“We Love The Simple Pleasures in Life” 13 Things that Make These People Genuinely Happy

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In a world that sometimes feels like a never-ending rollercoaster, finding moments of genuine happiness can be a real treasure. We’ve tapped into a social media thread where users share what brings joy to their lives. Whether it’s making people laugh, embracing nature, or the power of music, their insights offer a delightful glimpse into the small but significant things that make us smile. Let’s dive into their perspectives and discover what tickles their funny bone or warms their hearts.

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#1: Spreading Laughter and Happiness

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“Once, I made an audience of more than 50 people laugh with something I said. It made me feel really good, I can see why people get hooked on it.”

As many users agree, there’s something magical about the art of making people laugh. It’s like wielding a happiness wand, and when the laughter ripples through the crowd, it’s a reminder that joy can be so simple yet so powerful.

#2: Nature’s Happiness Boost

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“Just simply sitting and being in nature is pure joy.”

For many, the simple act of stepping into nature is like hitting the reset button for the soul. It’s a reminder that in the hustle and bustle of life, taking a moment to breathe in the fresh air and connect with the natural world can bring genuine happiness.

#3: Sunshine and Artistic Bliss

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“It’s such a simple thing but seeing the sun shine is so nice to me. Especially since I don’t see it often during winter on account of me going to school, practice, then when I go home it’s dark.”

The warmth of the sun and the creative process of making art have a profound impact on some users. It’s like the sun is nature’s mood-enhancing spotlight, and the act of artistic expression is their personal happiness canvas.

#4: Eclectic Music Tastes

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“Listening to music is great. Recently I picked up a hobby of making music on GarageBand. I took a music tech class during semester last year where we learned how to use GB. So music plays an even bigger part in my life than it already did.”

Music is a universal language that speaks to the soul. Some users enjoy the versatility of music, using it to connect with their emotions and alter their mood. It’s like having a personal DJ for life’s ups and downs.

#5: Kids’ Laughter Joy

Cheerful woman holding adorable little son on hands at home. Mother and son. Happy.
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“I’ve got a 2.5 year old who laughs SO hard and an 8 week old who just started giving us big smiles. It is truly wonderful even in the tough times!”

The innocent laughter of children is a precious treasure. Some users share the bittersweet feeling of knowing that those toddler laughs will soon evolve, making these moments even more priceless.

#6: Mom’s Smile

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“She sounds god-awful, but for some reason I love hearing it.”

The happiness of loved ones can be a powerful source of joy. Users express the simple pleasure of seeing their mothers smile, a reminder of the strong emotional bonds that hold families together.

#7: Visiting Home

African American Couple Sitting Blanket Park Looking Dog
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Going home to the love and enthusiasm of a loyal dog and shared musical moments with loved ones offer a unique blend of joy. This user loves her personal “Welcome Home” committee, and belting out classic tunes with their mom.

#8: My Rock – My Wife

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“She’s very special to me. When my relationship with my ex finally disintegrated, I was a walking dumpster fire for a while. Most of my friends abandoned me during this time and even my father disowned me, but she stuck around and helped me through it. Now I’m hers forever.”

The loving bond with a spouse can be a powerful source of motivation and happiness. Some users express how the thought of going home to their partners gives them the strength to push through challenging work weeks.

#9: The Joy of Giving

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“If they’re happy as a result then that’s acknowledgement enough.”

The act of giving, without expecting anything in return, is a source of joy for some users. It’s like the warm feeling you get when you secretly do a good deed, knowing you’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life.

#10: Cats

Black cat
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The simple presence of feline friends can be a source of comfort and amusement. Users express their love for cats, which often find a way to brighten our days with their playful antics and mysterious charm.

#11: Eating Good Food

Happy Family Celebrating Thanksgiving Day Home. Dinner.
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Savoring delicious meals is a universal pleasure. Users remind us that good food can be a direct path to happiness, whether it’s a homemade dish or a culinary adventure at a restaurant.

#12: Friends and Silly Laughter

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The shared laughter with friends is a joy that knows no bounds. Users express how the silliest moments with friends can light up their lives, reminding us of the bonds that friendship creates.

#13: The Bond of Family

Family in the woods / forest. A couple with child.
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“People are as good as it gets. End game is family.”

Family, the cornerstone of our lives, brings immense joy to users. It’s the love, support, and shared memories that remind us of the importance of family bonds in our happiness.

Source: Reddit.

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