10 Hobbies That Are An Immediate Red Flag For Most People

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Hobbies can tell you a lot about a person, and sometimes, you stumble upon some that instantly raise your eyebrows. On a recent social media thread, users got into a spirited discussion about hobbies that are major red flags. From peculiar pastimes to downright disturbing activities, these hobbies have sparked quite the debate. Let’s dive into some of these eyebrow-raising interests, as discussed by various users.

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#1. Rainy Day Splasher

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Picture this: your roommate excitedly grabs the car keys on a rainy day, not to go on a relaxing drive but to splash pedestrians with puddles. One user shared this peculiar story, and many users agree; it’s a hobby that’s quite “red flaggy.” Driving around to drench unsuspecting folks may be a laugh for some, but it’s not the kind of people many would want to be associated with.

#2. Cruel Content Creators

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“Do you know the one where “pranksters” put toothpaste in oreos and gave them to a homeless guy? Yeah that was f***** up.”

Some hobbies are not just red flags; they’re outright distressing. Making fake animal rescue videos, abusing animals, or tormenting homeless individuals for content is ethically unacceptable. This goes beyond raising eyebrows; it’s about raising awareness on compassion and decency online. Remember, the internet can be a force for good; let’s keep it that way.

#3. Cyber Stalking

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“My name is Betty. You don’t know me. I’m a stranger on the internet. I know you work at Big Mike’s pizza five days per week. You have a dog named Muffin. You celebrated your 19th birthday last week. You don’t have a girlfriend right now. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you but just wanted you to know. You live on Maple street…”

One user recounted a story about someone who made a hobby out of stalking random internet users, uncovering every detail about their lives, and sending unsolicited messages. Cyber-stalking is not just invasive but downright illegal and creepy. Respecting personal boundaries and privacy should always be the golden rule in the online world.

#4. Family Vlogging’s Dark Side

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“There are parents [selling] their kids’ [content online]. I watched two videos the other day, exposing that ppl can buy a “exclusive picture sets” of several 8-14 yo girls who are prominent on tiktok, via parent run accounts.”

While family vlogging may seem innocent, some users pointed out a troubling aspect: the violation of children’s privacy. Many users agree that exploiting kids to bolster your online presence is not okay. Children deserve a safe and private childhood, even if their parents are content creators. A reminder that fame should never come at the cost of a child’s well-being.

#5. Disturbing Photo Editing

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“My son is a big fan of that as well.”

Cutting the eyes out of pictures of women in magazines may be an art form for some, but for others, it’s unsettling. It’s the kind of hobby that makes you wonder about someone’s interests and what they find appealing. As for the rest of us, let’s stick to wholesome arts and crafts.

#6. The Influence of Influencing

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“It is a bit weird. No one wants to watch ads, but they’d watch these mini clips of influencers selling them the idea of something.”

In the digital age, traditional commercials have evolved into something far more complex. Some users expressed their concerns about the rise of influencers, suggesting that things might have gotten a tad ridiculous. Remember the good old days when you didn’t need to be persuaded by someone’s beach vacation to buy a toothbrush? Nostalgia, anyone?

#7. Taunting Strangers Online

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“My mother does this; goes to fb pages specifically geared towards those who she dislikes, messages them a big long nasty-gram, then blocks them before they can fight back. And yes, my mother is EXHAUSTING.”

Arguing with strangers on the internet is a pastime for some, but it’s not your typical debate. Many users agree that taunting people for the sake of boredom is a red flag. Let’s all take a deep breath, find a more constructive hobby, and maybe even make some internet friends instead of foes.

#8. Kid Beauty Pageants

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Double trouble! Not one, but two users raised concerns about kids’ beauty pageants. Many find these pageants problematic, as they can put undue pressure on young participants and focus on superficial aspects rather than a child’s development and well-being. Perhaps it’s time we rethink this trend and let kids just be kids.

#9. Curious Collecting

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“Boy did I wish I’d never accepted the invite to come over and meet him and his boyfriend’s ‘babies’…”

A user shared his co-worker’s unusual hobby involving vintage preserved human anatomical specimens. Working with such a collector can be quite memorable, but would you really want to go to this person’s house? It’s not for the faint of heart.

#10. Doll Collectors

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Doll collectors sparked mixed reactions, with one commenter admitting he wouldn’t enter a house full of dolls. While it might not be a universal red flag, it’s a friendly reminder that even the quirkiest hobbies can send some people running in the opposite direction.

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