11 Companies That Likely Won’t Survive Past This Decade

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In today’s retail landscape, numerous companies are grappling with significant challenges that threaten their long-term viability. From declining sales to intense competition and strategic missteps, these companies confront a range of obstacles that could potentially lead to their demise. Join us as we delve into the uncertain futures of these 11 retail giants, exploring the complexities of their situations and the potential outcomes that lie ahead.

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#1 Sears

Sears Savannah
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Once an iconic American retailer, Sears has struggled to adapt to t he rise of e-commerce and changing consumer preferences. Despite efforts to streamline operations and focus on its core assets, including the Kenmore and Craftsman brands, Sears continues to face financial challenges. As of January 2024, only 12 Sears stores still remain in America.

#2 JCPenney

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Like many department stores, JCPenney has been impacted by declining mall traffic and increased competition from online retailers. The company has undergone multiple leadership changes and restructuring efforts in recent years but continues to face an uphill battle to regain profitability.

#3 Hallmark

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The rise of digital communication, like e-cards and social media greetings, has significantly impacted the greeting card industry. Hallmark’s challenge lies in effectively competing with the convenience and personalization these digital alternatives offer while still maintaining the emotional connection and sentimentality traditionally associated with greeting cards.

#4 Barnes & Noble

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Despite efforts to diversify its business with initiatives like the NOOK e-reader, Barnes & Noble has struggled to maintain relevance in the face of competition from Amazon and other online book retailers. The company has explored strategic alternatives, including a potential sale.

#5 GameStop

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This video game retailer has faced challenges from the shift towards digital downloads and online gaming platforms. Although GameStop has attempted to pivot its business model towards e-commerce and collectibles, it continues to struggle with declining sales.

#6 BlackBerry Limited

Turned Off Blackberry Qwerty Phone
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Once known for its iconic smartphones, BlackBerry has shifted its focus towards enterprise software and cybersecurity solutions. The company’s success in these areas will be critical to its long-term survival as it faces intense competition from industry giants like Microsoft and IBM.

#7 Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond
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While they’ve made some efforts to adapt, Bed Bath & Beyond still relies heavily on brick-and-mortar stores in a market increasingly dominated by online home goods retailers like Wayfair. They’ve also faced criticism for cluttered stores and inconsistent product quality.

#8 Rite Aid Corporation

Rite Aid Pharmacy
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This pharmacy chain has faced pressure from industry consolidation and increased competition from larger rivals like CVS and Walgreens. Although Rite Aid has sought to improve its financial performance through store closures and cost-cutting measures, its future is uncertain.

#9 Peloton

Peloton Store at Merrick Park
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While a leader in home fitness equipment, Peloton’s high debt and slowing subscription growth raise concerns. The home fitness market is becoming saturated with competitors offering similar bikes and content at lower price points. If Peloton can’t maintain a competitive edge in features, pricing, or content, they might struggle to retain customers and attract new ones.

#10 Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat
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The plant-based meat market is becoming increasingly crowded, with established food giants entering the fray. Beyond Meat’s high debt load could hinder its ability to invest in research and development to maintain a competitive edge in product innovation and taste.

#11 Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret in Port Charlotte Town Center Mall
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Victoria’s Secret’s hyper-sexualized marketing and lack of inclusivity in sizing and models have alienated a significant portion of the consumer base. The rise of competitors offering more diverse and body-positive lingerie options further erodes their market share. Additionally, their focus on expensive lingerie may not resonate with younger generations who prioritize comfort and affordability.

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