What’s The Dumbest Myth People Today Believe?

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Misconceptions and myths have been around for as long as humans can communicate with each other. Some of these beliefs have been debunked by science and evidence, yet they persist.

It’s important to question the information we consume and ensure it’s based on facts and evidence. So, let’s dive in and examine some of the myths that still exist today.

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#1 Deadly Penny Drop

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Many still believe that dropping a penny off a skyscraper can kill someone. The logic is that the penny will gain enough speed to puncture someone’s skull. However, this is completely false.

Even if the penny were to reach its maximum velocity, it would only feel like a tiny bug bite. Raindrops and hailstones would also be more lethal if this myth were true.

#2 Deadly Weapon Fists

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It is a common misconception that people with black belts, military personnel, or trained fighters must register their fists as lethal weapons.

This myth likely stems from Hollywood and Bruce Lee movies. There is no legal requirement to register one’s fists as weapons, nor does any State allow one to do so.

#3 Easy-Open Packaging

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This one is more a common complaint than a myth, but enough people mentioned it for us to include it.

“Tear here to open” seems like a simple and convenient packaging feature, but it is often misleading. Many packages are designed to be difficult to open without scissors or a knife, despite the apparent “tear here” markings.

This design is intentional, as manufacturers want to keep their products safe during transport and storage.

#4 Detox Drinks

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Detox drinks are a popular trend in the health and wellness world, with many people believing they can help remove toxins from the body. However, the truth is that most detox drinks are not scientifically proven to work. Make sure to question any tall claims and look for science backed evidence.

Our bodies already have a built-in detox system, and drinking these so-called detox drinks may even be harmful in some cases. Instead, focus on eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated to support your body’s natural detox process.

#5 Lucky Unibrow

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There is a belief in the superstition that keeping a unibrow brings good luck. However, this is simply a myth with no basis in reality. Maintaining a unibrow can even lead to health problems like skin irritation and infections.

#6 Suicidal Spiders

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This myth is oddly specific. Search the internet, and you’ll find claims that the average person swallows up to 8 spiders a year while sleeping. This is not true.

Spiders will not knowingly walk into a predator’s mouth. They can sense the heartbeat, heat, and noise from humans. All things that would alert them not to go into our mouths. Besides, wouldn’t you wake up instantly if you felt a spider on your face?

#7 The 7 Year Gum

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Contrary to popular belief, gum doesn’t take seven years to digest in your stomach. Indeed, your body can’t digest the gum base, but it will pass through your digestive system in a matter of days, just like any other food.

#8 Deadly Headlights

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It is an urban myth that gang members prowl the roads at night with their headlights off. If someone flashes them, gang initiation rules dictate that they must be killed.

This myth is completely false. This myth can be traced back to the 1980s, when it was said to have been a hell’s angels ritual. From there, it spread to include various gangs all over the country. There is no evidence to suggest that gang members turn off their headlights as part of an initiation rite, and flashing your headlights at someone will not make you a target.

#9 Fake Walk Buttons

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Some people believe the “Press-To-Walk” buttons at crosswalks are just placebos, but this is untrue. While some buttons may not work due to a malfunction, most add a cycle for pedestrians to get a walk signal.

Sometimes the buttons are just for an audible signal for the hearing impaired, so pressing them doesn’t immediately trigger a cross cycle. This may contribute further to the myth.

#10 Inefficient Brain Usage

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The myth that humans use only 10% of their brains is false. The brain is a complex organ, and every part has a purpose. Brain scans have shown that even when we sleep, our brain is still active. We use different parts of our brain for different tasks, but we use all of it.

Source: Reddit.

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