Would You Eat These 15 Things People Refuse to Eat?

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Food can be a passionate affair, but what happens when you encounter a dish that makes you wrinkle your nose and shudder with disgust? We’ve scoured social media for user comments about the foods they refuse to eat, and the results are equal parts hilarious and relatable. From slimy snails to mysterious mayonnaise, join us as we explore these quirky culinary conflicts that have many users nodding in agreement.

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#1 Boiled Okra

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“Not gonna lie. I saw what it looked like boiled, and then it was a total pass for me. I’m just never going to put it in my mouth.”

Boiled okra is a major culinary turn-off for quite a few people. What really gets under their skin isn’t the taste, but the way it looks. Imagine a plate of what appears to be greenish, slimy strands, and you might just understand why some folks would rather pass on this peculiar-looking veggie.

#2 Octopus

Top view of big octopus
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“Yeah, my wife doesn’t eat octopus any more. She’s trying to stay on their good side for when they take over the world. Those guys have big brains.”

Octopus, a dish admired in many culinary circles, surprisingly gets the cold shoulder from some. The reason? These eight-armed creatures have been proven to be super smart, almost full of human emotions, in recent years. Do you want to get on their bad side?

#3 Coleslaw, Carrot, and Raisin Salad

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“I think you have to be over 30 to appreciate coleslaw.”

Coleslaw, especially the carrot and raisin salad version, is a dish that makes some users cringe. They can’t wrap their heads around it because it’s a mishmash of textures and flavors that just don’t seem to go together. The combination of crunchy cabbage, sweet raisins, and carrots might leave you wondering why anyone would think to put these ingredients in the same bowl. It’s a food puzzle that doesn’t quite fit the taste buds for these users.

#4 Escargot

Delicious snails dish with butter - escargots. Food.
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Escargot, a fancy French dish, doesn’t sit well with everyone. Many users just can’t get past the idea of eating snails. Even though these little creatures are usually drowned in garlic and butter, it doesn’t change the fact that, well, they’re snails. It’s like trying to disguise a snail as something elegant, and for some users, that’s a culinary trick they’re not willing to try.

#5 Insects

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“I ate a fried scorpion. It was crunchy, but tastes like nothing.”

Insects, which are a great source of protein in some parts of the world, give some users the creeps. It’s not that they don’t appreciate the nutritional benefits; it’s just the idea of snacking on these little creepy crawlies that makes them shudder. The “ick” factor is just too much for these users to handle.

#6 Worms

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“I tried a dried worm before and the aftertaste is awful.”

Worms are typically associated with the backyard or as bait for fishing, but for some users, the idea of them as a food source is beyond comprehension. The mere thought of these squiggly creatures appearing on their dinner plate is utterly repulsive to them.

#7 Peas

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“Peas suck. Fortunately they are easy to remove from meals that have been corrupted with the vile spheres.”

For some users, peas have been a lifelong dislike. Even though peas are considered a staple vegetable for many, these individuals just can’t bring themselves to acquire a taste for them. Whether it’s the texture or the flavor, something about the humble pea doesn’t quite sit right with them. It’s as if these little green spheres will forever remain on their “not for me” list.

#8 Cottage Cheese

Fresh dairy products on white wooden table
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Cottage cheese is a food that falls into the “love it or hate it” category, and for many users, it’s a strong “hate it.” The reasons are clear: the lumpy appearance and the unique smell are just too much to bear. To these users, it looks rancid and smells utterly disgusting, making it an automatic “no-go” in their culinary world.

#9 Mayonnaise

Bowl of greens and a jug of salad dressing. Food.
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“Don’t get me wrong I understand why people enjoy it, it’s just the concept of egg oil sauce [that] just doesn’t sit right with me. Also pretty frustrating that it is the base in like 75-80% of sauces.”

Mayonnaise divides the culinary world. While some users love it, others find it revolting. The creamy condiment inspires strong opinions, with its haters claiming it can ruin even the best sandwich.

#10 Mushrooms

Homemade Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms with Cheese and Parsley
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“I don’t like the idea of eating fungus when the vast majority can get you sick, or kill you.”

Mushrooms have a unique texture that doesn’t sit well with everyone. For some users, biting into a mushroom feels a lot like chewing on rubber, and that’s a sensation they’d rather avoid. This texture aversion leads them to steer clear of any dish that features these fungi.

#11 Coriander

Bunch of fresh green coriander (cilantro) on a wooden table
Image Credit: Dream79 /Depositphotos.com.

“All I can taste is… soap.” Coriander has its ardent fans, but for some users, it’s a flavor fiasco. They insist that all they can taste is soap, which makes this herb a definite “no” in their book.

#12 Cow Tongue

Beautiful cow with cowbell in an alpine pasture in the Swiss alps in front of a typical Swiss farm with a Swiss flag on a beautiful sunny day with blue sky with clouds
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“I boiled a cow tongue for several hours. Still too chewy. It was like chewing your own tongue, same consistency.”

For some users, the very idea of eating cow tongue is an absolute deal-breaker. It doesn’t matter how this muscular organ is prepared; they just can’t get past the mental image of it gracing their plate. It’s as if the thought of consuming a part of the animal that’s so closely associated with speech and taste is just too much to handle. Cow tongue remains firmly on their “never-trying-this” list, regardless of any culinary magic that might be applied.

#13 Water Chestnuts

Close-up of a bunch of fresh horseshoe water chestnuts
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“Nothing should be in sauce that long and still be crunchy.” Those crunchy water chestnuts in Chinese takeout dishes don’t sit well with some users. They find it unnatural for something to remain crunchy after soaking in sauce for so long.

#14 Durian

Ripe fruit of durian
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“It’s not just that I don’t like the smell – it doesn’t even smell edible.”

Durian, often referred to as the “king of fruits,” has a unique and strong odor that doesn’t sit well with many users. In fact, it can be so off-putting that it’s often compared to the smell of rotten onions or even sewage. This intense aroma makes trying durian a bold move for any adventurous eater. The reputation of its smell is so potent that it becomes a culinary challenge, leaving many to ponder whether they’re ready to take on the notorious durian experience.

#15 Marzipan

Raw Marzipan (close-up shot) with almonds on wooden background. Food.
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“It’s just wrong.” Marzipan, the sweet almond paste, doesn’t have universal appeal. Some users find its texture and flavor so off-putting that they declare it’s just plain wrong. And, as an extra jab, Christmas cake gets some blame for its marzipan content too.

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