites required by my employer to do my job.”

Apps have taken over our digital lives, and it’s getting crowded. Users bemoan the proliferation of apps, with every entity seemingly needing its own. It’s like carrying a pocketful of keys for a city of digital doors.

#8 Short Attention Spans

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“Short videos on every social media app. It destroys the attention span and critical thinking abilities, mainly for children that grow up with these apps watching endless short videos. They will have no motivation to do something else that costs more effort and it is truly concerning.”

Some users are concerned that kids might think anything longer than a 15-second clip is a full-length feature film.

#9 Political Polarization

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“The political divide in the U.S. is the worst I’ve seen it in my 43 years on this planet.”

Political polarization has reached alarming levels, leaving many users dismayed. They share their observations about the deepening divide in the United States and its impact on society. Many users are genuinely concerned about the state of the country.

#10 The Age of Ignorance

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“Ignorance. So many poorly educated people with no desire to learn. Self-education is now seen as a chore instead of a great skill or power. Knowledge is power.”

In the age of limitless information, some users bemoaned the rise of poorly educated people with no desire to learn. They argued that self-education used to be celebrated but now feels like an endangered species.

#11 Service Dog Shenanigans

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“People falsely claiming their dog is a service animal so they can take it with them anywhere they want.”

Have you ever wondered why the person next to you at the coffee shop has a peacock as their “emotional support animal”? Some users shared their frustration with people falsely claiming their pets are service animals just to take them everywhere.

#12 The Tipping Tangle

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“Everyplace asking for a tip.”

Once upon a time, tipping was a gesture of appreciation for exceptional service—a little extra for that delightful waiter or the cab driver who went the extra mile. But today, it seems like everywhere you go, there’s a tip jar or a prompt on the card machine reminding you to tip. Some users joked that they feel like walking ATMs, with everyone and their dog expecting a tip.

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