Period Drama – Unraveling the Taboo of Menstruation in Relationships

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Today, we bring to you a simple matter which turned into a heated debate on social media.

The original poster (OP), an 18-year-old woman, shared her frustration after her 23-year-old boyfriend reacted strongly to her disposal of used pads in his trash can during her periods.

Feminine Hygiene Sparks Outrage

OP starts her story by stating that they have been in a relationship for approximately 3 months now.

Recently, OP stayed over at his flat for the first time while she happened to be on her period.

During her stay, OP used his bathroom to change her pads, and each time, OP carefully wrapped the used pad in a plastic wrapper before disposing of it in the trash can.

The trashcan had a lid and a plastic garbage bag inside, so the used pad was not in direct contact with anything else.

At first, OP didn’t think it was a big deal, but the situation took an unexpected turn the next morning when OP’s boyfriend noticed the plastic wrappers in the trash bag.

He recognized them as the packaging from OP’s pads and became quite upset.

He asked if OP’s used pads were also in the same bag, and OP confirmed that they were.

In his outrage, he called OP disgusting and demanded that she take out the trash herself.

OP complied and removed the bag but asked him where else she should have disposed of her pads.

From Bad To Worse

He suggested that OP keep them in her purse until she returned home. They were planning to spend three nights together, and he didn’t want used pads in his trash for that long, fearing the potential smell.

However, OP found this suggestion impractical and unsanitary, considering the duration of her stay.

OP tried explaining that period blood isn’t as repulsive as he thinks and that the way she had disposed of the pads was hygienic.

Unfortunately, her explanations fell on deaf ears, and he remained firm in his opinion.

Feeling a bit perplexed by his strong reaction, OP reached out to her brother for support, but he surprisingly sided with OP’s boyfriend, leaving OP feeling outnumbered in her viewpoint.

OP wondered if other people would also consider her actions as inconsiderate or if they would see her boyfriend’s reaction as a bit childish, given the natural and normal nature of menstruation.

Menstruation, a Natural Aspect of Womanhood

As the post received attention, users flooded the comments section with their opinions.

YeetPeaa swiftly defended OP, stating that OP was not in the wrong and urged her to consider finding a partner who is supportive and understanding.

“Get you a man who helps you change the bed sheets when you leak, not a man who is outraged over a used pad in the trash.”

Extraordi-Mary echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of being with someone who is mature and respectful of women’s bodies.

Trvllvr expressed disbelief at the boyfriend’s reaction, questioning what else OP was supposed to do with the used pads.

The commenter labeled his attitude as immature and unwarranted, highlighting the need for growth and acceptance.

“He needs to grow up. What’s disgusting is his attitude [towards] women.”

Z00k33per0304 brought humor into the discussion, illustrating the irony of having intimate contact with OP for most of the month but considering menstruation to be disgusting.

z00k33per0304 found no logic in the boyfriend’s perspective and encouraged a more mature outlook.

Unusual_Focus1905 recounted their own experience with a partner who displayed a similar reaction.

In response, Unusual_Focus1905 asked the partner to reflect on how he would treat his own daughter in such a situation, leading to the breakup.

Lastly, AggieBax shared a personal anecdote, praising her husband’s complete lack of judgment or discomfort about menstruation, and emphasized the importance of finding a supportive and respectful partner.

The Verdict

The responses from fellow online users mirrored each other, offering a resounding verdict that the young OP’s boyfriend was wrong.

Commenters criticized his immaturity, lack of understanding, and perpetuation of the taboo surrounding menstruation.

The responses from other users emphasized the need for mature, understanding partners who respect women’s bodies and embrace open discussions about natural bodily functions

According to the users, menstruation is a natural and necessary part of the female reproductive cycle, and it should be treated with the same respect as any other bodily function.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Do you think the OP from this social media post was wrong?

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