Her Sister Hates Her for Ruining Her Wedding and Her Fiancé’s Career

Distressed bride holding her forehead.

Sibling rivalry is common, but things can quickly take a turn for the worse when it affects a family member’s relationship. This was the case for one woman who found herself in the middle of a love triangle with her stepsister and a former colleague.

Girl Meets Boy

The story starts when the woman, who we’ll call OP, meets a colleague named Pete while working at her stepdad’s company. Pete seemed to have a crush on her, but she didn’t return his feelings.

When she started dating her now-husband, things became awkward between them, and they lost touch after she quit her job. However, they remained connected on social media.

Boy Marries Girl’s Sister

A few months later, the woman saw that Pete had started dating her stepsister, Jen. Things were going well, and the couple got engaged with the financial support of their father.


However, things worsened at a mutual friend’s wedding, where Pete made unwanted advances toward OP. She was uncomfortable and informed Jen the next day. To her surprise, Jen accused her of trying to ruin her relationship and forbade her from telling their father.

Unfortunately, their parents had noticed OP’s interaction with Pete at the friend’s wedding and confronted her. She eventually told them the truth, and her stepdad was understandably furious. He refused to pay for Jen’s wedding, which was eventually called off.

Ask For Help

OP is wondering if she should feel guilty for the fallout of the situation.

Jen, the stepsister, has been bombarding her with angry calls, texts, and social media posts, blaming her for ruining her wedding. Even Jen’s friends have jumped on the bandwagon, sending messages telling her how awful it was to tell their parents about the incident after Jen had specifically asked her not to.

To make matters worse, they accuse OP of destroying Pete’s career.

Thoughts From Redditors

Many users blamed Pete, not OP, for the wedding cancellation.

One-Awareness3671 replied with a post that was upvoted almost 22,000 times, putting the blame squarely on Pete.

“The wedding has not been canceled because of you; it’s been canceled because of Pete. I doubt this is the first time Pete did this to a woman, and that’s why your parents thought the worst of what happened. This was probably the last straw.”

User Classroom_Visual concurred but also expressed sympathy for Jen, saying,

“Yes, an awful situation for Jen. Imagine having to come to terms with the idea that not only are you with a cheater, but your partner wants to cheat with your step-sister and you’ve basically been used by him to stay close to her.

“To think that your whole relationship is based on a lie is just brutal. I’m not surprised she’s still in denial about what is happening and is blaming everyone else. I hope she is getting some professional help and support – this is just a crushing thing to experience.”

Few-Entrepreneur383 questioned Pete’s motives in dating Jen.

“Sounds like Pete was using Jen to get close to OP on some level; no matter what, Jen deserves to marry someone who loves HER, not someone who lusts after her step-sister.”

Electrical-Date-1961 wishes that the parents would have handled the situation better as well.

“I honestly feel bad for Jen. It sounds like she is in the sunken place, and Pete is a horrible man. That said, I think the parents could have handled this situation with far more empathy and tact.”

Finally, Normal-Bluejay9388 absolved OP of any guilt.

“NTA. It was never your intention to reveal it until your parents somehow got it out of you. And it is better that they cancel the wedding because your sister deserves better even though she can’t see it now.”


This story is a reminder of the importance of communication and honesty in familial and romantic relationships. While it’s understandable that Jen may have been upset about the situation, it’s unfair for her to blame the woman for Pete’s actions. Thousands of Redditors agreed with this.

Redditors concurred that while it’s understandable that she feels remorseful for the fallout of the situation, she did the right thing by telling the truth and preventing any further harm.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Was the OP from this social media post wrong?

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