12 Beauty Trends You Won’t Believe That People Actually Like!

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We all know that beauty is subjective, and people have their unique preferences. However, some beauty standards leave many scratching their heads. In a recent social media discussion, users came forward to share their thoughts on trends that they just can’t believe are considered attractive. From overly photoshopped pictures to bizarre beauty rituals, here are some of the eyebrow-raising beauty standards many users agree on.

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#1. Overly Photoshopped

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Many users can’t quite wrap their heads around the fascination with excessively photoshopped pictures and those bizarre posing angles. While a touch of digital editing can enhance photos, taking it to the extreme can lead to individuals looking more like caricatures than their true selves. The relentless quest for visual perfection through digital alteration often leaves many users yearning for authenticity and the celebration of natural beauty. They argue that unfiltered, candid snapshots capture the true essence of a person better than heavily edited ones.

#2. Massive Lips Everywhere

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​​”Having massive lips! It’s such a trend where I live and everyone looks the same!”

In certain regions, the trend of having massively inflated lips has become so ubiquitous that it feels like everyone’s lips look identical. For many users, it’s akin to living in a world of lip clones, and they long for a more diverse spectrum of beauty. The craze for overly plumped lips can sometimes lead to a facial appearance that seems disproportionate, with lips dominating the entire canvas and overshadowing other facial features. Users in this thread expressed their bemusement at the notion that having lips resembling inflatable pool toys could be considered attractive.

#3. Absurd Eyebrows

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“Eyebrows that look like perfectly angled stencils is a shade way too dark for their complexion. Like blond girls with 2 black geometric boomerangs on her forehead.”

The world of eyebrows can be a fascinating one, but some users find themselves baffled by the trend of overly sculpted and dark brows that resemble precisely angled stencils. They often wonder if these meticulously crafted brows are more about creating art on the forehead than enhancing one’s beauty. The unnatural appearance can leave many pondering the pursuit of perfection through such extremes, especially when it involves facial features.

#4. The Oompa-Loompa Tan

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“I feel like very orange tans are really off putting. It’s like a melted carrot.”

A strikingly orange tan, often achieved through the use of excessive tanning products or frequent visits to tanning beds, can appear unnatural and even reminiscent of a certain chocolate factory worker. While some may appreciate the “bronzed” look, for many users, a more natural skin tone is appealing. The pursuit of a deeply orange tan leaves them puzzled and questioning whether the effort is worth the outcome.

#5. Cat-Eye Trends

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The cat-eye makeup trend has taken the beauty world by storm, and opinions on it are as varied as the many ways it can be executed. For some users, the meticulously crafted cat-eye can border on the eerie and leave them feeling like they’ve ventured into the uncanny valley of makeup. They appreciate a more natural and less heavily styled look, valuing authenticity over the meticulous precision required by this trend.

#6. Nose Jobs for the “Disney Princess” Nose

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“Nose jobs for that tiny Disney princess nose. I’m all for people doing what makes them most confident- but this is a disturbing “fix” imo.”

Nose jobs aimed at achieving a tiny, “Disney princess” nose have some users scratching their heads.

#7. The Overly Sculpted Beard Trend

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“You known when the beard is trimmed and looks like it was outlined in concealer? Neatening up is nice but a sudden pale line as a border around your stubble… looks like it was airbrushed on and not touched up.”

While neatening up a beard can be appealing, the trend of overly sculpted beards can appear as if it was airbrushed onto the face. This level of precision leaves some users feeling as though the beard was more outlined in concealer than naturally grown. While personal grooming preferences vary, a sudden contrast between beard and skin tone often appears unnatural to many.

#8. Men with Excessive Muscle

Muscular young sportsman exercising with dumbbell in gym
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“Men that have soo much muscle. Obviously it’s very attractive to be in shape but I’m just not attracted to men that have arms the size of two watermelons with the fattest veins ever popping out of their arm.”

For some users, men with an excessive amount of muscle can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a fine line between being fit and appearing overly muscular, and some users find the latter to be less attractive, often citing concerns about proportions and the overall aesthetic.

#9. Grinding Canine Teeth Flat

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“A dentist once took me aside and told me that he could grind mine down, flat, make it a really good smile. I said “no, thanks” but was thinking “why in the f*** would I do that?”

The idea of grinding canine teeth flat is certainly unconventional, and it raises questions about the standards of beauty that drive such practices. Many users can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to undergo a procedure that alters a fundamental aspect of their appearance, especially when it comes to something as unique as teeth. While some may argue that it’s a matter of personal choice and confidence, others find themselves baffled by the desire for a “perfect smile” that involves such extreme measures.

#10. Bright Concealer Under the Eyes

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“Bright concealer under the eyes. Makes people look insane.”

While concealer can work wonders, using a bright concealer under the eyes to an extreme degree can sometimes make people appear startling. This trend, often seen in makeup tutorials, can result in an overly highlighted and unnatural look. Many users prefer a more subtle and natural approach to makeup, finding that excessive concealer can give off an eccentric appearance.

#11. Long, Artificial Nails

Female hand with beautiful floral design on nails.
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“Those long fake nails. I don’t know a single dude that thinks it’s attractive.”

Long fake nails, often resembling talons, can be divisive. Some users appreciate the artistry and expression that can come with nail extensions, but they also note that these lengthy talons can appear impractical and even uncomfortable. They find it surprising that this trend continues to gain popularity despite its divisive nature.

#12. Many Facial Piercings

Unique and beautiful young girl staring at you. Facial piercings, blue hair, and tattoos.
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Facial piercings can be a form of self-expression, but when taken to the extreme, some users find them bewildering. Excessive piercings all over the face can give off a specific aesthetic, but they also raise questions about the motivation behind such a choice. Users appreciated piercings that enhance an individual’s natural features without overpowering them, finding balance to be key in this trend.

Source: Reddit.

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