10 Surprisingly Useless Jobs You Won’t Believe Exist

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In every industry and profession, there are jobs that might seem utterly useless or redundant, leaving employees questioning their purpose and the value they bring.

Inspired by a thought-provoking social media thread, scroll through to explore some of the most surprisingly pointless jobs that people say they have encountered. From mundane tasks to questionable roles, these examples shed light on the peculiar and sometimes baffling aspects of the job market.

#1 The Excel Sorting Toxicologist

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Image Credit: DimaBaranow /Depositphotos.com.

Imagine being a toxicologist, an expert in hazardous substances, and getting hired by a major private laboratory only to find your main job involves clicking a single button in Excel.

This was the reality for one social media user who spent their days sorting and redirecting case files based on the time of the results. Armed with advanced knowledge, they found themselves underutilized, simply clicking “sort by date descending” and wondering if this was the pinnacle of their expertise.

#2 The Elusive Math Teacher

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Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

We’ve all encountered teachers who seem to vanish into thin air, but one math teacher took the art of disappearing to a new level.

This user recounted their experience of being instructed to log in to Pearson, an online education platform, only to find their teacher gone for most of the class. Pre-recorded videos did most of the teaching.

The virtual void left students questioning the value of having a teacher who was barely present during critical learning moments.

#3 The Laid-Back Security Guard

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Image Credit: EdZbarzhyvetsky /Depositphotos.com.

Security guards play a crucial role in safeguarding communities, but not all take their responsibilities seriously.

One Redditor shared their puzzling experience with a security guard who was stationed at a residential complex for over 13 years. Despite living on-site, the guard’s approach to security was shockingly lackadaisical. He would nonchalantly open the gate for anyone with a car, never bothering to ask for identification or even inspecting the faces of the entrants.

A remote-controlled gate and a guard more interested in telenovelas than security made for an unusual and ineffective combination.

#4 The Scheduler of Nothing

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Image Credit: IgorVetushko /Depositphotos.com.

Imagine holding a job that technically ceased to exist, but nobody bothered to inform you. This was the surreal experience of a scheduler at a mid-sized HVAC company.

After the company shifted its focus to commercial projects, the residential scheduler was left in limbo. For over half a decade, he showed up to work, chatted with colleagues, and then spent the day doing nothing, all while the company remained oblivious.

It was a stress-free, coffee-sipping existence that eventually transitioned into remote “work” during the pandemic.

#5 The Struggling Management Consultant

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Image Credit: GeneGlavitsky /Depositphotos.com.

Not all jobs are useless due to the lack of tasks; some can be rendered ineffective by clients who resist change. One management consultant found themselves in a peculiar situation where their industry knowledge and experience were underutilized.

Clients either possessed the same knowledge or were resistant to implementing changes, resulting in consultants getting paid handsomely for minimal impact. However, their firm found a niche in enterprise-wide software solutions, keeping them tethered to the job despite the apparent futility.

#6 The Superfluous Elevator Attendant

Man pressing elevator button
Image Credit: IgorVetushko /Depositphotos.com.

Picture yourself stepping into an elevator, and instead of pressing the button yourself, there’s an elevator attendant to do it for you. While this might evoke images of a bygone era of luxury and service, in today’s world, it seems like an unnecessary addition.

Surprisingly, elevator attendants are still employed in luxury buildings across the country, but this is a job that is certainly superfluous.

#7 The Resilient Telemarketer

Young angry female operator touching headset and shouting
Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

Telemarketers, those tenacious salespeople who dial our phones at the most inconvenient times, often face an uphill battle. People overwhelmingly expressed their aversion to telemarketing calls, admitting that they rarely (if ever) buy anything from them.

While these determined marketers continue to make calls, their efforts seem futile in a world where call screening and “Do Not Call” lists are prevalent. It makes us wonder if there’s a more effective way for businesses to reach potential customers without causing irritation.

#8 The Sign Spinners

Boutique owner using devices
Image Credit: AllaSerebrina /Depositphotos.com.

If you’ve ever driven through busy urban areas, you might have encountered sign spinners showcasing various businesses. These acrobatic marketers use their flair for theatrics to attract attention to nearby establishments.

While their skills are impressive, the effectiveness of this advertising approach is questionable. Rarely do passersby manage to read the signs, let alone be persuaded to visit the promoted business solely based on the spinning spectacle.

#9 The Bathroom Attendant

Janitor or charlady with her work tools looking at camera
Image Credit: Kzenon /Depositphotos.com.

Using public restrooms can be an ordinary and straightforward experience for most people. However, some places employ bathroom attendants to offer hand towels, mints, or other amenities, often expecting tips in return.

While their intentions may be rooted in providing a sense of luxury, for many, this service feels superfluous and even uncomfortable. After all, do we really need someone handing us paper towels when we can do it ourselves?

#10 The Car Dealership Middleman

Adult man sitting in sport car at showroom while female car dealer points at dashboard.
Image Credit: VitalikRadko /Depositphotos.com.

Car dealerships can sometimes be synonymous with high-pressure sales tactics and lengthy negotiations. Many car buyers feel that dealerships exist solely to maximize their profits and make the car-buying process more complicated than necessary.

The rise of online car-buying platforms and direct-to-consumer models has left some questioning the need for traditional dealerships. Why not skip the middleman and buy directly from the factory or manufacturer?

Useless or Underappreciated?

Young handsome businessman employee working in office in paperwork concept
Image Credit: Elnur_ /Depositphotos.com.

As we’ve explored these seemingly useless jobs, it’s evident that the job market can sometimes host roles that appear ineffective, redundant, or out-of-touch with modern needs.

While the specific examples shared by people on social media may represent isolated cases, they offer intriguing insights into the ever-changing landscape of employment.

Do you think the users from this social media post did a good job of identifying useless jobs? Can you think of more such examples? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Elnur_ /Depositphotos.com.

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