14 Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Mess With, Thanks to Experience!

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Life is an excellent teacher, and the wisdom it imparts often comes from the school of hard knocks. Many users on social media have shared their experiences and hard-earned lessons, serving as cautionary tales for the rest of us. In this list, we’ll explore some of the valuable insights they’ve offered about things you absolutely shouldn’t mess with. These stories remind us that life’s lessons are sometimes learned the hard way.

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#1 Water and River Currents

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“Water. Rivers. Current. I’m a fairly good swimmer, and I wanted to swim in a river where the current seemed really tame. Boy, was I wrong, just small moving body of water dragged my poor body like a leaf in the wind.”

River currents can be incredibly deceiving, as experienced by this commenter. It’s a lesson in humility and caution—don’t underestimate the power of even seemingly calm waters.

#2 Intuition and Gut Feelings

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“Intuition. If something feels wrong, stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s stepping out onto a snow-covered slope, pulling up to a sketchy gas station, or putting too small of a piece of wood in a table router, listen when your brain tells you, ‘This is a bad idea.'”

Your gut feeling is your internal safety alarm. It’s invaluable advice: if something doesn’t feel right, pause and reconsider your choices.

#3 Heat and Heat Stroke

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“Heat. Your sanity is the first thing to go in heat stroke. You aren’t even aware anything is wrong. You just know you’re pissed, there’s a weird buzzing sensation in your head/chest, and the world doesn’t feel right. And then you’re a zombie looking for anything to cool off with, and shortly after that, you’re unconscious.”

Heatstroke can be a silent threat. This firsthand account illustrates how quickly your mind can betray you in extreme heat. When the sun’s blazing, and you’re feeling off, don’t ignore it. Stay hydrated and find a way to cool down before you become a heat-induced zombie!

#4 Office Gossip

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“If someone at work tries to badmouth someone else and they ask you about what you think about that person, JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.”

The workplace is a breeding ground for office gossip, and some users wisely advise staying mum when dragged into it. Office politics can be a minefield, so remember: silence is golden when it comes to workplace drama.

#5 Neglecting Open Wounds

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“Not immediately washing and disinfecting an open wound.”

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to wounds! This piece of advice couldn’t be clearer. Neglecting wound care can lead to nasty infections. Clean and disinfect open wounds immediately to dodge potential complications.

#6 IT and “Read-Only Fridays”

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“Fridays. In the IT world, we call it ‘read-only Friday.’ Don’t change anything!!”

In the tech realm, Fridays are sacred, dubbed “read-only Fridays” for a reason. Why risk weekend tech mishaps? As many users have learned, it’s best to leave those system updates and software changes for another day. Embrace the weekend spirit and let the computers rest!

#7 Ladders

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“Ladders. I worked in an ED at a major trauma center and the number of otherwise healthy people who came in paralyzed or soon-to-be-dead from falling off ladders was eye-opening.”

Ladder accidents can happen to anyone. This user’s experience working in an emergency department highlights the shocking number of ladder-related injuries. When you’re climbing up high, always prioritize safety and use the proper equipment. Ladders aren’t to be taken lightly.

#8 Drowsy Driving

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“Drowsy driving. ETA: Back in 2015, I had an incident where I fell asleep behind the wheel.”

Drowsy driving is a dangerous game. Falling asleep while driving can have disastrous consequences, and not just for you but for everyone on the road. When fatigue sets in, pull over, take a nap, or find an alternative way to reach your destination. Don’t roll the dice with drowsiness on the road.

#9 Neglecting One’s Health

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“My health. Getting older, you rediscover all those old hurts. When I was 20, I hyperextended both elbows playing volleyball. 15 years later, my elbows started aching in the winter :(“

Aging can be quite the journey, and as this user discovered, it sometimes means revisiting old injuries you thought were long forgotten. Those aching joints serve as a reminder to take care of yourself early on because your body will remember the wear and tear in the years to come.

#10 Trenches and Holes

Lukashi, Ukraine: 24 March 2022: ukrainian soldier in trench
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“Never never trust a trench or a hole over your shoulders deep. You will die a horrible death. Yes, at the beach too.”

Trenches and holes might seem like fun playgrounds, even at the beach, but heed this user’s caution. Deep holes can collapse suddenly, trapping you and leading to disastrous outcomes.

#11 Trusting Turn Signals

Young woman driving her car
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“Trusting people’s blinkers to mean they are turning.”

Many users have learned the hard way that you can’t always trust the blinkers on other drivers’ vehicles. Turn signals are meant to indicate intentions, but in reality, some drivers might have a different plan in mind. Stay cautious on the road and always look for confirmation before making your move.

#12 The Dangers of Drug Usage

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“M*th. Ruined my life for a while, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get it back. 18 months clean! For real, when you hear not to try m***, not even once, heed that warning.”

The user’s journey through the darkness of m*** addiction serves as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with this drug. M*** can have life-altering consequences, but this user’s recovery is a testament to the possibility of reclaiming your life. When it comes to m***, the advice to stay away is more important than ever.

#13 Misleading Mountain Creek Boulders

wet stones among the water stream in the autumn forest
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“Boulders covered with algae in mountain creeks do not equal water slides.”

Nature can be a source of unexpected fun, but it’s essential to exercise caution. This user’s experience teaches us that moss-covered boulders in mountain creeks aren’t the exhilarating water slides they might appear to be. Safety should always be the top priority when enjoying outdoor adventures.

#14 Handling Aggressive Drivers

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“Aggressive drivers. Just let them go.”

Dealing with road rage isn’t worth the risk, as some users have realized. Sometimes, it’s best to take a deep breath, let aggressive drivers pass, and arrive safely at your destination without engaging in unnecessary confrontations.

Source: Reddit.

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