12 Everyday Things People Pretend To Understand but Actually Don’t

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In life, we often come across subjects that seem straightforward but turn out to be more complex than we realize. Whether it’s parenting, mental health, finances, or even something as seemingly simple as M&Ms, there’s often more beneath the surface than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some common misconceptions shared by users on social media regarding various topics.

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#1: Parenting

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“How to be a parent. Believe me when I say that none of us know what we’re doing.”

Many users agree that the journey of parenthood is a maze filled with uncertainties. Nobody has all the answers, and that’s absolutely fine. It’s a lifelong learning journey where each child is a unique adventure waiting to be discovered. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, there’s always something new to learn and experience as a parent.

#2: Mental Illness (Especially PTSD)

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“Mental illness if they’ve never had it, especially PTSD.”

Understanding mental illnesses, especially if you’ve never experienced them, can be a real challenge. Some users suggested that the complexities of conditions like PTSD are often underestimated. It’s not just about ‘being strong’ or ‘getting over it,’ and offering support is crucial. It’s important to recognize that mental health struggles may affect every aspect of a person’s life, and seeking professional help and creating a supportive environment are vital steps in the journey toward recovery and well-being.

#3: Video Game Development

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“Even if you just spend like a day learning the basics of video game development you’ll see how laughably wrong most people are on social media just making s**t up and throwing out random buzzwords like memory and shader with clearly no understanding of how the development process goes or even what those words actually mean.”

Venturing into the world of video game development, even for a day, can reveal how little many social media users comprehend about the process.

#4: Money and Finance

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“How money actually works. How it’s created, fractional banking, quantitative easing, money supply, currency exchange and debt. I decided if I’m going to try to be successful I should at least understand the rules. It’s pretty shocking how many people don’t understand money but think they do.”

Some users pointed out how a surprising number of people think they understand money when, in reality, they don’t. Understanding these financial concepts can be crucial for financial success.

#5: Basic Understanding of the Physical Universe

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“As a person with a lot of scientific knowledge I’ll say that most people don’t really understand how the physical universe works at a basic level. Anything from how metal bends to how light works.”

Many users with scientific knowledge emphasize that most people lack a basic understanding of how the physical universe works. From the behavior of light to the properties of materials, there’s a lot more to grasp than what meets the eye. It’s a reminder that the wonders of the universe often lie beyond our everyday perception, waiting to be explored by those curious enough to delve into the mysteries of science.

#6: Female Anatomy

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“Female anatomy. Especially the guys. Boy, do they get it wrong.”

Especially for guys, understanding female anatomy can be a tricky subject. Some users humorously noted that misconceptions abound in this area, reminding us of the importance of proper education on the topic. It’s essential to foster open and informed discussions about reproductive health, breaking down the barriers of misunderstanding and promoting a more inclusive and informed perspective for all.

#7: Climate Science

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“Definitely climate science! It’s great that (most) people are trying to be more aware of what’s happening and how to curb the effects, but it is a topic that is infinitely more complicated than the popular sound bites would lead people to believe.”

Climate science is vital, but it’s also highly complex. Some users highlighted the challenge of conveying the true complexity of climate issues amid popular sound bites. Addressing climate change requires a deeper understanding than what’s often portrayed. It’s a reminder that tackling such a global challenge demands not just awareness but also informed and thoughtful actions from individuals, communities, and governments alike.

#8: Understanding Each Other

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“Each other. Something I have learned, painfully, is that the constructs that people form around social concepts can be wildly different than how you perceived it to be. You can be saying the same exact things thinking you agree, but the images and nuances might be a total departure than what you would consider normal or ‘good’ when the concept is put into practice.”

Some users agreed that when it comes to social ideas and concepts, like how we understand and talk about things, people often have their own unique perspectives. Even when you’re talking to someone and it seems like you both agree on something, the way each of you actually sees and understands it can be very different. These differences can be surprising and sometimes even painful because what you thought was a shared understanding might not be the same in practice.

#9: Overall Health and Fitness

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“Overall health and fitness. I work in emergency healthcare and it’s just astounding the wild misconceptions people have and will argue.”

Working in emergency healthcare, one user was astonished by the misconceptions people hold about health and fitness. It’s essential to rely on reliable sources and consult professionals when seeking advice in this critical area. By doing so, people can make informed choices that positively impact their well-being and avoid falling victim to the often confusing and contradictory information that permeates the fitness and health industry.

#10: Childhood Trauma vs. Adulthood

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“How different childhood trauma is to adulthood, and how it can effect every. Single. Thing. You. Do.”

Childhood trauma can usually create a profound impact on every aspect of adult life. Understanding how past experiences influence behavior and choices is crucial for empathy and support. It underscores the importance of fostering a compassionate and non-judgmental environment where individuals can heal and find the strength to overcome their past, ultimately leading to healthier and more fulfilling lives.

#11: Everything, Really

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“Most things, really. People talk about the history, sports, politics, religion, the economy, about news regarding war, diplomacy or science – and most of them understand none of these topics, not even to a superficial extent.”

In the grand scheme of things, most users agreed that people often pretend to understand a wide range of topics. Whether it’s history, sports, politics, religion, economics, or science, there’s a lot to learn, and it’s okay not to have all the answers. Recognizing our own limitations and embracing a lifelong journey of learning can foster humility and open-mindedness, allowing us to engage in more meaningful and informed discussions on these diverse subjects.

#12: M&M’s (with a Twist)

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“I don’t think people understand M&Ms. Actually (and no one talks about this), they are not all M’s. Some of them are W’s, some are 3’s, and some of them are even sigmas. But don’t tell.”

This one adds a touch of humor. A user playfully suggest that knowledge is in the eye of the beholder. The ‘M’ on M&Ms can be read as W, or even the Greek letter sigma! While this comment may be tongue-in-cheek, it reminds us that even the simplest things can have hidden layers.

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