10 Legal Things People Fully Expect To Be Illegal in the Next 20 Years

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It’s interesting to think about the legal things then that are illegal now. Drinking and driving, lobotomies, and drugs like methamphetamine were perfectly legal in the not-so-distant past, to name a few.

Imagine a society where these are currently legal – it’s an uncomfortable thought exercise. But, looking ahead to the future, many people are predicting which perfectly legal things will become illegal – and we’re sure many of you will be nodding along with many of them!

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1. Telemarketing

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Nothing makes our blood pressure rise more than realizing a telemarketer is on the other end of the phone. There were countless cries to make telemarketing calls illegal in the future, including this person’s specific request: “Make robo-dialing illegal, and require that insurance companies, banks, etc. give people an option to talk to a human in the initial menu.” It all sounds like good ideas to us!

2. Commercials For Prescription Drugs

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Did you know that only two countries permit drug companies to air commercials for their prescription drugs? It’s true. The United States and New Zealand are the only nations that allow this practice.

Many people have called for the United States to follow the rest of the world’s lead, and many are crossing their fingers that this will happen soon.

3. Multi-Level Marketing Companies

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Multi-level marketing companies are a relatively common type of business that has drawn the ire of many people. This is because they’re similar to pyramid schemes (illegal) but still legal in America.

Moreover, despite plenty of outcries, one isn’t convinced they’ll ever become illegal. “Not happening until Utah and Arizona reform their tax laws, and that ain’t happening because MLMs have huge power in those states,” he revealed before suggesting that reform on a federal level may be required to make it happen.

4. Microtransactions in Video Games For Kids

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While plenty of users have no problems with microtransactions in video games marketed to adults, they draw the line at those same in-game microtransactions meant to be played by young kids. “If the game can be sold to children, it should not have microtransactions,” a mother proclaimed.

Of course, we wholeheartedly agree with this. We also can’t imagine how many parents have checked their bank accounts only to see that their children – on purpose or not – racked up charges thanks to easily-accessible in-game transactions.

5. Underage Beauty Pageants

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Bluntly, one person said, “Child beauty contest is such a creepy idea.” Judging by the number of people who support banning the practice of beauty pageants that involve minors, we’d be shocked if legislation isn’t introduced to do just that in the next few years.

6. Government Officials Owning/Trading Stocks

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It’s shocking that government officials like members of Congress are allowed to participate in the stock market. After all, they would be privy to legislation and actions directly affecting the market.

Some may call that “inside trading,” but it’s parred for the course in America. While many people want this practice banned, one user sadly revealed that he isn’t confident in anything changing in the long run. “They would just get their spouse to trade for them like they already do,” he said glumly.

7. Companies Buying Single-Family Homes

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It’s downright bizarre that corporations are allowed to purchase single-family homes. Luckily, more than a few people agree with this sentiment – and one person wants to do something about it. “This is something I’ve become more interested in because it’s destroying the housing market in my area.”

“Let me know if anyone knows about bills or lobbying efforts on this. Also, I would be interested in any orgs putting together model legislation.” That’s what we like to see: people willing to put in the effort to make a change!

8. Single-Use Plastics

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As environmental issues become more and more prevalent, we all need to do our part to ensure that we keep Mother Nature happy and healthy. Banning single-use plastics could help the process.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people who have a plan in mind. “Eliminate product packaging using combined materials,” one user suggested. “For example, plastic is glued to paper in a way that is impossible to separate. It makes recycling almost impossible.”

9. Family YouTube Channels

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We have to be honest. We weren’t aware of this. But now that we know more about it, the more we’re on board with the countless people who want to see this made illegal.

The issue of exploiting children on YouTube is something that many are passionate about, “There have been many instances where families have exposed intimate inappropriate parts of a child’s upbringing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are legal cases in the future for exploitation or damages,” one person revealed.

“It will be age-restricted since the kids can’t consent.” Age-restricted access sounds like a good place to start if you ask us.

10. Deep Fakes

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For a good reason, many people are wary of the potential problem of deep fakes and AI technology. “Face and voice stealing technology is super cool, but it’s scary simultaneously,” someone said.

“One thing is for industrial use (think movies and TV) with consent and permission, but machine learning can be used criminally too.” It’s frightening to think about: imagine being blackmailed (or worse) by a fake video created to implicate you in a crime. That’s one gigantic reason to make deep fakes illegal in the future.

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