10 Eye-Opening Facts That Only The Experts And Insiders Know

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Ever wondered what the experts keep under their hats? We’ve dug up a collection of facts that are common wisdom for specialists but might raise eyebrows for the rest of us. Gathered from a social media thread, these snippets reveal practical insights from knowing multiple exits in crowded places to the surprising wonders of bamboo and beyond. Prepare to be enlightened and entertained as we explore “Hidden Knowledge Gems.”

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#1 – Knowing the Exits

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“In an emergency most of the crowd is going to go for the main door they came in through. Knowing where another exit is can save your life.”

One common fact known among event planners and safety enthusiasts, but often overlooked by the general public, is the importance of knowing multiple exits in crowded venues. Many users agree that people tend to exit through the same door they entered, which can be risky in an emergency. Taking a moment to locate and remember a second exit can be a lifesaver. After all, it’s better to have that extra route in mind, just in case.

#2 – Bamboo: Nature’s Wonder

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Bamboo, as some users suggested, is a truly remarkable grass. Bamboo plywood is harder than oak, naturally anti-microbial, water-resistant, and even stores carbon effectively. It’s as strong as concrete in terms of resistance to compression. And, of course, pandas love it, adding a delightful touch of humor to this eco-friendly revelation.

#3 – Explosive Sensitivity

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Here’s a fascinating tidbit shared by some users: powerful explosives are so insensitive to shock that it often takes a smaller, more sensitive explosive to set them off. This little-known fact underscores the intricate science behind explosives.

#4 – Reviving Sad Vegetables

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“If you have sad vegetables carrots, celery or lettuce that look wilted (but haven’t gone bad), you can make them crunchy by shocking in ice water.”

While many of us may have encountered wilted vegetables in the fridge, few are aware of the simple trick to revive them. As some users pointed out, you can make them crunchy again by soaking them in ice water. It’s a handy kitchen tip that can breathe life back into your produce.

#5 – The Bed Bug Misconception

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It’s a common misconception that bed bugs are a sign of a dirty or unsanitary home. As many users stressed, bed bugs don’t make you a nasty person with a nasty home. An infestation is more likely due to the fact that they’re imported pests, often hitching a ride on items you’ve brought into your house, such as luggage or furniture. So, don’t blame yourself; blame the sneaky hitchhikers!

#6 – The Hysterectomy Truth

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“I worked with a guy, in his 50s, that thought that it was exactly that after a woman had a hysterectomy, she was a barbie down there.”

Many users might not know that a hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus only, not the ovaries or other bodily functions. This distinction can be vital for women considering the procedure and those who want to understand the female reproductive system better. It’s a misconception that often lingers, but it’s essential to be informed accurately.

#7 – Therapy: A Tool for Life

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“Also change is hard. People really underestimate how hard it is to be able to do the hard work necessary to change via therapy.”

Here’s a valuable insight for those considering therapy, as shared by some users. Therapy isn’t something that happens to you; it’s a tool that you can use to work on yourself. The skills you learn in therapy need to be applied outside the therapy space for real change. This perspective reminds us that therapy is a journey, and progress requires active participation.

#8 – The Weakest Link in Technology

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“Truth. I fix checkpoint security equipment and explosive detection systems for a living. Fixing the machine that they broke is the job, but showing them what they did to it, why it happened, and what to do in the future, is what makes it possible for me to maintain great uptime on as many systems as I do.”

In the realm of technology, as some users emphasize, people are often the weakest link in the system. A staggering 99% of the time, security breaches and technology mishaps can be traced back to human error or negligence. This fact highlights the critical importance of cybersecurity awareness and training for all technology users.

#9 – Fractured vs. Broken

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“When people ask if I’ve broken a bone before, I tell them that I fractured my wrist. The response usually is ‘that doesn’t count.'”

The distinction between “fractured” and “broken” isn’t as significant as some patients might think. As some users humorously noted, it’s a bit of a semantic problem. In the medical field, there are different types of fractures, but at the end of the day, they all mean the same thing – something’s not right with your bones. So, no need to get heated about the terminology; focus on getting better!

#10 – The Movie Magic Behind Nature Documentaries

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Ever watched a nature documentary and rooted for that one animal, believing it’s a continuous story? Well, some users unveil the behind-the-scenes magic. In any given documentary, the protagonist animal is often ‘played’ by several different ‘actors.’ In other words, the narrative is stitched together from footage of various animals. Moreover, about 90% of the ‘animal reacting’ shots actually capture animals reacting to the camera crew. Nature documentaries are more artful constructions than seamless, unscripted wildlife dramas.

Source: Reddit.

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