10 Most Teased College Majors – Are They Worth It?

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College majors are as diverse as the students who choose them. However, some majors tend to get more teasing and raised eyebrows than others. In a lively social media discussion, users shared their thoughts on which college majors often become the butt of jokes. From the unconventional to the misunderstood, here’s a look at some of the most rib-tickling and perhaps unfairly mocked majors, according to these commenters.

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#1 BA in Leisure Time Activities – Where’s the Fun in That?

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Some college majors raise eyebrows due to their unconventional nature. For instance, one user mentioned a BA degree in Leisure Time Activities. It’s a head-scratcher for many as they wonder what kind of profession one could pursue with such a degree. Maybe they can organize those cheesy activities at an all-inclusive hotel’s pool.

#2 The Art Degree Dilemma – Pursuing Passion Over Paychecks

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“It’s very true though. They’ll pay 500 for a drawing, and they’ll do it again next week for a slightly diff position.”

Art majors often find themselves at the receiving end of jokes about their career prospects. However, as one user pointed out, the journey can be fulfilling, even if it doesn’t always lead to wealth. Many art degree holders find jobs in design-related fields, embracing their love for creativity.

#3 PR&T – Parks, Recreation, and Tourism – A Career in Fun and Games?

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“It was a joke school back in the day, but a long way from useless. And I have to admit I think about a career as a park ranger every now and again, and wonder what might have been. Usually around tax season.”

At some colleges, degrees like PR&T (Parks, Recreation, and Tourism) cater to those with a passion for travel and outdoor activities. While it might sound frivolous, it is a valid degree for those aspiring to be travel agents, park rangers, or city playground planners.

#4 Communication Major – The Easy Way Out?

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“I have a communications degree. Only reason I have a decent job is because I worked in the IT department before I graduated. There isn’t anything the degree gave me that I couldn’t get elsewhere. 0/10.”

Communication majors are often teased for taking what some consider an “easy major.” However, this degree offers a range of valuable skills for various career paths. Sometimes, it’s just misunderstood.

#5 The “Athletic” Major – More Stereotype Than Reality

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One user noted that certain majors, often associated with athletes or outgoing individuals, can be the subject of jokes. This stereotype might not hold true for everyone in these fields, but it’s a common perception. In the end, success in any major depends on an individual’s commitment and enthusiasm for their chosen path, rather than the stereotypes associated with it.

#6 Double Trouble – When One Major Isn’t Enough

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Some students recalled being made fun of for double majoring in English Lit. and Art History . While it might seem unconventional, these unique combinations can lead to diverse career opportunities in education, research, government, museums, etc.

#7 Fine Arts – A Challenging Yet Creative Path

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Fine arts majors often get roasted for their choice, but their journey isn’t as easy as some may think. The job market is highly competitive, and the path to success can be challenging. Despite the teasing, they continue to pursue their artistic dreams in careers like animation, design and community arts, among others.

#8 Criminal Justice – Dreams of the CIA and FBI

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“They should rename it Prison Guarding (I mean, “Correctional Officer,” lol) because that’s where they all end up.”

Criminal Justice majors often aspire to work in prestigious agencies like the CIA or FBI. However, some users shared that these organizations typically prefer candidates with STEM backgrounds. The dream might not always align with the reality of hiring practices.

#9 Psychology – From Minds to Tattoos

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“If you get into psych, you gotta be prepared to go all the way to Ph.D and get yourself into major debt. Even THATs not a guarantee of a good career.”

One user’s experience demonstrates that a psychology major can lead to unexpected yet rewarding career paths. For example, becoming a tattoo artist who listens to people’s problems and provides emotional support is a unique way to apply psychological knowledge.

#10 Philosophers: Pondering the Great Questions

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“Bro, my nephew in college loves math and philosophy. A lot of what he says goes over my head though lol.”

Philosophy majors often find themselves facing stereotypes and gentle teasing about their field of study. While some may jest about the practicality of pondering life’s great questions, philosophy majors are in pursuit of knowledge that explores the very essence of human existence. This major fosters critical thinking, a deep understanding of complex ideas, and the ability to articulate thoughts clearly – all valuable skills for any path in life.

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