10 Simple Words That People Keep Mispronouncing

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Words can be funny creatures, and language often leads us down the path of mispronunciation. Many users on social media recently shared their pet peeves when it comes to words that often get tongue-tied. From coffee shops to libraries, these linguistic mishaps happen more often than you might think.

In this list, we explore ten simple words that, for some reason, people keep mispronouncing, much to the delight (or chagrin) of grammar enthusiasts. So, get ready to chuckle and nod in agreement as we dive into the quirks of pronunciation!

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#1 Acrosst instead of Across

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You might think that pronunciation would be straightforward when it comes to common words, but many users agree that the word “across” can be a real tongue-twister for some. Instead of saying it clearly as “uh-kraws,” some folks tend to add an extra ‘t’ and pronounce it as “acrosst.” But don’t worry, you’re not alone in cringing at this mispronunciation.

#2 Expresso Instead of Espresso

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Now, we’re all familiar with our daily dose of caffeine, but what’s the deal with “expresso” instead of “espresso”? Some users suggested that this coffee conundrum might stem from the desire for a swift cup of joe, but the word itself, “espresso,” is Italian for “pressed out.” So, maybe we should take our time and savor the pronunciation.

#3 Supposebly Instead of Supposedly

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“Supposedly,” a word often used to indicate something is claimed to be true, has some folks stumbling over its pronunciation. Some users shared their frustration with the mispronunciation “supposebly.” It’s safe to say that the ‘d’ is definitely not silent in this word!

#4 EXpecially Instead of Especially

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When you’re dining out, it’s always a bit surprising to hear someone who’s been working in the food industry for years mispronouncing the word “especially” as “eXpecially.” Some users find it amusing that those who serve us food sometimes need a little extra help with the pronunciation, especially when it comes to adding that extra ‘X’ in the mix.

#5 Granite Instead of Granted

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“Taking things for granted” is a common phrase, but some users have noticed that people often mispronounce it as “taking things for granite.” While granite countertops are trendy, it’s the concept of not appreciating something fully that we’re talking about, not kitchen surfaces!

#6 Astrix Instead of Asterisk

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This tiny star-shaped symbol may not seem like a big deal, but some users are quite particular about its pronunciation. “Astrix” instead of “asterisk” can catch you off guard. After all, we want to get our symbols straight, especially when dialing those automated phone systems!

#7 Pitcher Instead of Picture

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Sharing pictures is a common part of our lives, whether on social media or in personal conversations. But some users find it irksome when people pronounce “picture” as “pitcher.” While you might imagine a glass of lemonade when you hear “pitcher,” in this case, we’re talking about your cherished memories.

#8 Intensive Purposes Instead Intents and Purposes

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Getting idioms right can be quite a challenge, and some users pointed out that “for all intensive purposes” is a mispronunciation of the correct phrase, “for all intents and purposes.” It’s essential to understand the intent behind the phrase, and the “intensive” version doesn’t quite cut it!

#9 Variant Pronunciations of Library

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This one is a classic. “Library” is a word we all learned in school, but some users have noticed that people drop the first ‘r’ when saying it. It’s not “lie-buh-ree,” folks, but “lie-bruh-ree.” The extra ‘r’ isn’t there to check out books; it’s there to be pronounced!

#10 Fustrating Instead of Frustrating

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Lastly, we come to the word “frustrating.” Some users have shared their frustration when they hear it mispronounced as “fustrating.” But hey, mispronunciations can be pretty frustrating themselves, can’t they?

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