10 Innocent Stories Of A Ruined Halloween

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Halloween, the bewitching season when costumes come to life, candy calls our name, and eerie excitement fills the air. But as any seasoned trick-or-treater will tell you, there’s more to this mystical holiday than meets the eye. In the enchanted realm of a recent social media thread, fearless souls unveiled their darkest Halloweens as children. From candy capers gone awry to the spookiest of surprises, let’s scroll through these innocent stories of a Halloween ruined.

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#1 – The Sweetest Theft

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Picture this: a young angel, only 7 or 8 years old, soaring through a science museum collecting an abundance of candy. A dream come true, right? But the nightmare unfolded when, upon leaving, this angel discovered all her candy had mysteriously vanished. It turns out the little trick-or-treater behind her had been slyly scooping candy into his own basket. This “candy caper” left the young angel in tears, and many users could relate to this spooky sweet heist!

#2 – Snickers Standoff

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“Me and my cousin fought over the last snicker bar, and I don’t even like snickers.”

This story highlights how Halloween can turn even the sweetest of treats into a tricky situation, leaving us pondering whether it’s all about the candy or the thrill of the chase.

#3 – Teacher’s Trick

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High school is all about learning, but what happens when your teacher plays a Halloween trick on you? Some users remembered a teacher who brought a massive bag of candy to school, claiming it was for Halloween treats. However, the trick was on them when it was revealed that this was actually their teacher’s kids’ candy. The teacher had taken away some of it, leaving the student feeling guilty for eating it.

#4 – The Candy Overindulgence

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“One year, after some annoying begging, I finally got my mom to say “eat as much as you want.” Heh, spent about an hour barfing up peanut butter cups and warheads.”

#5 – The Age-Old Rejection

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“A woman telling me I’m too old to go trick or treat!”

What’s scarier than a haunted house? How about someone telling you that you’re “too old” to go trick-or-treating? One user shared their chilling encounter with a lady who shattered her Halloween dreams. It’s a reminder that Halloween doesn’t discriminate based on age, and many users agreed that everyone deserves a little spooky fun.

#6 – A Halloween Mishap

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One user recounted the tale of scraping his leg on someone’s driveway. Ouch! To make things even spookier, they had to wait for a ride that never showed up. But a kind police officer came to their rescue and gave them a helping hand. That is one long Halloween night.

#7 – Hospital Halloween

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“This year will be my first time trick or treating in two years and I’m hella pumped.”

Just imagine, spending two Halloweens in the hospital while all your friends are out having a blast trick-or-treating. One user shared his story of fighting through Cancer and getting the chance to go trick-or-treating again.

#8 – Egged and in Pain

Funny Easter Eggs
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Halloween pranks are supposed to be all fun and games, right? But not always. One user had a tough time when someone in a passing pickup truck threw a raw egg at him and his friends. The egg hit the back of his hand really hard, and it hurt a lot. Sometimes, Halloween pranks can go too far and end up causing pain instead of laughs. It’s a lesson about the not-so-funny side of Halloween tricks.

#9 – Unwanted Visitors

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“Having people that annoy me at school find my house and attempting to get in.”

#10 – Costume Conundrum

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Even Halloween costumes can lead to unexpected horrors. One user recalled getting made fun of and bullied for wearing a full costume when he was 13. He cried and wanted to go home early, but he had a true friend who waited with him at the park until his parents came to pick him up.

Source: Reddit.

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