Top 10 Harshest Realities About Life That Everybody Needs To Hear

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Life can be wonderful and full of joy, love, and fulfillment. But it can also be difficult, full of hardship, disappointment, and pain. The reality is that life is not always fair, and sometimes we have to face harsh truths. As per responses to a question posted on a popular online forum, here are ten harsh realities about life that everyone needs to hear.

1. Never Take Health for Granted

Numerous answers covered the sad fact that human bodies are fragile and can become problematic anytime. There were several heartbreaking testimonies about feeling great one day, then waking up the next with debilitating physical issues. Enjoy it while you can!

2. Accidents Will Happen

Do you always wear a seatbelt? Do you look before you leap? Sadly, people don’t, and it costs them dearly. Countless stories of kayaking accidents, car wrecks, and football head trauma are sobering reminders to always be cautious.

3. Sometimes, You’re The Bad Guy

Humans are fickle creatures, motivated mainly by self-interest and our desires for prowess. We constantly misread situations, sometimes without the due diligence needed for a logical decision. We will not always be in the right.

4. Love Will Not Always Go Both Ways

Someone mentioned how loving someone “with all your heart” but not getting the same back happens a lot. Reading the room and understanding whether your love interest is valid is a skill every young romantic needs — though it appears few have it.

5. Bad Things Happen to Good People

Life is unfair. It’s an essential lesson for the more entitled members of society, though that doesn’t make it easier to swallow. An excellent take on this notion was that even if life isn’t fair, we can still strive to make it suitable.

6. You Are Not Loved by Everybody

Another lesson for people who have evaded rejection in life is that you cannot keep everybody on your side. Some people will use arbitrary reasons for disliking you. However, nobody truly likes everybody, do they?

7. You Can Make No Mistakes and Still Lose

As Dwight once said in The Office, “Not everything is a lesson, Ryan. Sometimes, you just fail.” Dwight’s rare moment of clarity is true; we can do our best and plan to win, but fate and luck may have other plans.

8. Whatever You Say Can and Will be Used Against You

Sadly, this reference to the police Miranda warning is very true, but not only if you are arrested and want to use your 5th Amendment Rights. Anybody with an online presence must watch what they say these days — lest they be canceled!

9. Time is Worth More Than Money

As crazy as this sounds, trading time for money isn’t the most important thing you can do. While money is great at making life better, even affording us more time if we have enough, spending time with family or positive pastimes is crucial.

10. Nobody Wants to Hear Your Music

This reality must be shared with noisy neighbors, people on public transport, and those who decide everyone on the beach needs to hear their latest playlist. Likewise, anybody commuting in a busy metro car, we don’t want to hear your conversation on speakerphone!

This thread inspired this post. Everybody needs to hear some home truths sometimes.

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