10 Overlooked And Accepted Examples Of Body Shaming Towards Men

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In today’s world, conversations surrounding body image and appearance have become commonplace. However, we often focus on how these issues affect women, unintentionally overlooking the struggles that men face. This list explores the often-unnoticed examples of body shaming towards men, as shared by users on a social media thread. From hair to height, we’ll uncover the aspects of men’s bodies that rarely make the headlines but are equally significant. Let’s dive into these candid accounts and learn how to promote a more understanding and inclusive society.

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#1. Body Hair: Not Enough or Too Much

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“I remember the first time I met my partner’s buddy and his wife was at a party where everyone was in bathing suits. My guy took his shirt off and buddy’s wife immediately exclaimed, “where’s your chest hair?!” I thought it was the most incredibly rude comment and never really forgot it. He just doesn’t have a ton of chest hair, ma’am. What of it?”

Many users agree that one often unnoticed form of body shaming towards men revolves around their body hair. For some, it’s about not being able to grow enough, while for others, it’s the opposite problem. Men who are particularly hairy may find themselves on the receiving end of teasing comments.

#2. Premature Gray Hair Accusations

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It’s not just body hair; going gray can also be a source of unnoticed body shaming for men. Some users suggested that having gray eyebrows and whiskers while your head hair remains dark can lead to unwarranted accusations of hair dye use. It’s like being accused of being a hair color wizard when really, it’s just genetics playing tricks!

#3. Height-Based Judgments

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“Making fun of men’s height, and if you are upset by it people will say you are insecure.”

Height can be a sensitive topic, and some users shared their experiences with being body-shamed for their stature. One user recalled a female friend telling him, “You’d be the perfect boyfriend, but I just can’t date a shorter guy.” It’s a lot like a guy telling a woman, “You’d be the perfect girlfriend if you lost some weight.” It’s all about finding that perfect fit, even if it’s a bit shorter than expected!

#4. Skinny Shaming

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“I’m skinny as f*** but have a pot belly. People call me pregnant skeleton.”

Skinny guys chimed in, sharing their experiences with body shaming related to their weight. Many users felt that while skinny women often receive compliments, skinny men can face unsolicited comments, including suggestions to eat more or even remarks that their physique looks terrible. It’s like a double standard where weight matters, but only for half the population!

#5. Adding One to the Mix, Gynaecomastia.

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“People clown on me for wearing loose shirts or sweaters when it’s too warm. It’s hard to find quality, well-fitting clothing that doesn’t draw attention to my ni****s. I actually used to tape them down in high school at a time when I was technically underweight. It’s extremely embarrassing.”

Gynaecomastia, or the development of “man b***s” due to hormone imbalances, was a point raised by some users. They pointed out that they are often the target of mockery, or accused of steroid usage.

#6. Feet Teasing

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“I’m 6’3 and still remember getting the comment “I thought Hobbits were supposed to be short!?”

One user shared that they’ve faced teasing and laughter because of their feet, comparing them to those of Hobbits. It’s a reminder that even something as trivial as foot shape can become the subject of body shaming.

#7. Sweat and Double Standards

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“Both genders tbh, but sweating – I feel like women are self conscious about this too but I see more shaming towards men.”

Sweating is a universal concern, but some users argued that men often face more shaming for it. Despite using deodorant and taking extra showers, men can still get called out for their forehead getting wet when it’s warm or pit stains appearing. It’s a reminder that even with all the antiperspirants in the world, sometimes sweat just gets the upper hand.

#8. Baldness Banter

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“I know I’m bald, and I don’t love being bald. I don’t need you pointing it out or making jokes about the glare coming off my head or whatever. But whenever anyone makes a joke about it, everyone else around laughs too, and I have to choose whether to pretend to think it’s funny too, or look like the bitter guy they assume all of us bald guys are.”

Hair loss, particularly baldness, is another area where body shaming seems to be accepted by society. Many users noted that being bald is often a target for jokes, despite it being a natural part of aging for some.

#9. Unrealistic Muscle Expectations

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The pressure on men to achieve superhero-like physiques doesn’t go unnoticed. Some users pointed out that if you don’t have chiseled abs and bulging muscles, you might be unfairly labeled as “fat” or a “loser.” It’s as if we’re all expected to turn into the Hulk overnight!

#10. Long Hair, Don’t Care

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Long-haired men also face their share of body shaming. Some users recounted their experiences of disapproval from family members and friends for embracing their flowing locks. It’s a reminder that even something as personal as hairstyle choices can become the subject of unsolicited opinions.

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