10 Astonishing First-Minute Encounters: When You Know You Won’t Get Along

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Have you ever encountered someone so off-putting within the first minute of meeting them that you knew you weren’t going to get along? We asked people on social media to share their experiences, and it turns out, the tales of these initial encounters are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Join us as we explore twelve unforgettable moments of instant disconnection.

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#1. Instant Disrespect: A Blatant Insult

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In a shockingly rude start to the conversation, one user had to listen to a complete stranger saying something really mean: “Yeah, all women are b*****s, you included. No offense.” This disrespectful comment showed a lack of respect for women and made it clear that a friendly conversation was unlikely. It definitely offended the listener.

#2. The Mouse Whisperer

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“It STILL wasn’t dead so he decided to leave it alone in the hopes that it would peacefully pass away.”

One time, a parent from one user’s kid’s school did something really strange when they had a mouse in their house. Instead of just getting rid of it, he tried to befriend it but ended up throwing his shoe at it and even pouring hot water on it. This weird mix of being nice and mean to the mouse convinced our user that this person might not be the best friend material.

#3. Hugger Alert

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“I’m a hugger.”

In one situation, it wasn’t the words but the actions that made things awkward. One user was introduced to someone who really liked hugging and forced a hug on him, even though he didn’t want it. This showed that the person didn’t respect personal boundaries and made for an uncomfortable introduction.

#4. The Psychic on the Purple Level

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In a previous workplace, a brand-new colleague of one user made a rather extraordinary claim. She boldly announced that she possessed psychic abilities, specifying that they were at the “purple level” which allowed her to communicate with the deceased. Now, while this might sound intriguing to some, it’s not the kind of topic you’d typically discuss at the office water cooler.

#5. The Thesis Snob

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“Oh I see, well mine is actually important.”

Starting a PhD journey is daunting enough, but when a fellow postgraduate dismisses your research with a condescending tone and emphasizes the supposed importance of their own work, it’s like entering a realm of scholarly snobbery. This interaction was a quick lesson in academic humility.

#6. The Racial Slur Teacher

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Working in a pet shop can lead to some unusual experiences. Once, a friendly customer came in asking to adopt a couple of parakeets. Things were going well, and the user even entertained thoughts of asking the guy out. Then, out of nowhere, the customer asked our user if he could teach the birds racial slurs. This strange and offensive request prompted the user to ask the customer to leave the store, and their presence, immediately.

#7. Proud Illiteracy

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“Meet Your Teacher” day is usually a time for parents to connect over their kids’ schooling, but one parent did something quite different. Instead of talking about normal things, she proudly talked about how her child couldn’t read and hated books. This unconventional icebreaker left a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons.

#8. The Neighbor’s Unwelcome Greeting

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“I shook it and he said “We love new neighbors! As long as they’re white!”

When you move into a new neighborhood, it’s typical to hope for a warm welcome from your neighbors. However, for one person, the first meeting with an older neighbor wasn’t what they expected. The neighbor’s racist comment  was a clear example of what not to say. It’s a reminder that biases can exist even in everyday situations like meeting new neighbors, and it certainly wasn’t a friendly start.

#9. “You’re Late!”

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When you’re a little late for a date because you had trouble finding a parking spot, you’d hope for understanding. But in one case, the person the user was meeting didn’t respond that way. Instead, she immediately scolded the user by saying, “You’re late. I’ve been here for ten minutes already.” This unkind reaction set a tense tone for the evening, making it clear that the person wasn’t very patient or forgiving. It’s a reminder that first impressions matter, and this one didn’t start off on the right foot.

#10. The Smart and “Ugly” Conversationalist

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“The very first thing he did was talk about how bad the dating scene was in the city and how “ugly” all the women are….Dating scene was absolutely fine btw, I pull out of the conversation and then he just continues to ramble on about how smart he is vs everyone else.. safe to say I’ve been avoiding him since.”

When you begin a new job, it’s a chance to get to know your colleagues and hopefully make new friends. However, one user’s experience was quite strange. During a team dinner, one of his coworkers went on a long rant about how bad the city’s dating scene was and made hurtful comments about the women in the city. This behavior quickly pushed people away and showed that the coworker wasn’t very friendly. It’s an example of how not to make friends when you’re starting a new job.

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