9 Things That Only Works in Movies

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As avid moviegoers, we’ve all witnessed jaw-dropping stunts, improbable rescues, and impossible scenarios that, while entertaining, would likely lead to disastrous outcomes in real life.

Inspired by a social media thread discussing cinematic illusions, we’ll explore some of the classic movie moments that are best left to the silver screen and don’t quite hold up in the real world.

#1 Conveniently Knocking Someone Unconscious Without Lasting Damage

In action-packed movies, it’s common for protagonists to discreetly take down adversaries with a well-placed blow, rendering them unconscious for a convenient period.

While this might seem plausible in films, in reality, causing unconsciousness can be incredibly dangerous and harmful. A sudden, forceful blow to the head could lead to severe brain trauma, concussions, or even fatalities.

Remember, violence is never the solution, and attempting such actions outside the screen can have serious consequences.

#2 Surviving Unscathed After Jumping Through Glass Windows

Heroes and villains alike in the movies often dramatically dive through glass windows without suffering any significant injuries.

In real life, shattering glass poses a considerable threat of lacerations and life-threatening wounds. Movie magic aside, it’s crucial to remember that glass is sharp and can cause severe harm.

Leave the daring acrobatics to the professionals on the set and avoid trying this at home.

#3 Shooting a Gas Tank To Make It Explode

In high-octane action scenes, a single shot at a gas tank can trigger a massive explosion, engulfing the surroundings in flames.

Fortunately, this is one Hollywood myth that doesn’t hold up to reality.

In actuality, shooting a gas tank might cause a leak, but it’s unlikely to result in a spectacular explosion like the movies depict.

Gasoline is flammable, but specific conditions, like the right mixture of air and vapor, are required for an explosion. In any case, attempting this dangerous stunt could lead to a catastrophe.

#4 Surviving and Outrunning an Explosion

In the movies, heroes often dash away from a catastrophic explosion just in the nick of time, propelled to safety by the blast’s force. Regrettably, this is pure fiction.

Explosions can generate an immense shockwave that can cause severe injuries or fatalities, even from a considerable distance. Running toward an explosion is a terrible idea, and attempting to use it to your advantage is extremely risky.

In real life, prioritize safety and distance yourself from any potential explosions.

#5 Running Long Distances and Talking Normally Afterward

Have you ever noticed how characters in films can sprint endlessly without breaking a sweat and still engage in a casual conversation afterward? Tom Cruise has been sprinting and talking effortlessly for decades.

In reality, prolonged intense exercise makes it difficult to speak normally, due to an increased breathing rate and exhaustion. While movie stars may have superhuman endurance, the average person would be gasping for breath after a long run.

#6 Dramatic Ledge Grabs and Rescues

In nail-biting scenes, characters often find themselves hanging from precarious ledges, with someone heroically extending a hand to save them from certain doom. While these moments raise our adrenaline levels, they rarely account for the physics and strength required to execute such rescues.

In reality, a single hand grabbing someone dangling from a ledge would likely result in both individuals plummeting to the ground.

#7 Instantly Relevant News on TV

In the world of movies, turning on the television at just the right moment can reveal breaking news directly related to the plot.

However, in reality, the news cycle doesn’t cater to our personal storylines. While TV news can be informative, it’s unlikely to provide us with life-altering revelations precisely when we need them most.

#8 Crawling Through Air Vents With Ease

Air vents might serve as crucial escape routes in movies, but in reality, they are not designed to accommodate human bodies.

Crawling through air vents is impractical, if not impossible, and attempting such an escape could result in serious injuries or becoming stuck in a confined space.

#9 Stalking Leads to a Happily-Ever-After

Movies often romanticize stalking and unabashed persistence as a way to win someone’s heart, but this is a harmful and unhealthy approach.

In real life, stalking is a crime and a violation of personal boundaries. Building a healthy relationship requires respect, consent, and open communication, not obsessively following someone against their will.

Lights, Camera, Fantasy

As we indulge in the thrilling cinematic world, let’s remember that movies are fictional tales, meant to entertain rather than set real-life standards. It’s essential to differentiate between the magic of Hollywood and the rules of reality to ensure our safety and well-being.

Let us know in the comments if this post missed some other things that only work in the movies, not real life.

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