13 Expensive Things It Seems Everyone Around Us Can Surprisingly Afford

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Life can be a perplexing puzzle, especially when it comes to the things that people spend their money on. We’ve explored a social media thread where users shared their bewilderment about how some expenses seem completely out of reach. It’s a humorous and relatable journey through the financial enigmas of everyday life.

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#1 – Costly Secrets

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“My boyfriend says ‘I can’t afford another expensive hobby.’ Cracks me up.”

Kicking off our list, we have affairs. Affairs exact a toll not only on the heart but also on the wallet, with the hidden costs of secrecy, elaborate rendezvous, and potential legal implications making them an expensive venture beyond the realm of emotional investment. The currency of trust is replaced by the financial strain of maintaining a double life, leaving individuals grappling with the high cost of deceit.

#2 – Eyelash Extravaganza

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“Oh man, had a coworker who always had eyelash extensions. She was forever picking at her eyes and tugging on the lashes. Just.. standing face-to-face with a client and tugging at her lashes so that her eyelid would be pulled in some weird direction while her mouth was hanging slightly open as if she was applying mascara.”

Ever wondered how people afford eyelash extensions and the upkeep that comes with them? Some users find this expense as baffling as the mysteries of the universe. After all, maintaining those fluttery lashes can be quite the financial feat.

#3 – Daycare Dilemmas

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“We paid $42k/y for two kids in daycare. When I filed my taxes, the software had like a confetti animation to tell us we qualified for a $200 deduction.”

For many parents, the cost of daycare is a head-scratcher. Some users shared their experiences of having two kids in daycare for a year before the oldest started kindergarten, and the price tag left them wondering how they managed to afford it. It’s a reminder of the financial acrobatics parents perform.

#4 – The Boat or RV Riddle

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“A boat or RV (or both)?! I can barley afford to exist much less spend all this money on recreation.”

Acquiring a boat or an RV can be a perplexing notion for some, especially when they’re struggling to cover the basics. It’s a reminder that the call of the open water or the open road may remain a mystery to many.

#5 – First-Class Fantasies

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“Very few people pay cash. They do it with points or someone else is paying.”

First-class airfare has an air of unattainability for many users. The staggering price difference compared to regular seats is enough to make one’s head spin. It’s an expense that leaves most wondering who these lucky, or incredibly wealthy, travelers are.

#6 – Jet-Setting Enigmas

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“Holiday debt is a serious financial issue in the United States. Especially among millennials.”

The idea of multiple family foreign holidays in a single year is a financial enigma for many. Planning and affording these getaways can seem like an international feat. It’s a reminder that travel, especially with a family, often comes with a hefty price tag.

#7 – Eldercare Expenses

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“For my mother, her life savings was gone in less than a year… At over 13k a month, it doesn’t last long. Once you run out of money, you can apply for Medicaid (not to be confused with Medicare of course). Luckily she was in a nursing home that had Medicaid beds available, so we were able to transition her to be paid by the State once she was bled dry… So to answer your question, “how do people afford it,” they don’t for long, if at all.”

Providing care for elderly loved ones can be a financial puzzle. With daily costs around $300 or more in some states, it’s an expense that can quickly become overwhelming, especially when special care is needed. It’s a challenging financial maze for many families.

#8 – The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma

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“Yes! And for women, it’s often expected now to have decorations and t-shirts made and outings on these trip and dinner and I could go on and on. It’s ridiculous and I blame it all on Instagram.”

Being a bridesmaid can be a costly endeavor. Weddings have evolved into elaborate affairs, with multiple showers and bachelorette weekends. Some users find themselves in a never-ending loop of wedding-related expenses that seem more like a financial mystery than a celebration.

#9 – The Mind and Money Connection

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“You’d have to be crazy to spend that kind of money.”

Mental health treatment is a topic that leaves many baffled. The cost of seeking help for mental well-being can be significant, and navigating the financial aspects can be a mental gymnastics routine. It’s a reminder that taking care of our minds often comes at a financial cost that’s hard to fathom.

#10 – The Cosmetic Conundrum

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Cosmetic surgery and procedures, from lip fillers to nose jobs, can leave many scratching their heads. Some users wonder how individuals with seemingly modest incomes, like a solar salesman and a stay-at-home parent, manage to afford these expensive enhancements. It’s like a beauty-related financial magic trick that keeps everyone guessing.

#11 – The Rental Riddle

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While homeownership remains an aspirational goal for many, the staggering costs associated with it often leave us questioning how people manage to afford such a significant investment. The hurdles of mortgages and associated expenses make one ponder the feasibility of turning this aspiration into a reality.

#12 – The Disneyland Dilemma

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“When it’s just my wife and I going for 2 days (we’re in NorCal) it still costs us thousands of dollars. I love it there, but it’s not really worth it.”

Visiting Disneyland with a family can be a financial head-scratcher. The costs can quickly add up, from admission tickets to food, souvenirs, and accommodation. For many, it’s a puzzling feat to figure out how some families manage to afford these magical vacations. It’s a reminder that the happiest place on Earth comes with its own financial mysteries.

#13 -The Wedding Wonders

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Weddings, often seen as the most special day in a person’s life, can also be a perplexing expense. As a wedding bartender, a user witnesses the extravagance, with some people dropping a whopping $30,000 on a single day. It’s an expense that leaves many, including the bartender, baffled. After all, who knew that saying “I do” could come with such an enormous price tag? It’s a financial enigma that continues to astound.

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