10 Horrible Things You Do That People Judge You For

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Have you ever caught yourself silently judging a stranger for their actions? You’re not alone! Social media recently lit up with users sharing the everyday behaviors that make them instantly form a negative opinion of someone they’ve never met. Let’s dive into these observations and discover what irks people the most.

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#1: Littering Near a Trash Can

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“Littering, especially so if you’re near a public trash can and don’t have any sort of “excuse” for it.”

Littering near a readily available trash can not only impacts cleanliness but also raises questions about an individual’s social responsibility. It’s a behavior that many users believe speaks volumes about someone’s character, as it signals a lack of consideration for the environment and the community they share it with. Ultimately, it’s a simple action that can have a ripple effect on how others perceive an individual’s values and respect for their surroundings.

#2: Rough Treatment of Children or Pets

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“Being unnecessarily rough or aggressive with physical discipline of children or pets.”

Seeing someone being needlessly rough or aggressive with their children or pets is a surefire way to raise eyebrows. Most users suggested that empathy and gentle guidance are key when it comes to these relationships. It’s a reflection of how society increasingly values kindness and understanding to build stronger bonds between individuals and their loved ones, whether they have two legs or four.

#3: Disrespect Towards Service Employees

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“Treating any type of service employee like s**t.”

Treating service employees poorly is a behavior that makes many users cringe. Some users shared stories of witnessing individuals who forget that service workers are humans deserving of respect. It’s a powerful reminder that kindness and empathy should extend to all, regardless of their job or role, as these interactions can greatly impact someone’s day and overall well-being.

#4: Coughing or Sneezing Without Covering Their Mouth

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In the age of heightened awareness about hygiene and health, coughing or sneezing without covering one’s mouth is an action that can draw instant negative judgments. It’s a simple courtesy that can make a big difference. Such behaviors not only show a disregard for public health but also can create discomfort and anxiety in those nearby, especially in a time when contagious illnesses are a concern.

#5: Neglecting to Return the Shopping Cart

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“Not returning their shopping cart. I assume they’re a POS.”

Leaving a shopping cart haphazardly in the parking lot instead of being returned to its designated area might seem small, but it’s an action that irks many. It reflects a disregard for others’ convenience. This simple act of returning a cart not only maintains order in parking lots, but also ensures the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, while showing consideration for those who have to collect the carts.

#6: Smoking Around Children

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“Parents who smoke around their children.”

Parents who smoke around their children often face judgment from onlookers who worry about the health implications. It’s a contentious issue that raises concerns about secondhand smoke exposure. Such judgments stem from a shared desire to protect the well-being of children, as secondhand smoke is known to be harmful and has been linked to various health issues, making it a topic of ongoing public health debate and concern.

#7: Unkind Remarks and Mocking

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“Making fun of others. Like snide comments about how a stranger looks, etc.”

Making snide comments or mocking strangers based on their appearance or choices is behavior that many users find distasteful. It’s a reminder that kindness goes a long way. Such negative interactions not only harm the person being targeted but also create an uncomfortable atmosphere for others, highlighting the importance of fostering a more compassionate and inclusive society where differences are respected and celebrated.

#8: Disruptive Public Phone Use

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“Talking on speaker phone or watching videos without headphones in any public place. How could one possibly think that others want to listen to any of that?”

No one wants to involuntarily eavesdrop on someone else’s phone conversation or endure blaring videos in public spaces. Users wonder how someone could think this is acceptable. It’s a reminder that kindness goes a long way. Such behavior in public places not only disturbs the peace but also demonstrates a lack of consideration for those sharing the same environment, emphasizing the importance of mindful and considerate technology usage in shared spaces.

#9: Lack of Spatial Awareness

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“Not having spacial awareness. It’s not just boomers either, there are a ton of inconsiderate young people who operate as if the entire world revolves around them. Inconsiderate people are a blight.”

Inconsiderate behavior isn’t limited to any age group. Some users highlighted that not having spatial awareness, whether you’re a boomer or a young person, can make you seem oblivious to the world around you. It’s a pet peeve for many. Whether it’s blocking pathways or failing to yield in crowded spaces, this lack of awareness can lead to frustrating and sometimes humorous situations, underscoring the importance of being more mindful and considerate of others in our shared environments.

#10: Wearing Politically Charged Attire

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“Wearing anything MAGA related”

For some, politically charged attire like “MAGA” gear can evoke powerful reactions, both positive and negative. It’s a reminder that clothing choices can convey powerful messages. Whether you’re a supporter or a critic, these political slogans on clothing often serve as conversation starters, showcasing the influence and divisiveness of politics in our daily lives and interactions, making it a topic that can stir passions and debates.

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