10 Great Tips on How To Save Money Living Alone

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Are you searching for some realistic tips to help you save money? We’ve got you covered. Someone asked, “What are your tips on how to save money when living alone?” Here are the top-voted responses. 

1. Cut Out All Food Expenses Besides Groceries

One person got straight to the point: “No restaurants, no bars, no convenience store food, no alcohol, no coffee shops, and no vending machines.”

2. Cook Meals That Freeze Well

“Cook meals that can freeze well,” another added. “Make lots of it, package it for individual servings, and take it for work lunches instead of eating out.”

“Also, drink mostly water/tea. Buy in bulk and eat like you’re on a diet. Rice and dry beans are the best sides.” 

“If you have a freezer, buy plastic food boxes and more significant cooking portions. Then, you put leftovers into those boxes and freeze what you can’t eat. It’s considerably cheaper than ordering pizza or stuff like that,” replied one. 

3. Dollar Store and Coupons

“If you have extra food at dinner, use it for lunch at work,” another added. “Buy food items that you can cook for multiple meals. Know what to buy and what not to buy at the dollar store—clip coupons.”

“Exactly,” someone agreed. “Cook at home. Buy enough of whatever you regularly use and wait for sales and coupons. Embrace frugal living.”

4. Clothing Tips

“Wash all your clothes on the coldest setting. Cold water saves money. Also, they’ll be less likely to become threadbare.”

5. Watch Your Purchases

“Don’t buy useless items but stuff you’ll honestly use, and watch all the little daily expenses,” said one. “$2/day at the vending machine adds up over a month. Most people hemorrhage money and never know where it went, and it’s usually on insignificant purchases.”

6. Utilize Thrift Stores

“Buying clothes less frequently is a money saver. When you buy clothes, buy from thrift stores,” someone volunteered. “Yes! Go to thrift stores for clothes and luxury items,” another agreed. 

7. Buy Fuel Cards

One user suggested, “If you’re low-wage, buy fuel cards from your usual gas station so you aren’t stuck buying gas on payday and can buy it when it’s a little cheaper.” 

Another added, “Also, get gas where you can use reward points or club membership for discounts, like Safeway and Costco.” Or check out these gas hacks to save you money. 

8. Watch Heat and Power Expenses

“Turn off power consumers when leaving home. Unplugging electronics, including video game consoles, laptops, computers, TVs, and phone cords, will save energy and money,” one suggested. “Get an electric blanket and turn down the heat,” another said. 

9. Use Free Entertainment Resources

“Look for free entertainment,” someone informed, “Several apps, including Tubi TV, Pluto TV, and Roku TV, are free with commercials but have massive media content. YouTube also has a  ton of free content, including some movies.”

10. Avoid Wealth Destroyers

Finally, someone warned, “Avoid people who are wealth destroyers. That significant other is throwing a tantrum because you brought a flower rather than have them delivered –> Gone! Don’t be the person in the group who pays for everything.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of tips for saving money when you’re living alone. 

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