Does My Half-Sister Deserve Half of My Trust Fund?

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Family dynamics can be complicated, especially when secrets and betrayals are involved.

For one woman, her family history has recently resurfaced unexpectedly.

The Situation

In this situation, the person at the center of the conflict is a young woman, referred to as OP (original poster), who is 23 years old and has a half-sister, Kylie (21 years old). OP explains that Kylie is the product of one of her father’s affairs and explains,

“Her birth resulted in my parents splitting up. Mum remarried two years later, and my dad moved away shortly after the split and wasn’t really a part of my life. I always knew about Kylie, but I only met her when I was 16 through my father, and while we saw each other a few times over the next few years, we never developed a relationship.”

For most of the past two decades, OP’s father has been a gambling addict, and her grandparents have taken on the financial responsibility of supporting her and her mother. This support includes paying for her education, paying child support to her mother, and setting up a trust fund for OP, which she received when she turned 21.

Recently, OP’s father informed her that Kylie had asked for her phone number, and when Kylie contacted OP, she explained that she was pregnant and living in unsuitable accommodation.

Kylie then requested that OP split her trust fund with her because she had received financial support that Kylie had not. OP was initially taken aback by her ask and said she would think about it, but Kylie persisted and began calling her daily.

OP recalls, “She called me every day after that, saying she had a lot of expenses now; she was pregnant and guilt-tripping me, saying the family owes her.”

A Difficult Decision

OP sought advice from her grandfather, who advised her against giving large sums of money to someone she barely knew, especially if they were only interested in her because of the money. After considering Kylie’s request, OP decided not to split her trust fund. To say that Kylie was upset would be an understatement.

OP recalls Kylie’s outburst, “She started screaming at me, calling me selfish and spoilt, and basically dumped 20 years of trauma at my door because I had the audacity to be born. She also said it will be my fault if something happens to her baby or if he/she grows up poor. I hung up the phone and cried.”

OP is now struggling with her decision and questioning whether she has made the right choice. Her fiancé and grandparents support her decision not to give Kylie money, but OP feels guilty about the possibility of the unborn child growing up in poverty.

Thousands Share Their Thoughts on the Situation.

Boeing367-80 highlights how idiotic this situation is given that OP has nothing to do with Kylie’s current living conditions or being pregnant. The comment reads,

“It’s weird OP thinks she’s punishing someone. OP had nothing to do with causing the birth of this child, no more than she caused the birth of any other child in the world. The only difference is Kylie knows OP and wants OP’s money.

“But I bet OP knows a lot of people with kids, some probably better than Kylie. Knowing someone does not give you a right to that person’s money. And in fact, Kylie had little interest in OP until she decided she was entitled to the money. OP should block Kylie, move on with her life and sleep the sleep of the innocent.”

One-Awareness3671 chimes in agreement, “Kylie is not your responsibility but that of her parents. That said, one doesn’t make a baby and blame others for that child’s living conditions. She has a responsibility to her child, not you. And if it wasn’t because of money, she wouldn’t give 2 monkeys about you. Go and enjoy your trust fund.”

Mundane-Currency5088 even raised suspicion about OP’s dad’s motives. The user wondered if the dad is playing mind games with OP to have her share her inheritance, “How did Kylie even know about a private arraignment between the grandparents and OP? I’m guessing the dad was hoping OP would give her a lump sum that he could talk Kylie into sharing.”

And while Kylie is focused on making OP feel like she should be responsible for her child, ITsunayoshiI raises an essential point involving the child’s father. The user says, “Kylie is an affair baby. The only people responsible for her is dad and the affair partner. She is entitled to nothing, and based on her response to being told no, she should get nothing. If anything, baby daddy should be put to task if Kylie wants help with the baby.”

The Verdict

In this situation, OP is not wrong for refusing to give large sums of money to someone she barely knows, especially if that person is only interested in her because of the money.

Furthermore, OP’s grandfather is correct in advising against giving money to someone only interested in her for financial gain. While hearing about Kylie’s struggles is difficult, OP should not be expected to support her financially, especially given their limited relationship.

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