Top 10 Things People Would Buy With Unlimited Money for 15 Minutes

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Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos’ wealth has become a topic of discussion for several parties. Aspiring billionaires and anti-capitalists love to chat about Musk and Bezos’ net worth and their ever growing capital. What if you lived in their shoes for fifteen minutes?

Here are ten ways users said they’d use unlimited money in a quarter of an hour.

1. Lego

Many users agreed they’d purchase a ton of Legos for the entertainment aspect and due to Legos’ steady appreciation. With collector’s editions and limited edition sets, lego buyers can resell these kits for more than face value a few years down the line.

As a Lego lover, I would also invest in several sets of brick buildings.

2. Gift Cards

Have you ever visited a restaurant or a store because you had a gift card? Many users would buy loads of gift cards from stores such as Target, Walmart, or Amazon to ensure they’d never run out of groceries, appliances, or household items.

3. Gold

While gold is available in limited quantities worldwide, some people claimed they’d purchase as much gold as they could sell it later for more money. This way, once the 15 minutes ended, the person could sell gold when they needed cash flow.

4. Bitcoin

Given the short window of time allowed in this hypothetical, one user said they’d purchase a large sum of bitcoin. Cryptocurrency operates outside of all third parties, removing interventions from governments and banks. In layperson’s terms, bitcoin is an investment format.

In 15 minutes, you could purchase substantial amounts of bitcoin. While bitcoin purchases can take up to an hour to process when the site is backed up, normal operations take between ten and twenty minutes to finalize.

5. Food for Food Banks

A selfless individual pledged to buy unlimited amounts of food for food banks. This would help the children and families struggling financially get the necessary nutrients and nourishment. With unlimited money, the food banks wouldn’t run out of food as quickly, and more hungry people could eat.

6. College for Kids

College is expensive. It always has been and always will be. Even with scholarships and loans, students graduate with a cloud of immense debt, but, hey, at least they have a degree! One person said they’d pay to put all of their kids through college to save them from having to experience the overwhelming debt that follows so many people post-grad.

Not having to worry about financing college-level education places much less stress on familial relationships and helps individuals budget for other needed expenses.

7. Bonds

Another viable 15-minute option is bonds. Bonds are available in person, through banks and brokers, and online through Treasury Direct—bonds double as loans. For example, if you purchase a $5 bond, you pay $2.50 upfront and iterate how long you’d like to own the bond.

Twice a year, you’ll receive an interest payment on the bond, and depending on the market, the bond’s value increases or decreases. Depending on its value, you can sell the bond.

8. Savings Account

Savings, for lack of better terms, save in emergencies. If granted unlimited money for 15 minutes, somebody said they’d transfer as much as possible into their savings account to ensure they’d never struggle financially again.

9. Pokémon Cards

Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Jigglypuff? According to one user, the unlimited money would go toward their growing Pokémon card addiction. Some Pokémon cards retail for values around $300,000.

Suddenly, trading a stack of Pokémon cards doesn’t sound half-bad.

10. Student Loans

Many users said they’d use unlimited resources to pay off their looming student loans.

This thread inspired this article.

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