11 Personal and Intrusive Questions You Should Avoid Asking

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In our daily lives, we often find ourselves confronted with a barrage of personal and intrusive questions from acquaintances, coworkers, or even strangers. These inquiries, though seemingly harmless, can often touch upon deeply private aspects of our lives.

In this collection, we explore some of these probing questions and the shared experiences of those who have been asked them. From inquiries about living arrangements and family dynamics to comments on appearance and life choices, these questions shed light on the need for greater sensitivity and respect for personal boundaries.

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#1 “Do You Live Alone?”

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“I’ve been asked if I live alone by the cable guy and furniture deliverer. Driving a few miles upstate to visit a friend, the gas station clerk asked if I was driving alone.”

It’s a common scenario that many users agree with, especially women. It seems like a harmless inquiry, but it can feel oddly personal, especially when coming from total strangers. We’ve all been there, wondering why people need to know about our living arrangements when all we want is to fix that cable or grab some snacks for the road.

#2 “Do You Really Need Those Glasses?”

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“This probably isn’t an every-woman question, but I’ve seriously been asked, ‘Do you really need those glasses?’ with a follow-up, ‘You would look so much prettier without them. Have you thought about contacts?'”

Intrusive remarks about glasses are unnecessary and disrespectful. Personal choices, like wearing glasses, should be respected without judgment. Beauty isn’t defined by eyewear choices.

#3 “Are All Your Kids From the Same Husband?”

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“If all my kids are from the same husband. WTH. A coworker in a professional industry asked me that. I do not think my kids’ dad has ever been asked anything even remotely similar.”

Invasive questions about family structure are inappropriate and gender-biased. Every parent’s family dynamics should be treated with respect and equality. Such questions perpetuate stereotypes and should be discouraged in professional settings.

#4 “Why Do You Put Your Career Before Babies?”

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“Do men get asked why they put their career before babies? Because I’m real sick of that one.”

A topic that many users raised is the double standard surrounding career and family choices. Women often find themselves bombarded with questions about prioritizing their careers over motherhood, along with unsolicited warnings of future regrets. The question here is, do men face the same scrutiny and comments regarding their choices?

#5 “Why No Makeup?”

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“You haven’t been wearing makeup recently. Are you depressed?”

Makeup or no makeup, everyone has their own preferences. Making assumptions about someone’s emotional state based on their appearance is insensitive and unjustified. A person’s choice to wear makeup or not is unrelated to their mental health. Such comments perpetuate stigma and should be avoided.

#6 Blamed For Dressing A Certain Way

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“I had a female friend of my mother’s ask if wearing tank tops is the reason I was r*****. By my stepdad. Who raised me from 2-15. I am busty but wasn’t at 15 when this happened.”

A deeply unsettling experience, as one user shared, involved victim-blaming based on clothing choices. It’s crucial to recognize that no one ever asks for or deserves to be a victim of assault, and it’s high time we put an end to such hurtful questions.

#7 “When Are You Having Another Baby?”

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“It looks like you’ve lost the baby weight, right? When are you having another one?”

Commenting on someone’s body and family planning decisions can be intrusive and hurtful. Personal choices about family size and body changes should be respected without prying questions. Such inquiries can be uncomfortable and should be avoided.

#8 “Are You On Your Period?”

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“Anytime I get even slightly irritated or show any sort of emotion that isn’t pure joy, I get hit with the ‘are you on your period?'”

Here’s one that can get under anyone’s skin – the assumption that any hint of emotion outside of sheer happiness must be linked to menstruation. It’s important to remember that emotions are complex and can stem from a variety of factors, not just biology.

#9 “Is Their Dad Babysitting?”

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“Whenever I’m without my kids, people are always asking if their dad’s ‘babysitting’? What the f***, no. He’s just, you know, parenting.”

When dads take care of their kids, it’s called parenting, not babysitting. Some users have expressed frustration over the misconception that fathers are merely “babysitting” when they’re alone with their children. Let’s share responsibility where it’s due – dads are parents too!

#10 “Why Don’t You Color Your Grays?”

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“Why I don’t color my gray hair. My d****** GI Dr said that my face looks too young for gray hair. Like w**? I waited an hour and paid money to get lectured on my appearance – nope- I’m here because I have IBS & GERD which is totally unrelated to my hair color.”

An unexpected question came from a doctor during an appointment. It’s a reminder that our appearance should not be the focus when discussing health concerns. Medical appointments should stay focused on health-related matters, not on our hair color.

#11 “Why Don’t You Want Kids?”

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“I constantly get questioned when I say I don’t want kids. My bf was never doubted in the slightest about that. But surely I’ll change my mind, won’t be a real woman and other kinds of b******.”

Lastly, many users have faced skepticism when expressing their choice not to have children. It’s crucial to respect individual decisions about family planning and understand that not everyone’s path includes parenthood. Let’s dispel the myths and stereotypes surrounding this personal choice once and for all.

Source: Reddit.

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