10 Dead Giveaways that Someone is an Only Child

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Have you ever wondered how to spot someone who’s an only child just by their behavior? Well, you’re not alone! We took to social media to see what some users had to say about this topic. Many users agree that there are certain “dead giveaways” that can indicate if someone grew up without siblings. Let’s dive into this fun list and explore some of the quirks and traits that only-children tend to exhibit.

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#1 The Peaceful Upbringing

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“No tales of sibling violence.”

Growing up without brothers or sisters means fewer opportunities for sibling squabbles. So, if someone rarely shares stories of sibling battles, it might be a clue that they’re an only child. No sibling-induced hair-pulling or toy-snatching here!

#2 Parental Insights

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“I told my bf to close his eyes and open his mouth (I was surprising him with candy), and he just did it with no suspicion at all. People with siblings can’t trust like that.”

What makes this story stand out is the utter lack of suspicion on the boyfriend’s part, a testament to the blind trust that often characterizes only children. As many users agree, people with siblings tend to approach such situations with a bit more caution as they have been victims of childhood pranks and tricks.

#3 Master of Solitude

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“Pretty good at keeping ourselves entertained or doing things alone/being independent.”

Growing up without siblings means children had to find ways to keep themselves occupied. So, if you meet someone who’s perfectly content spending time alone, they might just be an only child. They’re like their own one-person entertainment crew!

#4 Relationships by Design

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“They are very deliberate in their chosen relationships, e.g., friendships, partners, and are usually extremely independent, at least in my experience”.

Those who grew up only children value their relationships and often approach them with a sense of independence. So, if someone you know seems to carefully choose their companions and values their autonomy, they might be showing classic only child traits.

#5 Cherishing Quiet

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“They enjoy quiet houses.”

It’s a well-known fact that only children often appreciate a peaceful and quiet home environment. Some users pointed out that if you visit someone’s house and it’s calm and serene, it could be a telltale sign that they’re an only child. No sibling noise or chaos here – just tranquility.

#6 Pet “Siblings”

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“Their pets are referred to as their siblings.”

It’s a way of filling that sibling void with furry or feathered friends. So, if you come across someone who lovingly calls their dog or cat their brother or sister, you’ve found yourself an only child pet parent.

#7 The Scapegoat

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“That they get blamed for everything.”

Some users shared the humorous side of being an only child: without siblings to point fingers at, it’s easy for parents to attribute mishaps and mischief to their solo child. So, if someone has a reputation for being the family scapegoat, they might just be an only child – innocent or not!

#8 Toy Abundance

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“They have all the Legos.”

Do you know someone with an impressive collection of Legos or other toys? Some users noted that only children often have an abundance of toys, as they don’t have to share them with siblings. So, if you visit someone’s house and find a treasure trove of toys all to themselves, you’ve stumbled upon a classic sign of an only child.

#9 A Distinct Nostalgia

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“I’m an only child. One huge difference I see time and time again with those who have siblings—they had much more exposure to a longer timespan of media/music/games growing up.”

Only children tend to have a unique timeline of media, music, and games that shaped their childhood. On the other hand, those with siblings were exposed to a broader spectrum of entertainment, from TV shows their older siblings watched to games their younger siblings played. This diverse exposure creates distinct patterns of nostalgia, setting only children apart in their recollection of growing up.

#10 Advanced Vocabulary

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“Early development of vocabulary. They talk like an adult.”

Those who grow up as only children often have a more advanced vocabulary, as they primarily interact with adults. So, if someone talks like a mini-adult and uses impressive words for their age, it could be a strong indicator that they’re an only child. They’ve been practicing their eloquence!

Source: Reddit.

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