10 Big Reasons Why Android Users Will Never Ever Switch to an iPhone

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If you’re a smartphone user, you know the back-and-forth between Apple and Android users. But do you have a “side?” After someone asked Android fans why they would never switch to an iPhone, these were some of the best responses.

1. iTunes

The iTunes program is our list’s most commented and talked about reason against iPhone. According to many users that switched to Android, the Music app is less practical than a regular android music app.

Besides the fact you have to subscribe for it, the crazy amount of updates with a pretty much-closed ecosystem led many Android fans to want no part in it.

2. Level of Protection

Apple has some crazy protection mechanisms. For example, one user explained forgetting your Apple ID password can lock you out and leave you without the possibility of resetting it. Driving to the Apple store and dealing with the crowds over tech issues was also less than favorable.

3. Freedom and Customizations

Android phones offer great setup options and layouts. The user interface is good-looking and practical. Yes, a few unnecessary things bloat the screen space. You can easily add, remove, or customize anything on the home screen and launcher.

As someone described, just the feeling of freedom, comfort, and ease when using the phone makes them stick to Android.

4. Price

Many people in the thread commented about the price range and difference between iPhones and Androids. Not everyone can afford phones that range from one to two thousand dollars.

There are Android models that match iPhone characteristics and prices, but there are several low-cost models as well. Apple just doesn’t play in that lower price range.

5. Gaming Emulators

The possibility of using a wide range of gaming emulators is another reason people won’t switch to iPhones. Some commented that Android can even support desktop mode or HDMI out, which gives them a chance to play video games on giant TV screens.

Apple does not allow video game emulators on the App Store. Of course, iPhone users can download them from other sources, but they may need to jailbreak their phone or put up with unstable performance in almost all cases.

6. Cheaper Accessories

According to one user, accessories are much cheaper for Android versus those for the iPhone. There are no specialized ports and plenty of aftermarket choices. For example, Android chargers and headphones are a dime a dozen.

In contrast, chargers and other accessories for the iPhone may cost you what a mid-range Android costs.

7. The Universal Back Button

Remember when iPhones used to have a back button? Many iPhone users weren’t overly thrilled in the beginning but ultimately adjusted. Android users aren’t willing to part with theirs.

8. Web Browser

One user explained that the iPhone doesn’t offer any web browser choice. Apple requires all browsers for iOS to be distributed through the App store to use WebKit as an engine, which means that whatever their names, they are all, in fact, just themed Safari.

9. Expandable Storage

People shared their thoughts about the impossibility of upgrading the storage of an iPhone. You must pay hundreds more for your storage up front and then pay iCloud for further storage of things like pictures.

Nowadays, SD cards are cheap and upgradeable, giving Android users a more comprehensive range for use and improving it in the long run.

10. Freedom of Use on Any Device

A final user explained how Android devices could connect with any computer, laptop, and device, giving users more freedom. However, the iPhone only works with an iMac, which is also a big NO for this crowd of Android users.

This thread inspired this post.

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