15 Things Gen Z and Millennials Wish Older Generations Understood

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In a world where generations coexist and interact more closely than ever, there are certain things that Gen Z and Millennials wish the older generations understood. From technology to social issues, the younger generations have a perspective that they believe is worth sharing. In a recent social media thread, users voiced their opinions on what they wish their predecessors would grasp. Let’s explore these viewpoints.

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#1: Tech-Savviness Isn’t Arrogance

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“So many older people seem to have the mindset of “if you’re not struggling, then you’re not being productive enough.” Like you are obligated to make yourself miserable before you can say you’ve accomplished anything.”

Many Gen Z and Millennials agree that just because they know how to find answers online doesn’t mean they think they’re smarter than their elders. They’re simply trying to save time and make life more efficient for everyone. They wish older generations recognized that technology is an essential tool in their lives, not a sign of arrogance. It’s about adaptation, not conceit.

#2: The Real Age of Millennials

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Seems nowadays even those starters are impossibly expensive. The only solution I have found involves moving farther away from family and friends to a place no one really wants to live, only to be able to afford the price.”

Some users pointed out that the oldest Millennials are nearing 40. When people say, “Millennials can’t afford houses,” it’s not just about young adults. It’s an issue affecting a broader age range. Older generations often overlook the fact that many Millennials have been working for years and are still grappling with financial challenges, especially in the housing market. They wish for empathy regarding their economic struggles.

#3: The Soaring Cost of Education

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“And working through school for them means working on their summer holiday. Not literally having a job all year.”

Many young adults wish older generations understood how the cost of education has skyrocketed compared to wage growth and inflation. They’re tired of hearing the “work your way through school” advice, as it no longer holds true in today’s financial landscape. It’s not just about working a part-time job to pay for tuition; it’s about facing a mountain of student loan debt that can take years to repay. They hope older generations grasp the financial burden they carry.

#4: Social Media Skepticism

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“That attitude of “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” is f****** gone, now that our parents can be fooled by stuff like that.”

Some users find it baffling that older generations who preached internet safety now seem to unquestioningly believe everything they see on Facebook. It’s a paradox that confounds the younger crowd. They wish older generations could apply the critical thinking skills they preached to them and be more discerning when navigating the digital landscape. It’s about consistency in values and practices across generations.

#5: The Convenience of Texting

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Gen Z and Millennials generally find texting more convenient and sometimes better than making phone calls. It’s not about avoiding conversations; it’s about efficient communication. They wish for understanding that texting offers a way to convey information quickly and effectively, particularly in a fast-paced world. It’s not a rejection of voice communication but an evolution in how people connect.

#6: Not Everyone Has a Choice

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“My grandpa never wanted my grandma to work, he was the happiest when she got laid off from her last job and decided to stay at home.”

Young parents often resent being told to stay home with their kids. Many would love to, but financial realities dictate otherwise. It’s not always a choice for many working moms and dads. They hope older generations acknowledge that modern economic demands often require dual-income households, and staying home isn’t always a choice but a necessity for many families. It’s about empathy for their financial struggles.

#7: Mental Health Awareness

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The younger generations want to stress that being in touch with their mental health and emotions doesn’t make them weak. In fact, it equips them to cope with life’s challenges better. They wish older generations understood that acknowledging and addressing mental health issues isn’t a sign of weakness but a crucial step toward overall well-being. It’s about promoting mental health as a priority, not a vulnerability.

#8: The Validity of Choosing Not to Have Kids

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“I can’t have kids, buy a house, and go on vacation even with my $100k+ salary. At least, not if I want to have money saved for emergencies. Either older generations played it looser with less savings, or s*** was different.”

Some Gen Z and Millennials wish older generations understood that choosing not to have kids is a valid life choice. They want to enjoy their lives with their partners without societal pressure. They hope for recognition that people have different life paths, and not having children is a legitimate decision. It’s about respecting individual choices and not imposing traditional expectations.

#9: Finite Earth Resources

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Gen Z and Millennials want older generations to recognize that the earth’s resources are not infinite, and sustainability is crucial. They wish for a shift toward sustainable practices, renewable energy, and responsible consumption, as these are necessary for the planet’s future. It’s about safeguarding the environment for generations to come.

#10: Privacy Matters

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“That we have none anymore, yep agreed.”

Privacy is a concern for younger generations. They value their personal information and online privacy, and they wish older generations shared these concerns. They hope that older generations become more aware of the importance of online privacy and adopt practices that protect personal data. It’s about creating a safer digital environment for everyone.

#11: Urgency of Climate Change

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“That doesn’t mean it’s not happening, they seem to just have a very meh type attitude and just look the other way.”

Climate change is a pressing issue for Gen Z and Millennials. They implore older generations to reduce, reuse, and recycle, emphasizing the importance of saving the planet. They wish for a united effort to address climate change, as it affects everyone’s future. It’s about recognizing the urgency of this global crisis and taking meaningful action to mitigate its impact.

#12: The Decline of Cursive Writing

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“The ONLY useful thing learning cursive could do is help you learn how to calligriphize your own signature in a pretty way. Alternatively, you could just not give a s***, and sign stuff with squiggly lines. Seems like an easy choice imo.”

Cursive writing is becoming obsolete, and younger generations don’t see it as a necessity. They wish older generations would accept this change. They hope for understanding that modern communication has shifted towards digital methods, and cursive writing is no longer as practical as it once was. It’s about embracing evolving forms of communication.

#13: Technology’s Impact on Play

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“I just had a talk with my mom about my brother. He’s finishing university and is mostly free now for the summer, and she’s very concerned about his life…….Then she’s concerned that he isn’t involved with the world events. I tell her he’s subscribed to tons of videos and knows what’s happening, he doesn’t have to physically go to places where “people gather and discuss”, he can do it from his room.”

The world now revolves around technology, and not everyone spends as much time playing outside as they once did. Gen Z and Millennials want this shift to be understood. They wish for recognition that technology has changed the way people interact with their environment and engage in recreational activities. It’s about adapting to the digital age while still valuing outdoor play.

#14: Youth Doesn’t Guarantee Health and Energy

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Being young doesn’t always mean being super healthy and full of energy. As some Gen Z folks and Millennials suggest they also have health issues or feel tired. It’s important to know that good health is not guaranteed just because of age. Understanding this helps us support young people who might be dealing with health challenges. Health is a personal journey, and it can affect anyone, no matter their age.

#15: Equality and Identity

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Gen Z and Millennials emphasize that being LGBTQIA+ doesn’t change who they are. They want understanding and acceptance from older generations. They hope for recognition that sexual orientation and gender identity are integral parts of a person’s identity, and acceptance is vital for mental well-being. It’s about fostering inclusivity and respect for diverse identities and orientations.

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