What’s Your Most Boomer Characteristic? According To Millennials

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Ah, the marvels of social media – a place where users from all walks of life gather to share thoughts, experiences, and even the quirks that make them uniquely themselves. As millennials get older, they are starting to notice how similar they are becoming to their parents.

In a recent thread, these users have been hilariously candid about the “boomer” characteristics they’ve noticed in themselves.

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#1 – “I’ve come to enjoy peering out through the blinds, muttering to myself as I scan the neighborhood for any scallywags.”

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For many users, there’s an inexplicable comfort in channeling their inner neighborhood watch captain. Whether it’s a fondness for checking for suspicious activity or simply a fascination with the daily rhythm of their surroundings, the act of quietly surveying the neighborhood has become an endearing pastime.

#2 – “Turning off lights and any appliances the moment I leave a room because I keep thinking it’s going to cost me on my energy bill.”

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Turning into penny-pinching dads has never been so entertaining. Users have gleefully confessed their tendency to turn into energy-saving warriors, ensuring that no light or appliance is left on in their wake. Many users suggested that this habit is their small contribution to saving the planet – one switched-off lightbulb at a time.

#3 – “No one touches my thermostat except me.”

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The great thermostat debate rages on. For these users, the thermostat is a sacred object, and no one else shall wield its temperature-changing powers. Be it a matter of personal comfort or a steadfast belief that they alone can master the art of climate control, many users agree that when it comes to the thermostat, they reign supreme.

#4 – “I keep ‘good’ plastic/paper bags and boxes for future use.”

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Behold, the keepers of the clutter. Many users have confessed to a habit of stashing away bags and boxes for that elusive “someday” when these seemingly mundane containers will prove invaluable. Some users have even joked that they’ve unintentionally started their own box fort empire, complete with a secret stash of bags for all occasions. Grandma would be proud!

#5 – “I’m 33 and I have no freaking idea who most famous people are.”

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In the world of pop culture, these users are boldly going where many have gone before – blissful ignorance. Whether it’s the latest chart-topping sensation or the Hollywood heartthrobs du jour, these users are proudly admitting that keeping up with the who’s who of celebritydom is just not their jam anymore.

#6 – “I have a favorite stove burner.”

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Cooking enthusiasts and casual foodies unite in the mystery of the favorite stove burner. Some users suggested that it’s not just about even cooking; it’s about a special connection with that one burner that always seems to do the job just right. In the world of culinary charisma, a stove burner can truly steal the spotlight.

#7 – “I really want a big, covered porch that I can sit on.”

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The allure of a serene porch retreat transcends generations. Whether it’s a place to watch the world go by, enjoy a cup of coffee, or simply soak up some fresh air, users have spoken passionately about their porch dreams. Some users even joked that the porch is their ultimate retirement plan – move over beach houses!

#8 – “I prefer to write grocery lists on paper, bring a pen to the store and cross off items as I shop.”

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In an era of digital dominance, these users have found solace in the simplicity of paper and pen. Many users shared their shopping list rituals, complete with the satisfaction of physically crossing off items. Some users playfully admitted that the thrill of a well-executed paper list rivals the excitement of crossing the finish line.

#9 – “Remembering and comparing grocery prices.”

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Step aside calculators, for the grocery price memory masters are here. Users have revealed their knack for tracking grocery prices down to the last cent. Some users humorously suggested that their talent for comparing prices could earn them a spot on a reality show – “The Price Is Right: Grocery Edition.”

#10 – “I don’t trust cloud storage.”

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Amidst the digital age, there are those who prefer to keep their virtual belongings close to home. Many users have expressed their reservations about entrusting their data to the nebulous cloud. These users prefer the tangible security of their own devices, suggesting that when it comes to their digital lives, they’re keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

#11 – “I need any serious reading to be on paper.”

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Some users have unveiled their secret to focused reading: ink on paper. The digital screen may be a portal to endless information, but for these readers, serious business calls for a tangible connection. From contracts to articles of utmost importance, paper reigns supreme for undistracted absorption.

Source: Reddit.

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