12 Stupidest “Real Men Don’t” Statements Seen On The Internet

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In a world filled with diverse ideas about toxic masculinity and what it means to be a “real man,” the online community shared some of the most bewildering and amusing examples of what supposedly fits the bill. From food preferences to umbrellas, the internet is filled with eye-roll-worthy “Real Men Don’t” statements. Let’s dive into the absurdity and debunk these myths one by one.

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#1 Real Men Don’t Eat Peanut Butter and Jelly

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“I saw a video of a woman saying “Real men don’t eat peanut butter and jelly” and I was flabbergasted.”

Imagine being told that your masculinity hinges on your choice of sandwich spread. The absurdity of this claim generated plenty of amusement and head-shaking among those who came across it. Let’s not forget that food preferences don’t depend on gender, and everyone deserves the freedom to enjoy their favorite snacks without judgment.

#2 Real Men Never Say No to Sex

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Real men never say no to sex.”

While this might be humorous at first glance, it’s essential to remember that consent and personal boundaries should always be respected, regardless of one’s gender. This point reminds us that it’s vital to challenge stereotypes that can perpetuate harmful ideas.

#3 Real Men Don’t Sleep on Their Stomachs

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“Sleep on their stomachs.”

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for everyone, regardless of gender. Yet, there are those who claim that “real men don’t sleep on their stomachs.” It’s a head-scratcher because comfort is key when it comes to resting, and the ideal sleep position should be whatever works best for you.

#4 Real Men Don’t Wear Sunscreen

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“Wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen is a vital part of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. The sun doesn’t care what your gender is – taking care of your skin is a wise choice for everyone. So, the real strength lies in safeguarding your skin and enjoying the great outdoors without risking sunburn.

#5 Real Men Don’t Use Umbrellas

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“Use umbrellas.”

How do the men in rainy London, Seattle and New Orleans feel about this? Rain or shine, there are those who insist that real men tough it out, braving the elements without the help of a trusty canopy. However, many would argue that staying dry and comfortable is simply a smart choice, and it has nothing to do with one’s masculinity. After all, it’s about being practical, not proving your manhood in a downpour.

#6 Real Men Have Long Hair

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“Have long hair. I don’t understand it at all. If Eddie van Halen can have long hair, then I can too.”

Let’s face it: hairstyle preferences have nothing to do with masculinity. If you admire Eddie’s long locks or choose to keep your hair short, it’s all about personal expression. Your hair, your style, your choice – that’s what being a “real man” is all about.

#7 Real Men Don’t Drink Tea

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“I’ve heard real men don’t drink tea.”

All of England just gave this the stink eye! When it comes to beverages, gender doesn’t play a role in your choice. Whether you enjoy a robust cup of coffee or an energizing cup of tea, your drink preferences are entirely up to you. Remember, it’s all about what tickles your taste buds, not your masculinity.

#8 Real Men Don’t Read the Instructions

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“Read the Instructions.”

While the saying “real men don’t read the instructions” might bring a chuckle, let’s not forget that following instructions can save you time and frustration. The macho approach of trying to figure things out on your own might not always be the most efficient path to success. So, the wise move is to read those instructions and make your life a bit easier, regardless of your gender.

#9 Real Men Don’t Apologize

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“Real men don’t apologize.”

The idea that “real men don’t apologize” is not just laughable but also problematic. Apologizing is a sign of maturity and accountability, qualities that anyone, regardless of gender, should embrace. Strength of character is defined by acknowledging mistakes and making amends, showing that saying sorry is not only acceptable but commendable for all.

#10 Real Men Don’t Look at Explosions

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“Look at explosions.”

Picture this: a fiery explosion in the background, and a stoic man walking away without glancing back. This is what some portray as “real men don’t look at explosions.” However, in reality, we all know that safety should come before any Hollywood-style heroics. Also, the only people who don’t look at explosions in movies are the ones that caused them! If so, there are bigger problems.

#11 Real Men Don’t Have Cats

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“Real men don’t have cats.” Laughable.”

For all the feline aficionados out there, the assertion that “real men don’t have cats” is nothing short of perplexing. Gender should never dictate your choice of pet, and the companionship of a cat is cherished by many, regardless of their gender. So, whether you’re a tough guy or a tender-hearted soul, there’s always room for a purring friend in your life.

#12 Real Men Don’t Use Ice

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“Saw on /serverlife, “real men don’t use ice.” 

Listen, if you want a warm drink on a hot, sweaty day, all the power to you! But don’t let false notions of masculinity stop you from enjoying a cold, refreshing drink. It is a simple pleasure we can all savor, regardless of our gender. After all, it’s about quenching your thirst and relishing the bubbles in your sparkling water, not proving your manhood through ice.

Source: Reddit.

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