When Makeup Becomes a Battleground – Unveiling the Controversy

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In a social media post that quickly gained attention, a 20-year-old woman sought advice after her 27-year-old boyfriend unexpectedly smashed her expensive foundation bottle while she was applying makeup.

To her surprise, the boyfriend defended his actions by claiming that he wanted to prove that she was beautiful without it.

OP expressed her confusion and mixed emotions following the incident. She had always considered her boyfriend’s remarks about her natural beauty as compliments, even though she still chose to wear makeup daily.

The sudden act of smashing her foundation caught OP off guard, leaving her shocked, confused, and even a bit scared.

OP was now questioning whether her boyfriend’s actions stemmed from a genuine place of love or if he was merely backtracking after realizing his mistake.

When Love Becomes Controlling

The post sparked a heated discussion among social media users, with varying opinions and advice offered to the woman seeking guidance.

While some debated the intentions behind his actions, a majority of commenters expressed concerns about control, manipulation, and the potential for escalating abusive behavior.

Let’s delve into the incident and explore the perspectives shared by different commenters.

One commenter, ShoeVast5490, voiced skepticism regarding the boyfriend’s true intentions, stating,

“This isn’t him ‘strongly communicating that you don’t need makeup’ as you said in a comment above. If he feels you don’t need it, great – noted. Thanks for your input, sir. This is him communicating that you’re not ALLOWED to wear it, and that’s a nope from me.”

The user highlighted the importance of personal agency and condemned any attempt at controlling a partner’s choices.

Another user, ConfidenceLow9218, echoed similar sentiments, referring to the boyfriend’s behavior as controlling.

The user emphasized the destructiveness of the act and advised the woman to leave the relationship, stating,

“What he’s trying to do is tell you to stop wearing makeup, not tell you you don’t need it. Controlling behavior. [I don’t care] how much you love him, just get out. At his age, he’s not gonna change. You should consider [the incident] destruction of property and violent [behavior].”

Red Flags Galore

Another commenter, Retta_bluebell, focused on the underlying message behind the boyfriend’s actions.

The user questioned the boyfriend’s trustworthiness and highlighted the potential consequences if the woman were to buy another bottle or request that he replace it, stating,

“He thinks you shouldn’t wear makeup, so he fixed it where you couldn’t for that day. I’d hate to see what he would do if you bought another bottle or if you insist that he buy you another bottle. I don’t think he is someone you should trust. Cut him loose and walk away.”

The user urged the woman to reconsider the relationship, pointing out that actions like these often reveal deeper control issues.

Amorehappyversion labeled the boyfriend’s behavior as abusive and shallow, suggesting that his actions were aimed at preventing OP from outgrowing him.

The user posed a question regarding potential past red flags, implying that this incident might not be an isolated case.

Nuggslette reinforced the concerns raised by other commenters and urged the woman to take immediate action.

The user emphasized the potential escalation of the boyfriend’s behavior and the dangers of normalizing or justifying such actions, advising,

“Get out before he hurts you.”

Nuggslette highlighted the significance of this incident as an indicator of future conflicts and the potential for increased harm if the relationship continues.

The Verdict

The responses to the original post shed light on the collective concern for OP’s well-being and the recognition of alarming signs within OP’s relationship.

Multiple commenters identified the incident as a display of controlling behavior, potentially rooted in insecurity and a desire to limit the woman’s choices and personal growth.

While OP expressed confusion and uncertainty about how to proceed, the overwhelming consensus from the commenters was clear – they strongly urged her to reconsider the relationship and prioritize her own safety and autonomy.

The incident, though seemingly isolated, served as a glaring red flag of potentially deeper issues.

In an update, the OP decided to listen to all the advice and broke up with the boyfriend.

Ultimately, it is crucial for individuals to prioritize their well-being, trust their instincts, and seek support from friends, family, or professional resources when faced with potentially harmful situations.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Did the OP of this social media post do the right thing?

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