If You Do These 10 Things, You’re Already Rich

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In a world obsessed with wealth and excess, many of us often forget that feeling rich doesn’t always require a massive bank balance. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make you feel truly affluent. We’ve scoured the internet to find what makes people feel like they’re living the high life, even when their pockets aren’t necessarily overflowing. Let’s explore the simple pleasures that leave many users with that “I’m feeling rich” sensation.

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#1 Dining Without a Balance Check

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“Not having to check or recall my current bank balance before I take myself or others out to eat. It’s nice basing your diet on what you’d like to eat instead on what you have to fit into a very limited budget.”

One of life’s little luxuries is the ability to dine out without constantly checking your bank balance. Many users agree that being able to choose their meals based on their cravings rather than their budget is a priceless feeling, even if it’s just fast food. It’s a reminder that indulgence doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

#2 Lights On, Rich Mode On

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“Grew up dirt poor so basically everything. Lights are on? I’m rich. Food in the fridge? I’M BALLIN!”

For those who grew up with financial struggles, the simplest comforts can make them feel like millionaires. Having the lights on, a full fridge, or even food at all is enough to evoke that “I’m livin’ it up'” sentiment. It’s a testament to the value of having our basic needs met.

#3 The Essentials of Wealth

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“I have a warm bed, roof over my head, my own vehicle, fresh clean water, and food to eat. Rich.”

As one user pointed out, true wealth isn’t measured in dollars but in having a warm bed, a roof over your head, a vehicle, clean water, and food. When you possess these fundamental necessities, you’re richer than you might realize. It’s a humbling perspective on the true essence of affluence.

#4 The Freedom of Debt Freedom

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“Being debt free.”

Being debt-free is like shedding heavy chains and stepping into a new world. It’s an exhilarating feeling to break free from financial obligations and stand on the shores of fiscal freedom. For many users, this is the ultimate definition of feeling rich.

#5 Fueling Up Stress-Free

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“Being able to fill my tank without worrying about if I have enough.”

Nothing dampens the driving experience like worrying about running out of fuel. But when you can fill your tank without a second thought, it’s like cruising down the highway of prosperity. Many users can relate to this stress-free joy.

#6 Need for Speed (Internet Speed)

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“100 Mbps WiFi.”

In the digital age, a swift internet connection is the ticket to feeling on top of the world. For those who enjoy the luxury of 100 Mbps WiFi, it’s like having the information superhighway all to themselves. Streaming, downloading, and browsing become a breeze, and that’s an e-rich experience!

#7 Generosity in Pocket Money

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“I started silently to wire transfer my Mum a ‘pocket money’ each month 🙂 its fun and she sometimes very proudly tells what she got for it.”

Sometimes, feeling rich isn’t just about personal indulgence; it’s about the joy of giving. For those who can share a bit of their financial well-being with loved ones, it’s a priceless experience. Whether it’s sending your mom a little “pocket money” or supporting a friend in need, these acts of generosity make you feel genuinely wealthy.

#8 Splurging Without Sales

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“Buying something that’s not on sale.”

There’s something undeniably luxurious about purchasing an item at full price. Many users agree that it’s a sign of financial stability and confidence. It’s like saying, “I don’t need discounts; I can afford this!” It’s a small but satisfying taste of affluence.

#9 Time, Not Timing

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“Not paying attention to when I get paid.”

When you no longer need to meticulously track the days until your next paycheck, it’s a liberating feeling. Being financially comfortable means you’re not constantly counting the hours until payday. Instead, you can focus on enjoying the present moment.

#10 Cleaning Convenience

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“About once every 4 months, I hire someone to clean my apartment. It runs me about $120.”

Hiring someone to clean your living space is a luxury that many can appreciate. It’s not just about the cleanliness; it’s the freedom from the tedious task of cleaning. For those who can afford this service, it’s like having a personal butler, making you feel like you’re living the high life.

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