12 Universally Shared Habits We’re All Hush-Hush About

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Have you ever found yourself doing something you wouldn’t want anyone to know about? You’re not alone.

From the private things people won’t admit to their friends and family to the hidden vices of society, we have compiled a list of secret habits, guilty pleasures, and embarrassing behaviors by digging through social media posts below.

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#1 Avoiding Doctor Visits

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Many people avoid going to the doctor even when they know they should. Why?

Social media users agreed that this is a common thing. Some said they feared bad news, while others did not want to take time off work or pay for expensive medical bills. Some even felt embarrassed or ashamed about their symptoms or health issues. Yet, not many wanted to admit avoiding doctor visits to their friends or family.

#2 Replaying Lost Arguments

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We’ve all had those moments where we remember a past argument and think about how we could have won if we had said something different. Thousands of users admitted to doing this, with many giving examples of coming up with perfect comebacks for confrontations that happened many years ago.

#3 Singing The High Notes

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Singing is an everyday activity that many people enjoy, but few want it to be public knowledge. Many users related their attempts at hitting the high notes when alone in the shower but never in front of others. Are you a shower singer?

#4 Wondering If They Remember You

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It’s natural to wonder if someone remembers you, primarily if you haven’t spoken to them in a while. Fourteen thousand commenters agreed that they think about lost connections and wonder if the other person does the same.

One user told a story of how they met someone on a plane as a 12-year-old, instantly hit it off, and still wonder if they remember him 16 years later.

#5 Bodily Functions

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Hilariously, comments veered into how everyone enjoys certain bodily functions in secret. Almost 500 people agreed that they enjoy the aftermath of a big dump, for example. Almost 2000 comments admitted to farting without abandon when they’re alone.

Even more unanimously, 16000 users aligned on the fact that everyone picks their nose and scratches their butt in hiding.

#6 Mentally Taking Sides

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When it comes to conflicts, polls, opinions, or disagreements, it’s common for people to take sides mentally, even if they don’t admit it. People agreed that they naturally want to feel like they belong to a group or have a sense of belonging, even if taking sides can sometimes lead to bias.

#7 Late Night Doom-Scrolling

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Studies have shown that the blue light emitted from our phones can suppress melatonin production, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. Despite this, many people still choose to use their phones in bed and deny that it affects their sleep. I am definitely guilty of this.

#8 Recalling Past Compliments

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Everyone loves a compliment, and it’s only natural to want to remember and cherish them. Many people don’t admit it but agree that they tend to remember compliments from years ago and replay the moment in their heads over and over. Compliments can have an amazing effect on our psyche.

One user told a story of how someone complimented their haircut in high school, and they have never changed their hairstyle since (they are in their mid-40s now).

#9 Obsessive Compulsive Habits

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Among other habits, over 200 commenters agreed that they enjoy clicking their kitchen tongs together when they’re using them. It’s a satisfying sound and can even help with stress relief. However, most people won’t admit to doing it.

#10 Driving Judgements

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Thousands of users aligned that most people judge others’ driving habits while doing the same things themselves. For example, one user said that “anyone driving faster than me is a maniac; anyone driving slower than me is a moron.” We can all relate.

#11 Talking To Oneself

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Whether rehearsing a speech, working through a problem, or just thinking out loud, talking to themselves is something that many people do. However, most won’t admit it because they worry it makes them seem crazy. In reality, it’s perfectly normal behavior that can be beneficial for your mental health. Seventeen thousand commenters agreed.

#12 Secretly Wishing People Would Leave

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People might secretly wish someone would leave for various reasons. It could be that the person is interrupting your work, you need some alone time, or you don’t like the person’s company.

It might sound rude, but it’s human nature to feel annoyed with some people and want them to leave. However, we don’t often admit it because we don’t want to appear impolite.

Source: Reddit.

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