10 Dead Giveaways That Someone Has Low Intelligence

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In the vast sea of social media discussions, there’s been a lively debate about how to spot the telltale signs of someone with low intelligence. While intelligence is a complex and multifaceted trait, many users have weighed in on the subject, highlighting some common behaviors and tendencies that often raise eyebrows. So, let’s explore the 10 dead giveaways that some users have identified as indicators of lower intelligence.

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#1 Contextual Cluelessness

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“They have a hard time understanding how a concept in one context could apply to another context.”

Imagine trying to explain that a recipe for success in baking won’t necessarily work for building a spaceship. Many users pointed out the frustration of dealing with individuals who struggle to grasp the idea that concepts can have different meanings in various contexts. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and expecting it to work seamlessly.

#2 The “Always Right” Syndrome

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“They think they’re always right. Not curious/open to learning.”

We’ve all encountered that person who believes they hold the monopoly on correctness. Many users agree that dealing with individuals who refuse to entertain the idea that they might be wrong can be exasperating. It’s like being stuck in a never-ending game of “I’m right, you’re wrong,” with no room for curiosity or growth.

#3 The IQ Test Boast

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“They tell you about the time they scored 450 in an online IQ test.”

Online IQ tests can be entertaining, but they’re not always an accurate measure of intelligence. Many users find it amusing when someone flaunts their online test score as if it’s the ultimate proof of their intellectual prowess.

#4 Name-Calling Debaters

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“Instead of having a good point in an argument, they call you names and insult you.”

In a healthy debate, ideas should clash, not personalities. Many users have experienced the frustration of engaging with individuals who resort to name-calling and insults when their arguments fall short. Generally, when people resort to insults in an argument, it reflects their lack of constructive argumentation skills.

#5 The Opinion Demolishers

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“They don’t just take the time to listen to other opinions, they actively shoot them down.”

Having an open-minded conversation can be enlightening, but some individuals seem determined to annihilate any opinions that differ from their own. Many users agree that these opinion demolishers make it difficult to have a constructive exchange of ideas. It’s like trying to have a calm discussion in the midst of a heated battlefield.

#6 Helplessness in Learning

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“Not trying to figure something out before they ask for help / no desire to learn.”

Imagine someone asking for directions without even glancing at a map. Many users feel frustrated when people seek help without attempting to solve a problem themselves or show no inclination to learn. It’s like having a puzzle in front of you and asking someone else to solve it while you sip your coffee.

#7 Motorcycle Safety IQ

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“I feel like people who ride motorcycles without wearing at least a helmet have low intelligence.”

Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is a no-brainer for safety, but some riders choose to forego this essential protection. Many users believe that this decision reflects a lack of intelligence, as it disregards the inherent risks involved. It’s like playing Russian roulette with road safety.

#8 Unquestioned Beliefs

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“When they never questioned the beliefs they grew up with.”

Growing up with certain beliefs is a common experience, but some individuals never challenge or question these beliefs as they mature. Many users find it perplexing when people refuse to critically examine their inherited beliefs.

#9 Politics as Personality

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“They base their personality on political matters.”

While politics plays a significant role in society, some individuals allow it to define their entire personality. Many users agree that this one-dimensional focus can limit their ability to connect with others on diverse topics.

#10 Single-Source Credulity

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“Only use one source of news and believe it fully instead of looking across a number of different sources.”

Staying informed requires a multifaceted approach, but some individuals rely solely on one news source and accept everything as gospel truth. Many users suggest that this hinders critical thinking and a comprehensive understanding of complex issues.

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