10 Things Men Should Never Do To Look Attractive

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When it comes to looking attractive, everyone has their own playbook. But what about those cringe-worthy moves that can instantly turn someone off? We took a dive into a social media thread where users shared their thoughts on things men should never do if they want to up their attractiveness game. From lip-biting missteps to fragrance faux pas, here’s what they had to say.

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#1 Lip-Biting Lessons

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“Seductively biting your lip. I wish someone told me it was supposed to be the bottom one…”

Lip-biting can be a subtle and flirtatious move, but getting it wrong can lead to some awkward moments. Many users agree that the bottom lip is the one to go for when trying to look alluring. So, gentlemen, take note and avoid any accidental upper lip nibbling.

#2 DJ Khaled’s Antics

DJ Khaled arrives at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center on August 28, 2022 in Newark, New Jersey, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)
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“Never emulate DJ Khaled in any way.”

While DJ Khaled may have his own charm, his over-the-top persona isn’t something everyone should mimic. Some users suggested that toning down the grand gestures and self-promotion might be a more attractive approach.

#3 The Alpha Male Myth

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“Referring to themselves as an ‘alpha male’. Just S***.”

Confidence is attractive, but labeling oneself as an “alpha male” can come across as arrogant. Many users agree that actions speak louder than words, so instead of self-proclaiming alpha status, it’s best to let your behavior and character do the talking.

#4 Shirtless Shenanigans

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“Taking their shirt off at awkward moments.”

There’s a time and place for going shirtless, and it’s not during those cringe-worthy awkward moments. Users emphasize the importance of appropriateness, as unexpected disrobing can lead to more eye-rolls than admirers.

#5 Cologne Cloud

Japanese girl closes the nose with her hands. Unpleasant smell or stink
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“Men, I cannot stress this enough. Don’t wear so much cologne. A scent shouldn’t suffocate the people around you. It should be a subtle, intimate, lingering afterthought that reminds people of you and makes them nostalgic in whatever way you intend.”

Dousing yourself in cologne isn’t a shortcut to attractiveness; it’s more likely to leave people gasping for air. The right amount of fragrance should be subtle and alluring, not overpowering. As some users suggest, aim for a scent that creates fond memories, not a cloud of discomfort.

#6 Comb-Over Catastrophe

Shocked bald man holding comb
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“Doing the comb-over when going bald. Just own it, there’s much better ways to handle receding hairlines.”

When it comes to dealing with hair loss, denial isn’t the best strategy. Users advise embracing baldness with confidence instead of resorting to the infamous comb-over. Confidence is attractive, and there are stylish ways to rock a bald look.

#7 Leg Day Lapses

Muscular young sportsman exercising with dumbbell in gym
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“Hit the gym but skip leg day.”

Hitting the gym is a great way to boost attractiveness, but don’t forget about those legs. Users point out that disproportionate muscle growth can be a turn-off. So, gentlemen, don’t neglect leg day; it’s all about balance.

#8 Negging Nonsense

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“Negging. Insulting women isn’t going to make them want to sleep with you, and if it does, it’s not someone you want to sleep with because there’s definitely a couple screws loose.”

Attempting to attract someone by insulting them is a strategy that’s bound to backfire. Users agree that negging is not only unattractive but also a sign of questionable intentions. Respect and kindness go much further in the attractiveness department.

#9 The Broccoli Haircut

Details of trimming. Cropped closeup of a barber trimming the back of the head to his client. Haircut.
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“The broccoli haircut. Just ew.”

Hairstyles can significantly impact how attractive someone appears. Users warn against sporting what they call the “broccoli haircut.” The key is to choose a hairstyle that complements your features and personal style without resembling a vegetable.

#10 Spitting Sensibility

Handsome male equestrian cleaning black horse with brush. Cowboy looking at a girl.
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“Spitting for no reason isn’t sexy. I’ve seen cowboys or big buff dudes do it on TV, but in real life, that is 1000 percent disgusting (at least to me).”

Some behaviors that seem rugged or cool on screen might not translate well into real life. This user points out that gratuitous spitting can be quite off-putting. It’s a reminder that not all cinematic antics are attractive in reality.

Source: Reddit.

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