14 Incredibly Useful Apps That Are Absolutely FREE

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In a world where you can find an app for almost anything, sometimes the best ones are those that come without a price tag. Imagine unlocking a treasure trove of utility without spending a single cent. That’s precisely what many users have discovered with various free apps that have left them in awe. We’re talking about apps so useful that you can’t believe they don’t come with a price tag.

These apps span a wide range of functions, from simplifying your daily life to turning you into a bird enthusiast, aiding your education, or even helping you find your way home when you’re perpetually lost. Our journey through this list will introduce you to the wonders of these remarkable free applications, with insights shared by the enthusiastic users who have already embraced them. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of incredibly helpful, and completely free, apps that have left users exclaiming, “I can’t believe it’s free!”

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#1 Copy Me That

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“Copy Me That. Get the recipe. Cut the long winded blog post about the leaves changing color and how the author’s nana had a one eyed cat named Buster….”

Ever found yourself scrolling through a recipe online only to have to scroll through the author’s entire life story and ads? Many users agree that Copy Me That is a culinary lifesaver. This app extracts the actual recipe from those never-ending blog posts, ensuring you can whip up that dish and ditch the rest. Simple, straightforward, and oh-so-delicious!

#2 Merlin Bird ID

Robin bird sitting on branch, close-up.
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“Merlin Bird ID – Its basically Shazam for birds. I’m becoming a bird nerd as I get older, and this app has only enabled my transition.”

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “What’s that bird’s name?” Many users, as they embrace their inner bird nerd, have found salvation in Merlin Bird ID. Point your phone at the bird, and the app identifies it for you. Perfect for nature lovers or anyone who just can’t remember their bird names.

#3 Libby

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“Libby for library ebooks and audiobooks.”

Your local library at your fingertips – that’s the magic of Libby. Some users suggested that this app is a literary gem. Borrow ebooks and audiobooks for free, without leaving the comfort of your home. Your inner bookworm will thank you, and your wallet will too.

#4 Tunity

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Tunity. If you’re at a loud bar/party and want to watch the game/movie/show it just scans the TV and gives you audio for your earbuds.

Ever been at a noisy bar or party and desperately wanted to watch the game or catch up on your favorite show? Tunity’s got you covered. Many users attest to its wizardry – just scan the TV, and it magically delivers audio straight to your earbuds. No more straining to hear over the cacophony of revelry.

#5 Shazam

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“Shazam. Impressive accuracy and speed for a real problem.”

You hear a catchy tune on the radio but have no idea what it’s called. No worries – Shazam has you covered, and it works fast! Some users praised its impressive accuracy. Just hold your phone to the sound source, and voilà! Now you can add it to your playlist without any musical mysteries.

#6 VLC Media Player

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VLC media player – Plays anything you throw at it. Download VLC Remote for your phone and your computer now works like a Firestick. You’re welcome.”

VLC media player is the Swiss Army knife of video players, and some users swear by it. Not only does it play anything you throw at it, but you can also use VLC Remote for your phone to turn your computer into a mini entertainment hub. It’s like turning your computer into a Firestick, but for free. You’re welcome!

#7 Google Maps

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Google map. I have no sense of direction whatsoever, literally changed my life.”

Do you have no sense of direction? You’re not alone! Millions of people have found salvation in Google Maps. It guides you wherever you need to go with remarkable precision. It’s not just an app; it’s a life-changer for directionally challenged folks.

#8 Medisafe

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“I take medication everyday and this has reminders for what/when. Also, timestamps when you take it, so it gives doctors a good record if you ever need it. I’ve been using it for years and they just recently added a feature to adjust dosage based on time zone changes when travelling. It really does help to keep me alive.”

Medication can be a real headache to manage, but Medisafe makes it a breeze. Some users depend on it daily.

#9 Pluto TV

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Pluto Tv. They’re starting to actually get a wide variety of channels now. I don’t even need a satellite subscription, I just watch free tv on my phone if I feel like it.”

Satellite subscriptions? Who needs ’em! Many users are excited about Pluto TV. It offers a wide variety of channels that you can watch for free on your phone. Say goodbye to monthly bills; Pluto TV’s got your entertainment needs covered.

#10 DaVinci Resolve

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“DaVinci Resolve. Professional grade video editor and it’s free! Better than anything Adobe has put out.”

In the world of video editing, DaVinci Resolve is a game-changer. Some users argue it’s even better than Adobe’s offerings, and it’s completely free. If you’re diving into professional video editing, this app should be your new best friend.

#11 Khan Academy

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“Khan academy is amazing and still free. Math education for everyone from single digit addition to calculus.”

Khan Academy is a treasure trove for learners of all ages. Some users rave about its educational prowess, from single-digit addition to calculus. It’s like having a personal tutor in your pocket, and it’s absolutely free!

#12 Wikipedia

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“Wikipedia. It’s actually free in all senses of the word. If you want to nitpick that it’s a website and not a software, well it’s a software too. You can download the Wikimedia software, set it up with no hassle, download all of Wikipedia and set it up in your instance of Wikimedia. So now you have your very own Wikipedia.”

Wikipedia isn’t just a website; you can download it as software too. Some users highlighted its versatility, allowing you to have your own personal Wikipedia.

#13 Anki

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“Anki – Helped me get very good grades in my studies.”

Anki is the secret weapon for academic success. Some users credit it for their top-notch grades. This app uses spaced repetition to help you memorize information efficiently. It’s like having a superpower for acing tests.

#14 Google Translate

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Lost in translation? Many users turn to Google Translate for help. It’s a lifesaver when you encounter languages you don’t understand. Just type or speak, and it’ll bridge the communication gap for free. It’s like having a personal translator in your pocket.

Source: Reddit.

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