13 Creative Cover Stories If You Win the $1.7 Billion Powerball Jackpot

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The Powerball jackpot has reached a jaw-dropping $1.7 Billion, sparking a whirlwind of excitement on social media. Amidst the buzz, users have been musing about an intriguing question: “What cover story would you use if you struck it rich overnight?” From claiming to be a Saudi prince to entertaining tales of Nigerian royalty and spicy dancing, let’s dive into the imaginative and often humorous responses that have been circulating.

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#1 – The Mysterious Millionaire

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“Gaslight everyone and pretend I was always super wealthy.”

The audacity might just be enough to make people question if they’ve been living under a rock. It’s a strategy that adds a touch of intrigue and amusement to your newfound wealth.

#2 – The Crypto Conundrum

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“I would say I sold all my crypto. Those who say they didn’t know I was in crypto I would say yeah I didn’t want to talk about it because too many crypto bros out there ruined talking about it.”

Follow this approach and you could also be a visionary crypto investor who made it big.

#3 – Student Loan Savior

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“I opened up a student loan company.”

One user had an altruistic cover story in mind. Considering the mountain of student debt and high interest rates, any student loan lender would be assumed to be rich.

#4 – The Low-Key Millionaire

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“If I do things right I won’t need a cover story. I wouldn’t buy a mansion or anything extravagant. I’d just live very comfortably.”

Some users suggested that if they do things right, they won’t need a cover story. Instead, they’d choose to live comfortably, blending into the crowd while secretly basking in their newfound wealth. It’s the ultimate undercover operation.

#5 – The Nigerian Prince Twist


“Strangest thing. Out of the blue I get this email from a Nigerian Prince who claims he’s been wrongly imprisoned and needs my help in exchange for unimaginable riches. How am I supposed to say no to a Nigerian Prince?”

In a twist of humor, one user calls out the age-old scam involving a generous Nigerian Prince. Maybe your friends will think that story was true after all.

#6 – The Saudi Prince Disguise

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“No I’m not telling people how I won. Personally I would say I’m a Saudi prince or something cause people always tell me I look Arabic.”

Saudi princes are synonymous with money. A clever cover story indeed.

#7 – Tech Entrepreneur’s Exit

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“I’m a software developer; I’d quit immediately and tell them I sold an app to a big publisher or company.”

That’s the plan for some tech-savvy users. They’d regale their friends with stories of late-night coding sessions and secret negotiations, making their newfound wealth seem like the result of sheer genius and hard work, with just a dash of luck.

#8 – Slippery Success

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“Visited a Microsoft campus and slipped on a wet floor and broke my leg. There wasn’t a wet floor sign. They settled with giving me an ungodly amount of shares of the company.”

Suing someone to win a large sum of money is the American dream that keeps on giving!

#9 – The 401(k) Ruse

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“I’m at just the right age that “I just put a little in my 401(k) every paycheck” makes perfect sense.”

For some users, the perfect cover story is simplicity itself: They’d playfully attribute their financial wisdom to a lifelong habit of saving, all while privately enjoying the fruits of their Powerball fortune without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. You, too, can be a financial planning genius!

#10 – The Prudent Spender

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One user envisioned a life of modest luxury. Their cover story involved pretending that the husband started a business, and they were managing their money wisely. Occasional vacations would be the only extravagance, but mostly, they’d live as they do now, without financial worries. They planned to maintain a down-to-earth image, enjoying the simple pleasures of life while discreetly securing a comfortable future for themselves and their loved ones.

#11 – Sausage Success

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“My great uncle died and left me his kilbasa empire.”

Who would think that sausages could make you a billionaire? A creative tale of inheriting millions of dollars as part of a business empire would keep the relatives guessing why they weren’t in line for the windfall.

#12 – Spicy Dancing and Investments

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“I’d tell everyone I became a spicy dancer and invested very well.”

For some, humor takes center stage. One user would tell everyone she became a spicy dancer and invested very well. It’s a cover story that’s as entertaining as it is imaginative. She envisioned a life filled with colorful anecdotes about her spicy dance performances and savvy investments, creating a persona that mixes laughter with financial success. This playful approach not only keeps people guessing but also adds an element of lightheartedness to their newfound wealth, ensuring that her story remains unforgettable.

#13 – The Disappearing Act

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“None. Nobody would ever see me again. I’ll be on my private island.”

Lastly, some users have no intention of revealing a cover story at all. Their plan is simple: disappear to a private island, away from prying eyes and questions. It’s the ultimate fantasy of vanishing into luxury, savoring their newfound wealth in a secluded paradise, and relishing the privacy and tranquility that come with being a billionaire incognito.

Source: Reddit.

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