10 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

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Thanksgiving is a special time for families to come together and create lasting memories. To make the most of this holiday, consider incorporating fun and engaging activities that everyone can enjoy. From traditional games to creative crafts and outdoor adventures, here are 10 entertaining Thanksgiving activities for the whole family.

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#1. Turkey Trot Fun Run

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Start the day with a family-friendly 5K “Turkey Trot” fun run. It’s a healthy way to kick off the holiday and build an appetite for the big meal.

#2. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

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Create a list of Thanksgiving-themed items and have a scavenger hunt around your home or yard. Items can include acorns, pumpkins, and cornucopias.

#3. Craft a Thankful Tree

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Set up a table with construction paper leaves, markers, and a small tree branch. Each family member can write down things they’re thankful for on a leaf and add it to the “Thankful Tree.”

#4. Pie Baking Contest

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Turn pie-making into a friendly competition. Assign family members different pie recipes to bake and have a taste test to determine the best one.

#5. Thanksgiving Bingo

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Create Thanksgiving-themed bingo cards with images or words related to the holiday. Play as a family after the meal for some post-feast fun.

#6. Touch Football Game

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A classic Thanksgiving tradition, a touch football game in the backyard is a great way to burn off some of those holiday calories.

#7. Pinecone Turkey Craft

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Collect pinecones from the yard and provide craft supplies like googly eyes, colorful feathers, and glue. Create adorable pinecone turkeys as decorations or keepsakes.

#8. Charades

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Enjoy a game of Thanksgiving-themed charades. Write down holiday-related phrases or actions on pieces of paper and take turns acting them out for others to guess.

#9. Cornhole Tournament

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Set up a cornhole game in the backyard and hold a family tournament. It’s a great way to enjoy some friendly competition and fresh air.

#10. Storytelling Circle

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Gather around a cozy fire or in the living room and share your favorite family stories and memories. This is a wonderful way to connect and reflect on the significance of the day.

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